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Double Storey Modular Building for MASHCo

Another cabin delivered, another happy customer

We were approached by Air BP to design, manufacture, deliver and install a new office and control room building for MASHCo at Manchester Airport. MASHCo (Manchester Airport Storage and Hydrant Company) is a joint venture between Air BP, Jet 2, Thomas Cook, North Air and others to manage the Fuel Hydrant at Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport is currently undergoing a transformation to allow it to increase flight capacity over the next 10 years. In additional to this, a £1 billion transformation of the fuel hydrant system is required to meet the demand.

As part of the project, a new office building and control room is required to bring the facilities into the 21st Century. Based on the requirements given to us by MASHCo and Air BP, we have produced a building design and package to undertake the works. Following a rigorous vetting and presentation process Portable Building Sales were awarded the contract for the project.

The ground floor features male and female toilets, showers and changing facilities. Our design also includes offices for the maintenance crew and an operations room from where the aviation fuel for Manchester Airport will be managed. The first floor features senior management offices and facilities along with a training and meeting room.

The building was installed in October 2020 and took only two days to have all the modules installed.

Construction work around the building is still ongoing as this is been undertaken by others. So final internal and external photos won’t be taken until March 2022.