Modular Classroom Buildings

Establishments like schools and nurseries have seen modular buildings as a cost-effective option for providing additional classroom space for generations.

Times have changed, and so have developments in the modular building industry. Now, Portable Building Sales can offer flexible solutions for growing schools that are modern and comfortable whilst not putting a strain on tight education budgets.

Also, with our exclusive Clearview range, designed specifically for schools, you can provide your students and staff with a light, airy, inspirational learning environment with all the comfort of your permanent structure.


How can Portable Building Sales help my school?

Modular buildings are ideal for organisations that need extra space quickly. For example, your school may be faced with a sudden influx of students meaning that you need more classroom space or staff rooms urgently.

Portable Building Sales can give your education establishment the flexibility to respond to unexpected population increases. Not only that, but our modular buildings offer incredible versatility.


Flexible Education Building Solutions

You have complete control over the configuration and design of your new classroom space.

Portable Building Sales can help you to create the perfect space for your students, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Special needs facilities
  • Staffrooms
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Art departments
  • IT suites
  • Dance/Drama studios
  • Technology & design buildings


Future-proof your Educational Needs

Once you have decided on the purpose of your modular building, you have the flexibility to adapt the space according to your changing needs.

The beauty of a modular building is its adaptability. For example, if your classroom is configured as an art studio, but you no longer have the same requirement, you can change its use to another function, such as a science lab.


Clearview Modular Buildings from Portable Building Sales

The exclusive Clearview range was designed by Portable Building Sales specifically with education in mind.

Our designers understand that to get the best out of your students. They need a contemporary and motivational space with plenty of natural light. Students and staff also want to feel proud of their learning environment. So, with that in mind, they put all of that together to create our Clearview range.


What can I expect from a Clearview Modular Building?

Our Clearview Modular Buildings offer everything you would expect from a modular building and so much more.

  • Sleek and modern building design 
  • Full-length windows for more natural light
  • Clean design, hiding previously unsightly structural features
  • No more “boxy” feel – off-set modular shape
  • Full customisation and colour choice


Taking the “Temporary” out of Modular Buildings

The Clearview Modular Building is here to stay with a full 20-year structural warranty, and they are fully compliant with building regulations. 

You can be sure that a modular classroom from Portable Building Sales will provide your school or nursery with all the space you need for many years to come. 


Get your new classroom ordered today.

The experienced team at Portable Building Sales are on hand to discuss your full requirements and provide you with all the help and advice you need. 

We can have a new building on your site within 8-10 weeks, but if your need is more urgent, we also hold stock of newly built units available at short notice. 

Find out how Portable Building Sales can provide your school with the inspirational education space you need by speaking to one of our friendly team today. Call on 01482 656590, or email for more information