Modular Sales and Marketing Buildings 

Modular sales and marketing buildings are a cost-effective way to provide a comfortable working environment for staff and display a professional impression to potential buyers.

Choosing modular does not mean you compromise on aesthetics. Modular buildings can provide a sleek and modern workspace for customer-facing businesses such as sales and marketing.

Our exclusive Clearview range has feature-length windows that create a light, airy, welcoming environment.

How can Portable Building Sales help my business? 

Modular sales and marketing buildings can provide administration space for staff to perform their roles. This space must be comfortable and motivating so that staff can work effectively.

As well as this, modular sales suites provide a place for potential customers to meet face-to-face with a professional before buying a high-value product, like a house. 

When it comes to selling high-value products, it is vital that your marketing suite looks as high-end as your products. The bespoke nature of modular buildings allows for a wide variety of design options. Your sales and marketing suite can include anything from comfortable seating areas and desks, even to installing a sample kitchen.

Therefore, when buying a modular building from Portable Building Sales, you can choose various bespoke design options. You can ensure your building mirrors the image your business wants to portray.

Bespoke sales and marketing suites 

You have complete control over the configuration and design of your new sales and marketing suite. 

Portable Building Sales can accommodate requests including:

  • Branding: The exterior of your building can feature your company logo.
  • Painting: Your space can be painted with colours of your choice, i.e. colours associated with your brand. 
  • Exterior: You can choose from various exterior finishes, such as PVC timber, natural wood, brick lap, steel-clad and more.
  • Roofing: The roof of your building can be flat, pitched steel or a range of fasciae with window and door styles.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility features such as a ramp for entry can be included to ensure your business is inclusive.
  • And much more…

Future-proofed modular buildings 

Modular sales and marketing buildings are high quality and adaptable. This is great news for businesses as your modular building is long-lasting and can be updated according to your changing needs. 

Modular buildings can also be relocated easily, so if your business moves, your modular building can move along with you. This is particularly useful for businesses selling houses, as once you have finished one housing development, your modular sales and marketing suite can move to your next development.

A Clearview Modular Building for Every Business

Present your business superbly with a cost-effective and aesthetically superior Clearview Modular Building from Portable Building Sales. Available in a wide range of sizes, layouts and colours, there’s a competitively priced Clearview Modular Building for every customer-facing role.

With innovative styling and a unique shape, they’re designed to be more visually appealing than traditional modular buildings. 

What can I expect from a Clearview Modular Building?

Our expert teams have experience in the design, manufacture and installation of new Clearview Modular Buildings for a full range of customer-facing applications, including:

  • Showrooms
  • Marketing suites
  • Sales offices
  • Reception rooms
  • Entertainment areas
  • Ticket offices
  • Catering buildings

Fully bespoke and manufactured to order, Clearview modular buildings can be delivered and installed to your desired location in as little as four weeks.

Order a Sales and Marketing Suite today! 

The experienced team at Portable Building Sales are on hand to discuss your requirements and provide all the help and advice you need. 

We can have a new building on your site within 8-10 weeks, but if your need is urgent, we also hold stock of newly built units available at short notice. 

Find out how Portable Building Sales can provide your business with the motivating portable office space you need by speaking to one of our friendly team today. Call on 01482 656590, or email for more information.


Used Modular Sales Buildings

We also offer a selection of high quality, approved used modular buildings suitable for sales and marketing use.

For additional information about new and used modular buildings for sales and marketing uses, call Portable Building Sales on 01482 656590, or email today.

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