At Portable Building Sales, sustainability is embedded within all aspects of our business operations and product offerings.

Net zero by 2040

Since joining the Wernick Group of Companies, we have pledged to become a net zero company by 2040. Recognising the pressing global challenge of climate change, sustainability is a big part of PBS and is embedded in everything we do.

At PBS, our approach to sustainability is more than a pledge, it’s an integral part of our daily operations. We understand the importance of clear targets and timelines in addressing environmental concerns. By setting clear goals, we hold ourselves accountable and navigate towards our net zero objectives.

A Carbon Management Plan and a clear roadmap have been created to showcase our commitment. These strategic documents not only guide us but also highlight the Wernick Group’s commitment to managing and systematically reducing carbon emissions.

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Sustainable buildings

In our pursuit of sustainability, Portable Building Sales places a strong emphasis on the refurbishment of modular buildings, ensuring environmental consciousness at every step.

Through the transformative process of repurposing existing structures, we proudly divert up to 2,400 tonnes of waste from landfills annually. Operating on a zero-to-landfill basis, we collaborate closely with waste services providers to uphold and continually improve best practices.

Throughout our operations, both on-site and in our factory, we prioritise practices that minimise waste and energy consumption.

Recent investments reflect our dedication to sustainable practices. From the installation of solar panels to the provision of vehicle charging points and the adoption of new electric forklifts, these initiatives embody our proactive approach to building a more eco-friendly environment.

Aligned with the Wernick Group’s steadfast commitment to carbon emission management, we are actively contributing to the collective pledge to achieve net-zero status by 2040. At Portable Building Sales, sustainability isn’t just a concept; it’s a tangible, ongoing journey towards a greener, more responsible future.

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Social value

We are committed to conducting our business with a strong sense of social responsibility. Our operations are grounded in principles of integrity, respect, transparency and accountability.

Central to our values is the well-being of our employees. We strive to create an environment that ensures fair treatment, fosters professional growth and prioritises a safe workplace. Our focus on these aspects reflects our genuine dedication to the individuals who contribute to our success.

Customer satisfaction holds significant importance within PBS. We build lasting relationships with our clients by consistently providing high-quality products and services, actively responding to feedback and maintaining open communication. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a fundamental aspect of our business philosophy.

Understanding the interconnection between business success and social impact, we believe in integrating social value into our operations. Engaging in community development, supporting local charities and addressing social and environmental concerns are meaningful components of our efforts to create a positive impact in both the short and long term. At Portable Building Sales, social value isn’t an exaggerated claim; it’s a genuine expression of our commitment to responsible and impactful business management.

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