Used modular buildings

At Portable Building Sales, we offer a selection of high-quality used modular buildings to suit the needs of businesses across all sectors. Our inventory includes a wide range of sizes and styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect solution for your space requirements.

Used modular buildings for sale for every business

Whether you need additional office space, classrooms, or storage facilities, our used modular buildings provide a cost-effective and efficient option to meet your specific requirements. Browse our inventory to find the right fit for your business, or connect with our team to discuss how we can support your needs with the ideal modular solution.

Why choose a used modular building?

There are several benefits to choosing used modular buildings over traditional structures or new builds:

Cost of used modular buildings

When you buy a used modular building, you make considerable savings from purchasing new. These savings are on top of your existing savings by choosing the modular building route over traditional builds. These savings come from refurbishing a structure already manufactured in our off-site factory. In addition, recycling used modular buildings reduces time and manufacturing processes, reducing labour and material costs.

Used modular buildings maintain a robust second-hand market. As a result, there is always demand to repurchase no longer needed or unwanted modular building investments. As a result, used modular buildings get repurchased quickly, which means you recoup a percentage of your initial investment and contribute towards a more sustainable construction method.

Portable Building Sales offers a range of purchasing and hiring packages to make used modular buildings even more affordable. Hence, you’ll find a cost-effective solution that works for your business.

How long does it take to refurbish a used modular building?

Modular buildings get manufactured off-site in controlled factory conditions. These settings allow the buildings to be built efficiently and are time-saving. Buildings can be manufactured, assembled and installed in a fraction of the time it takes to make a traditional structure – minimising disruption to your business. In comparison, traditional buildings can take years to complete. A bespoke, modular construction can be up and running in weeks.

When you decide to invest in a used modular building, the time needed is even less. In addition, Portable Building Sales can refurbish all used modular buildings to fit your exact needs and requirements.

The versatility of used modular buildings

Despite popular belief, used modular buildings are incredibly versatile. Buildings can be bespoke designed and have the same features you would expect from a traditional build. Furthermore, there is very little to differentiate between a used and new modular building, as the quality remains high.

A used modular building can also evolve with your business as seamlessly as a new modular building. Should you need to relocate, your used modular building can still move with you. If your circumstances change, the building can be quickly and easily extended, reconfigured, and repurposed to meet your needs.

Environmental impact of used modular buildings

Used modular buildings deliver environmental benefits to your business throughout their life. The manufacturing, delivery and installation process uses significantly less energy and therefore has less CO2 output than traditional building methods. Moreover, a second-hand modular building contributes to a more sustainable construction choice for your business as you recycle instead of using new materials.

Used modular buildings create fewer carbon emissions. They don’t require multiple lorries and heavy goods vehicles to transport materials to a construction site. These large vehicles disrupt local traffic and contribute to noise pollution and congestion. Used modular buildings also allow manufacturers to refurbish existing buildings to fit the client’s needs without creating a whole new building from scratch.

Modern methods of construction

Used modular buildings are rarely considered a stylish or modern choice of construction. However, they now use well-designed materials. In addition, they have energy-efficient design choices used in the industry, making them a long turn sustainable and cost-effective choice. Buying a used modular building can be a quick solution to your problem. While many may assume the used buildings are of low build quality, the high-quality materials used will stand the test of time.

Used modular buildings can be refurbished to modern, high standards, hosting all facilities regardless of their original purpose. Thanks to the developments and technology of today’s construction industry, there are few limitations on how you can have your used modular building designed. Given the modern construction methods, advances in technology and availability of a large variety of materials, Modular Buildings have moved forward leaps and bounds.

Built to the same standard

Many may not realise it, but Used Modular Buildings are subject to the same building regulations as traditional buildings. They have to perform to the same or better standards as brick-built buildings. Health and safety standards for modular buildings are increased compared to a construction site. The manufacturing environment in which they get refurbished has statistically fewer health hazards and accidents than a live construction site.

New modular buildings for sale

In addition to pre-owned buildings we provide brand new manufactured modular buildings for sale.

We work with you to design and build a space that meets with your requirements. Our in house team has the expertise and experience to assist you no matter what stage of the project you are at.

From small classrooms and marketing suites up to large multi storey office complexes we can provide you with the building that you need.
Give our team a call today to discuss how we can help you with your modular building journey!

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Pre-owned buildings provide a cost effective approach versus a brand new manufactured modular building.

Our current stock of used modular buildings can be found on the link below.

Buildings can be provided in ‘as seen and inspected’ condition or alternative we an fully refurbish the buildings to meet your requirements.


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