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Why a modular classroom is a smart choice for expanding schools

Forecasts indicate that there will be an increase of over 400,000 pupils attending state secondary schools in England between 2018...

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Modular Classroom

Forecasts indicate that there will be an increase of over 400,000 pupils attending state secondary schools in England between 2018 and 2027. With a growing number of pupils, schools need to expand their facilities. Modular classrooms offer a smart solution for schools to grow quickly and affordably alongside their students. 

Modular school buildings are safe and quality-assured. They are a sustainable solution that provides an excellent space to learn about environmentally friendly practices. Modular classrooms can be adapted for a wide variety of requirements to ensure that every pupil has a learning environment optimised to fit their needs.

Get modular school buildings quickly

One of the most significant advantages modular buildings can offer schools is their fast installation. Unlike traditional buildings, which can take months or even years to build,  modular classrooms are primarily constructed in a controlled factory setting. Transport and installation time are significantly reduced, making modular buildings the smart choice for expanding schools.

Construction and installation of modular buildings is up to 50% faster than traditional buildings. This is great news, with a predicted student increase of 400,000 in just nine years. Modular classrooms provide schools with the flexibility to respond to unexpected population increases with minimal disruption to learning. 

Buildings can be installed quickly during school holidays to avoid changing student routines. When students return to school after half term, they can benefit from a new quality learning environment. 

Affordable modular classrooms: the smart way to expand your school

Schools often work with a tight budget, making expanding learning facilities difficult. Modular classrooms offer a more affordable alternative to traditional buildings. Their factory construction guarantees a standardised quality level and significantly reduces on-site build and transportation costs. 

Modular buildings are also available, new or used, at many different price points. This means you can transform your school to meet rising student populations on any budget.

Modular Classroom interior

Quality buildings that guarantee safety

Factory construction ensures a standardised quality level across all modular school buildings. These buildings meet the same codes as traditional buildings. Safety and adherence to regulations are essential factors for schools to consider when finding new spacing solutions. 

Portable Building Sales are trusted modular classroom providers. They have created safety-assured quality buildings for schools up and down the country.

“The service that was provided for ‘Hub 1’ a few years ago to ‘Hub 2’ more recently has been exceptional. We are over the moon with the buildings they have provided as they have really enhanced the facilities at the school for the students.“ -Jim Ryan, Director of Finance and HR at Co-Op Failsworth Academy.

Prepare your students for the future with environmentally friendly practices

With climate change becoming an increasingly important issue, it is vital to teach school-aged children about sustainability. Modular school buildings are an environmentally friendly spacing solution. 

Modular buildings reduce waste, CO2 emissions and energy usage. They are also part of a circular economy. They can be reused and refurbished repeatedly to ensure the maximum use of the building.

Emphasising the significance of environmentally friendly practices allows you to prepare your students for challenges they may face in the future and equip them with the skills they will need. Modular classrooms allow you to demonstrate your institution’s commitment to sustainability, making them a smart choice for expanding schools. 

Adaptable modular buildings for all education needs 

Modular school buildings are incredibly flexible and adaptable. They can provide long-term or short-term solutions and be reconfigured, relocated and expanded over time without significant additional costs. 

As pupils grow, modular buildings can grow and change alongside them. This adaptability means modular buildings can be customised to fit various needs. 

“Recently, we have provided a variety of buildings to schools, universities and academies for use as standard classroom buildings, office space, SEND classrooms and sports changing facilities.”-Andy Cottam, Senior Sales Manager at Portable Building Sales. 

Customisation options make modular classrooms an excellent solution for SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities) spaces. 17.3% of students have SEND requirements, and learning spaces must be optimised to accommodate these student’s needs best.

Bespoke customisation options can create environments that are comfortable and stimulating for learning. Accessibility factors such as ramps and wider doorways are necessary for students using wheelchairs and walking aids. One-to-one learning, spaces can enable pupils to engage better with their studies. Break-out rooms provide students with somewhere to relax when they need a break. 

School buildings should provide a safe space for students to grow and overcome challenges. Modular classrooms can be adapted to provide learning spaces that accommodate all pupils. This undoubtedly makes modular buildings a smart choice for expanding schools. 

modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

How are schools using modular buildings?

As mentioned, the adaptability of modular buildings makes them an excellent option for many different spaces within the education sector. Some examples include:

  • Classrooms 
  • Special needs facilities
  • Staffrooms 
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Art departments 
  • IT suites
  • Dance/drama suites
  • Technology and design of buildings 

“Modular buildings provide an exceptional solution to schools with additional teaching and office space. There are numerous benefits for schools choosing the modular building route – speed, cost, less disruption, quality control, lower environmental impact and many others.” –Andy Cottam, Senior Sales Manager at Portable Building Sales.

Modular classrooms from Portable Building Sales

Modular classrooms are a smart choice for expanding schools in terms of speed, cost-efficiency and sustainability. Modular school buildings are also adaptable and customisable, which allows them to provide spaces that encourage learning for every student.

“Creating these spaces has allowed schools to expand on their intake, re-think how they utilise their main school buildings, provide upgrade facilities for their students and offer courses and services they weren’t previously able to.” –Andy Cottam, Senior Sales Manager at Portable Building Sales. 

Portable Building Sales is a modular building supplier based in Yorkshire, working nationwide. We have plenty of experience in supplying modular classrooms. But don’t just listen to us; listen to our customers. 

Are you ready to expand your school and optimise your learning environment? Then take a look at our buildings or contact our friendly team today!