New Modular Buildings

We design, produce and supply a unique in-house range of modular buildings known as the Clearview Modular Building. Cost-effective and aesthetically superior to traditional modular buildings. It’s a contemporary, versatile building that can be fully customised and configured to meet your requirements.

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Used Modular Buildings

We keep a handpicked selection of used modular buildings in stock at all times.

With buildings available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes, they provide a great, affordable alternative to purchasing a new building.

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Exclusive Range of Modular Buildings

Portable Building Sales offers exclusive services to make the entire process as simple for you as possible as a trusted supplier of modular buildings. We design, produce and supply a unique in-house range of modular buildings that satisfy almost any need. These modular builds are known as Clearview Modular Buildings. They are more cost-effective and aesthetically superior to traditional modular buildings you may have seen when at schools, at festivals or construction sites. It’s a contemporary, versatile building that can be fully customised and configured to meet your requirements.

Our modular buildings come in various sizes, styles, and finishes, providing a great, affordable alternative to purchasing or constructing a traditional brick and mortar building. These stylish modular buildings can easily be installed and offer an attractive finish to your site.

Portable Building Sales also offers second-hand modular buildings for both purchase and hire. We believe sustainability is essential, and our buyback service and hiring options mean our modular buildings don’t end up wasted or in landfills. In addition, we always have a selection of handpicked used modular buildings in stock to show the extent and quality of our refurbishment service. Contact Us to speak to an advisor on how modular construction could be your solution.

The Portable Building Sales Process

As part of our enquiry process, we provide detailed technical drawings to our customers so they have a clear understanding of the buildings we can provide. Follow your project’s journey with us from start to finish to ensure everything is perfect and to your specifications. We will work with you to evaluate the best building option for you, and our in-house design team can produce a layout to suit your requirements. Unlike many companies, we provide this service free of charge.

Installation of Modular Buildings

Portable Building Sales work closely with several types of transport and crane companies to ensure your building is delivered safely and promptly. We do not look for the cheapest option because we value the quality of service and only use the best transport and crane services to entrust your modular building.

Our installation teams have decades of seasoned experience installing modular buildings in different working conditions and environments. We facilitate installations during the day, night, weekend and more. Our friendly site operatives ensure you can sit back and enjoy the product without any of the hassles of the installation.

Modular Building Benefits

Modular Building Purchase Options

Whether you buy new or used, modular buildings are much cheaper to purchase and install than traditional structures of the same size. This is down to the time-saving methods used in their construction. At Portable Building Sales, we offer a range of purchasing and hiring packages, so you’re sure to find a cost-effective solution that works for your business. For example, you may only require a building for a short period, so hiring is a better option for you. Or you may wish to have the modular building installed at your school, where buying the building would suit you better. Or you may even find that a modular building you previously bought is no longer serving its purpose. If you decide that you no longer need your modular buildings, then the solid second-hand market means you will be able to sell them quickly, recouping a percentage of your initial investment. In addition, thanks to our buyback service, we can take that modular building off your hands.

Time Factors in Modular Construction

Portable Building Sales new modular buildings are manufactured off-site in controlled factory conditions. This allows the building to be built in an efficient, time-saving manner. Buildings can be manufactured, assembled, and installed in a fraction of the time it takes to make a traditional structure – minimising disruption to your business. At the same time, traditional buildings can take years to complete. A bespoke, new modular building can be up and running in a matter of weeks. We value the need to keep disruptions to a minimum, the design process as smooth and undisrupted as possible, which is why we ensure a straightforward consultation and design process to ensure all your needs are addressed.

Modular Buildings Add Versatility to Your Plan

Despite popular beliefs, Modular Buildings are incredibly versatile. They can be constructed quickly and efficiently but maintain a traditional build’s features and appealing aspects. With our custom design service, we can achieve the desired look for your business and ensure it holds all the requirements for your business to function at 100 %, regardless of industry or sector. Modular buildings can evolve with your business as it grows and develops. Should you need to relocate, your modular building can move with you. If your circumstances change, the building can be quickly and easily extended, reconfigured, and repurposed to meet your needs.

Modular Buildings Execute Modern Methods of Construction 

In today’s day and age, several factors can influence our decision-making processes. One of those is reputation and rumour. There are many preconceived ideas when it comes to Modular Buildings. Many people believe a modular building is only temporary and cannot be a quality, substantial building that will withstand time. They are also commonly considered to be rigid, unattractive buildings, like shipping containers. However, with some research, it is quick to attain that these allegations are false. The opposite is entirely accurate, and thanks to Modern Methods of Construction, advances in technology and the availability of a large variety of materials, modular buildings will surpass the benefits of traditional buildings altogether. Not only do modular buildings adhere to the same regulations as brick-and-mortar buildings, but they also often outperform their conventional counterparts in many areas, such as affordability, time, environmental friendliness, and sustainability.

Who are Portable Building Sales?

Portable Building Sales are a leading supplier of modular buildings. As a trusted provider of modular construction, we are a go-to for expert, professional advice from seasoned industry members. You can expect high quality and friendly service when embarking on your modular building project with Portable Building Sales. Even after completion, we look after our customers with a reputable aftercare service from design through installation. Portable Building Sales are guaranteed to offer you:

  • Quality buildings are provided every time
  • Personal Support is available for all your needs
  • Responsive service to all customers and enquiries
  • Variety and value in all modular constructions
  • Experience and knowledge from seasoned professionals
  • Health and safety across all our projects

Get In Touch with Portable Building Sales

Our team at Portable Building Sales are seasoned professionals in the industry, and with a wealth of experience, can offer the best advice available. We offer bespoke modular building services, meaning our team can provide you with a purpose-built solution to all your needs or offer you existing alternatives that we may have available. Please browse through our modular buildings or get in touch with a team member to discuss your requirements today. Portable Building Sales provides a friendly and effective service. Call us on 01482 656590 or email us at