If you require a temporary building on site but want all the benefits of a permanent building, then hiring one of our portable or modular buildings is the perfect solution.

Hire a building

A cost-effective, hassle-free and tax-efficient alternative to purchasing a building outright, it’s ideal for any growing business that needs to manage cash flow.

Hire from Portable Building Sales and you’ll benefit from great value, fixed cost agreements available from 18 – 120 months, with delivery and installation anywhere in the UK.

New modular buildings

Our new modular buildings are designed bespoke to your specifications. Sizes, window and door positions, internal layout specifications, colours and external finishes are completely in your control.

Used modular buildings

Hiring a used refurbished modular building can be even more cost-effective and time-efficient, we can have the building completely refurbished for your requirements before you hire a building from us.

Image of a refurbished building

New portable buildings

We also hire our newly manufactured portable jackleg cabins. Available in a range of sizes, from a small self-contained 12′ x 9′ cabin to a 60′ x 13′ portable building, they are designed to fit your requirements.

Image of a portable cabin


Our hire service is designed with your specific needs in mind, providing a high degree of flexibility. At the end of the agreed hire period, you have the option to continue renting for as long as you need, purchase the building outright or opt for the convenience of having it removed.

Additionally, we offer an in-hire purchase option, allowing you to purchase the building at any point during the rental contract, providing a solution that adapts seamlessly to your changing circumstances. This flexibility ensures that our customers have choices tailored to their evolving needs throughout the duration of the hire contract.

How can we help you with your next project?

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