Refurbished modular buildings

If you are looking to purchase a modular building, our second-hand refurbished modular buildings can provide the perfect formula for your organisation’s needs. We can refurbish a building to the layout and specification of your choice.

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The process

We undertake a meticulous process for our refurbished modular buildings. Starting with a complete disassembly down to the steel frame, we then reconstruct the building using new materials, resulting in a fully customised and repurposed modular building.

Our refurbished modular buildings meet current building regulations and are designed to the highest standards.

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Cost-effective solution

Our refurbished modular buildings are a cost-effective solution to provide you with a high-quality building which once complete, can look almost as good as a newly manufactured building.

These refurbished modular buildings can also be beneficial in saving time as we can have a building fully refurbished to your exact requirements in as little as 3-4 weeks.

We offer a number of different options when it comes to the refurbishment choices. Windows and door locations, external colours, floor options and internal fittings are offered to suit your specific requirements.

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A sustainable solution

Our modular buildings are constructed in a factory environment and therefore only a precise number of required materials are used, minimising waste materials. Also, repurposing existing modular buildings prevents 2,400 tonnes of waste from going to landfill every year.

Working closely with our waste service providers, we make certain that zero waste goes to landfill to ensure best practices are achieved.

Reduces carbon emissions

Our sister company Wernick Refurbished Buildings recently conducted an academic study assessing the embodied carbon emissions of a refurbished modular building compared to a newly built modular building.

It found that there was a 46% reduction in embodied carbon emissions of a refurbished modular building.

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