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Discover the innovative and sustainable solution to your building needs with a new modular building from Portable Building Sales.

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A modular building

A new modular building is made to order, built off-site, transported to the location where it is needed and then installed by our trained professionals. They are built in sections, fitted together to create compartments or rooms once installed. New modular buildings are available to the public and private sectors and appeal significantly to many industries, including education, healthcare, business and leisure.

Portable Building Sales has an extensive reach, supplying buildings right across the UK. These flexible and cost-effective modular buildings are the building method taking the construction industry by storm as they are both more economically viable and more environmentally friendly.

Choose new

New modular buildings are an excellent option for those with specific construction needs. They can be customised and designed, bespoke down to every detail, perfect for those with particular needs.

Compared to traditional construction methods, these modular buildings are much more sustainable, and still allows you the freedom of design whilst making economic choices. In addition, the development of modular buildings means that you are guaranteed top-of-the-range energy-saving technology, such as the highest-grade windows and doors.

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Bespoke design

Portable Building Sales will walk you through every step to ensure the perfect design when considering your new modular building. We provide bespoke modular buildings to a variety of industries and sectors, meaning there are no specification requirements we cannot meet.

New modular buildings no longer resemble the shipping containers we may imagine from past decades. Now you can choose from various exterior finishes, such as PVC timber, natural wood, brick lap, steel-clad and even more. In addition, rooves can be specially designed to help your new modular building seamlessly fit in with its surrounding neighbourhood, allowing you the opportunity of a flat roof, pitched steel and a range of external fasciae with window and door styles. You may also be surprised to learn that many new modular buildings are multi-storey. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Hire a new modular building

Our new modular buildings are designed bespoke to your specification. Sizes, window and door positions, internal layout specifications, colours, and external finishes are entirely under your control. You can hire one of our new manufactured Clearview Modular Buildings for as little as £99.00 per week. Hiring a new modular building can be the perfect solution for short term needs and are an excellent idea for classrooms, sales offices, reception buildings, training rooms, hospitality suites and welfare facilities. In addition, you can hire modular buildings for long-term and short-term events and work well for construction sites and festival buildings.

Clearview new modular buildings

Introducing the Clearview Modular Building, a revolutionary range of innovative, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing modular buildings. Available in various sizes and layouts from small self-contained buildings to expansive, large multi-storey complexes. Our buildings are supplied in multiple colours, finishes and specifications.

The Clearview Modular Building will help your business make the right first impression with your clients, customers, and visitors with a unique, modern design that sets them apart from traditional modular buildings. Inside, the Clearview Modular Building is bright, warm, and welcoming. Its full-length feature windows make the most of the natural light and high specification insulation to maximise energy efficiency. Produced in a range of different exterior colours and finishes to fit in with your corporate identity, branding and existing premises, the Clearview Modular Building can be configured to meet any requirement.

Used across the country for many applications, including offices, education facilities, marketing and sales suites, canteens, welfare buildings and ticket offices, it’s the next generation of the modular building made for UK businesses. All our contemporary Clearview Modular Buildings are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and are designed to comply with the latest L2 Building Regulations. Clearview Modular Buildings are competitively priced and come supplied with an extensive twenty-year structural warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

Are new modular buildings sustainable?

New modular buildings are significantly more sustainable than their traditional building counterparts. When you order a unique modular construction, it is created from scratch to your exact specification in a factory. Due to this nature, only a precise number of required materials are used in its construction, minimising waste materials. New modular buildings are built in a central location and have a lower carbon footprint, which means fewer large lorries on the road commuting to and from a construction site. It reduces congestion, disruption, and traffic to the public. New modular buildings are made with modern design elements, making your new modular building more economical and energy-efficient.

Buying a new modular building

If you want to buy a new modular building, you can contact us at Buying a new modular construction means you have a bespoke structure specific to your needs and will be unique to your business. Portable Building Sales will build your custom modular building in our Yorkshire based factory and ship it out to you on the best date that suits you for minimal disruption. We will also install the new modular building to ensure it is fully functional from the moment we leave the site.

Choose a modular building from Portable Building Sales

Portable Building Sales is a well-respected manufacturer of new modular buildings and provides high-quality systems across the UK. Our team are experts in their field, with years of experience providing the right solution to many needs. You can ensure the quality of your new modular building as we only use the best available materials in our constructions.

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