What are Modular Buildings?

1st July 2021

Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ

A modular building is a prefabricated building which is made up of individual repeated sections called modules. These modular components are manufactured off site in factories and then assembled on site in a variety of arrangements.

Why are Modular Buildings Popular?

Modular buildings initially gained popularity after the second world war when there was a need for the rapid construction of buildings. This is due to the bomb-damaged buildings which needed to be replaced and to accommodate soldiers returning from war.

As of recent, the popularity of modular buildings has increased as with recognition that newer renditions of these buildings can be aesthetically pleasing and achieve a very high build quality which is long lasting, sustainable and that represents excellent value for money.

What are The Advantages of Modular Buildings?

There are many advantages of using modular construction over traditional building practice which include:

  • Increased speed of supply and installation
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced time on site and disruption to site
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Potential to deconstruct for relocation, reuse or resale.

Modular at Portable Building Sales

At Portable Building Sales, we are proud to able to supply a wide range of new and used high quality modular buildings for sale and for hire.  With a huge range of sizes, styles and layouts available, we have a modular building to suit your business’ needs.

You can browse our collection of modular buildings by clicking here.

For professional help with finding the perfect building, call one of our experts today on 01482 656590 or email contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you.

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