We supply a French company with additional office space

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We are currently supplying a used 12 section modular building at short notice to Spie, a French company with a UK site in Newport, South Wales.

The building was inspected just 6 days ago by the Project Manager of Spie, an order placed 2 days later and delivery and installation within 2 weeks. In addition to the modular building, the company ordered a quality used jack leg cabin for use as a security building and benefitted by purchasing the building as a “Trade Sale”

What is a “Trade Sale”?

A “Trade Sale” is where we supply a used modular building at a significantly reduced price in its existing condition and configuration. Any alteration works, decoration or mains reinstatement is then the responsibility of the client.

To learn more about our “Trade Sale” options, please call our sales team on 01482 656590

  • Modular Buildings can be bought as a “Trade Sale” at significantly reduced prices
  • Buildings are still guaranteed against water ingress if we install them
  • Buildings supplied in their existing condition and configuration allowing you to make any changes
  • Ten of thousands of pounds can be saved by buying a building as a “Trade Sale”