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Make your business greener with a modular office

As more people are talking about global warming and its repercussions, the need for sustainable practices is becoming increasingly apparent....

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Modular office

As more people are talking about global warming and its repercussions, the need for sustainable practices is becoming increasingly apparent. The traditional construction process contributes a staggering 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions. So, it’s necessary to find innovative spacing solutions. 

Modular construction emits 45% less carbon than traditional construction, making modular offices a popular alternative. Factory construction, speed of installation, transport and energy-efficient features all contribute to modular building’s sustainability.

What is a green business?

Green businesses make sustainability a core company value and aim to balance profit with the planet’s health. These companies incorporate eco-friendly practices into all business decisions to minimise their negative environmental impact. 

A practical step for businesses to become more environmentally friendly is choosing modular offices

Why should businesses become greener?

Global warming is becoming more of a concern, and modular buildings are an excellent sustainable spacing alternative. But why should your business make the leap to become greener? 

Sustainability is an important factor in many customers’ buying journeys. More than 90% of global customers say they want companies to address social and environmental issues, and 66% of customers will actually pay more for sustainable brands/businesses. 

This suggests that businesses can improve their overall image by employing sustainability practices. Companies can grow their customer base by becoming greener and even raise their prices. This is confirmed by the fact that 98% of businesses that use sustainability standards have reported sales and marketing benefits. 

With green businesses seeing such benefits, it is no surprise that 61% of business leaders say climate change will significantly impact their business strategy and operations over the next three years. Businesses are becoming greener over time. by adopting sustainable practices, you can make sure your company isn’t left behind. 

Double storey modular building

Why can a modular office help make your business more sustainable?

Investing in a modular building is an excellent way for businesses to become more eco-friendly. Due to their construction, speed, transportation, and features, modular offices offer numerous sustainability advantages. 

Factory construction

The modular building manufacturing process is streamlined and efficient. Modular office buildings are constructed in a controlled factory using standardised methods, precise measurements and controlled material handling. This enhances sustainability by minimising waste and ensuring that excess materials can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

Unlike traditional construction, factory construction ensures that buildings are kept dry throughout the manufacturing process. This means modular offices offer improved air quality and a much healthier atmosphere. Improved air quality greatly benefits staff and visitors, particularly those with respiratory problems, including asthma. In addition, good air quality also reduces the need for constant ventilation and open windows. This reduces the need to increase heating and saves energy, which is brilliant for the environment.


Factory use significantly reduces transportation time and the number of vehicles required in modular construction. This plays a considerable role in reducing carbon emissions. 

The materials used to produce a modular office building are much lighter than traditional construction materials. This reduces the carbon emissions caused during transportation to the factory. 

Once the modular office has been constructed, a lorry or heavy-haul trailer transports it to the site to be installed. This couldn’t be more different from traditional construction, which uses large numbers of construction vehicles, including bulldozers, loaders, cement mixers, dumpers, and more. This equipment, which takes up large amounts of space and produces substantial CO2 emissions, is not required in modular construction. 

Reduced transportation contributes to modular construction emitting 45% less CO2 emissions than traditional building methods. 

Speed of installation

Overall, a modular office building can be completed in around half the time required for a traditional building. Due to this, modular buildings have much lower energy expenditures.  

Once transported to your site, modular buildings are incredibly quick to install. This minimises disruption and impact on local wildlife and the surrounding environment. 

Energy-efficient features

Modern modular office buildings are built with the environment in mind. Therefore, they include several energy-efficient features, including quality insulation, advanced sealing techniques, double glazing and HVAC systems. These features ensure your modular office is airtight and able to retain heat. This reduces the need to crank up the radiators, which saves energy and energy costs.

Modular buildings can be further optimised for energy efficiency by including LED lighting and solar panels on the roof.  

Modular office

Become part of a circular economy by investing in a modular office building

A circular economy is a model of production and consumption that aims to extend the lifecycle of products. It involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials/products. 

Modular buildings are classified as permanent structures and can last upwards of 30 years. They are adaptable and can be used within a circular economy. A modular office can be bought or hired, new or used and refurbished to suit many uses. 

New modular buildings: A modular office building is a significantly more sustainable option than a traditional office. By opting for a modular office, you are choosing a construction method that reduces carbon emissions, minimises disruption to wildlife and ensures all materials are reused, repurposed or recycled.

Refurbished modular buildings: A refurbished modular office is an even more sustainable choice than buying new. Refurbished modular buildings eliminate the carbon emissions and waste in the manufacturing stage, as they have already been constructed. When you give a pre-loved building a new purpose, you are extending its lifecycle. 

Modular building hire: Leasing is an essential part of a circular economy. Hiring a modular building, whether new or used, ensures the building has the largest chance of being refurbished and reused. This is because modular office hire can provide both short-term and long-term solutions. When you are ready to return your building, your modular building supplier will remove the structure, and then it can be refurbished and hired by someone else.

Other benefits of investing in a modular building

As well as making your business greener, a modular office offers many other benefits, including:

    • Cost-effective: Modular buildings are available at various price points and offer affordable spacing solutions to many businesses.
    • Quick solution: If you need office space quickly, Portable Building Sales can have a new building on your site within 8-10 weeks.
    • Adaptable: Modular office buildings are incredibly versatile. They can be updated to suit new requirements. Modular buildings change and grow along with your business.
  • Durable: Modular buildings are incredibly durable. Factory construction ensures excellent quality, allowing them to provide long-lasting office solutions. 
  • Customisable: Every business is different, and so are its office requirements. A modular office can be completely customised to suit your specific needs.

Modular offices from Portable Building Sales 

For businesses, being environmentally friendly is becoming an increasingly important factor for success. Modular buildings are a great sustainable office solution. Investing in modular buildings can help make your business greener. 

At Portable Building Sales, we offer sustainable modular offices for businesses across many sectors. Our expert team has decades of experience providing top-quality modular building solutions. 

Are you looking for a modular office? Get in touch with our friendly team today! We’ll help guide you through the process and ensure you find the right office for you.