Why Choose Modular Classrooms?

16th May 2022

If your school, college, university or training facility is in need of extra space, modular classrooms are a wise decision. In this blog we’re explaining why you should definitely consider modular buildings in place of traditional construction the next time you need to add new learning environments to your grounds.


Modular classrooms are versatile

The beauty of modular classrooms is that they can be used for all kinds of subjects and applications. Whether it’s a classic arrangement with desks and storage space, an open-plan learning space for more active subjects such as drama, a comprehensive science lab, a hands-on workshop or an airy creative setting, modular classrooms can accommodate your exact requirements to a tee.


Super-fast installation

We appreciate that time is of the essence, especially when you take into account curriculums and term dates. That’s why we strongly recommend modular classrooms, as they’re designed and manufactured in our factory and then simply installed by our engineers on your site. This removes multiple processes from being carried out on your premises and ensures that your modular classrooms can be in place very quickly, with minimal disruption and noise.


Save money with modular classrooms

Budgets can be hard to stick to, especially when construction is involved. With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that modular classrooms are very affordable due to numerous factors. Aside from not having to hire an architect, we provide a reliable turnkey service that involves us designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing your modular buildings. This cuts out the middleman and ensures that your money goes further, bringing complete peace of mind.


Modular classrooms are cleaner

Another benefit that many people don’t know about is that due to our modular classrooms being manufactured in a specialist facility, the end result brings better air quality than traditional construction. This is because there’s no opportunity for moisture to become trapped in the walls, ceiling and floor, which prevents damp and mould from forming further down the line. As a result, your modular classroom will have exceptional air quality, which is great news for the health and wellbeing of staff and students alike.


Go green with modular classrooms

We’re sure that environmental responsibility will be high on your list of priorities and the same goes for us. By having modular classrooms installed, you’re opting for a greener approach to construction. Thanks to your classrooms being manufactured in our factory, any waste materials are gathered for repurposing or recycling where possible, rather than simply being sent to landfill. This makes modular classrooms a highly sustainable alternative to the traditional construction route that creates a lot of waste.

In addition, due to modular classrooms being lightweight and easy to transport, our carbon emissions remain low compared to heavier vehicles carrying bricks and cement. The combination of these two factors makes modular construction an excellent choice if you want your supply chain to have as little impact on the planet as possible.


Ask us about modular classrooms

We’re ready to help you choose the perfect modular classrooms for your school, college, university or adult training centre. To find out more, please contact our team of modular building experts on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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