Portable Toilet and Changing Facilities

Portable Toilet and Changing Facilities

Modular Toilet and Changing Facilities 

Modular leisure buildings feature a range of items to help improve the facilities on your site. These can include toilets, showers, sinks and urinals, among other features. 

Our mobile toilet and shower units for sale are all top-quality, designed and built with you, your staff and your customers in mind. 

Portable Building Sales provides your business with modern, clean facilities which are easy to maintain and offer a more pleasant experience for users.

Modular leisure buildings with a range of applications

Modular leisure buildings are designed to meet your individual business needs. Portable Building Sales offers bespoke customisation, allowing these facilities to be used in a wide range of sectors for various purposes.

A range of applications includes:

  • Changing facilities
  • Toilet and shower rooms
  • Drying and locker rooms
  • Multipurpose spaces 
  • And many more…

A range of sectors includes:

  • Construction sites 
  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Tourism, e.g. campsites
  • Military operations 
  • Film and television production
  • Educational events 
  • disaster relief 

How can mobile changing rooms benefit your business ?

Prefabricated toilets and changing facilities offer businesses a quick, cost-effective solution to provide staff and customers with safe and clean facilities. 

Our buildings are completed to the highest standards and can help fulfil your business requirements. That may include providing secure locker rooms or accessible toilets. 

Mobile toilets and changing facilities are designed for inclusivity and can include ramps, wider doorways and spacious interiors. This ensures that everyone in your business can use the facilities comfortably. 

Outline Specifications 

Modular toilets were once little more than a seat installed over a container. However, as the need for portable toilets and changing facilities increased, the buildings became more sophisticated. 

As portable toilets and changing facilities have evolved, their design has changed to prioritise comfort, hygiene and environmental sustainability. New standards mean modular leisure buildings use high-quality materials, ventilation systems, and anti-bacterial coatings.

Modular leisure buildings can be built to your specifications and can include many fantastic features to enhance the facility: 

  • Texture-coated or plastic-coated steel external walls
  • uPVC double-glazed windows
  • uPVC double-glazed door
  • Pvc roofing blanket
  • Vinyl-faced plasterboard lined ceiling and walls
  • LED lighting
  • Electric convector heating or Air Conditioning
  • RCD consumer unit
  • Vinyl and safety vinyl coverings
  • 13 amp double power points fitted throughout

Modular Toilet and Changing Facilities from Portable Building Sales 

Portable Building Sales can help you find the ideal space to provide your staff and visitors with additional facilities.

We have a stock of newly built mobile toilet and shower units and prefab changing rooms available. If you are looking for a customised building, our expert design team will work with you, discuss your requirements and provide the perfect modular leisure building. 

For further details, contact our office on 01482 656590, email contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk or fill out our contact form.

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