The Many Applications of Portable Cabins

16th May 2022

The Many Applications of Portable Cabins


Our modern, spacious and highly versatile portable cabins are chosen by commercial businesses, industrial companies, healthcare organisations and educational institutions in Hull, East Yorkshire and across the UK. Portable cabins can be used for all kinds of purposes, from offices and sales suites to classrooms and storage spaces, making them an ideal solution with an affordable price tag.


New and used portable cabins available

Portable Building Sales makes choosing portable cabins a very easy process, as we have new and used models available for immediate delivery. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, as well as the option to be designed around your precise specifications, we make choosing portable cabins a fast and stress-free experience.


Installation is quick and easy

Having a new building constructed in the traditional way means a lot of noise, dust, mud and disruption as well as multiple health and safety considerations. Portable cabins are different, as you simply choose the type you’d like and we install it in the agreed location very quickly. Whether you’re in a rush or simply don’t want to deal with major disturbance to the flow of your site, portable cabins offer a quick and easy alternative.


Designed around your exact needs

We mentioned at the start of this blog that portable cabins are chosen for all kinds of uses but we thought it would be beneficial to expand on this unique selling point. Whether you need a dedicated space for desks and computer equipment, a welfare facility, a kitchen or canteen, a secure storage unit, toilet and shower facilities, a cycle hub, a training room or a learning environment, portable cabins can be designed to perfectly accommodate your precise needs.


Portable cabins are strong and secure

We only manufacture and stock the very best portable cabins that are designed to modern standards. This means that your portable cabin will be strong, sturdy, secure, warm, comfortable and weather-resistant, not to mention built to comply with all current building regulations.


Save money with portable buildings

Price is always a factor when it comes to upgrading commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare facilities, which is why we strongly recommend considering portable cabins. Forget about hiring architects and multiple contractors, as we design, manufacture, supply, transport and install your portable cabin as a single service.

Available for a highly competitive price, you may be amazed by how much money you can save compared to traditional construction. Whether you put that extra cash aside or use it to upgrade to a larger portable cabin is entirely up to you.


Portable cabins are also available to hire

If you only need the extra space for a limited time, many of our portable cabins are also available to hire for an affordable weekly fee. This gives you the freedom to expand your site on a temporary basis, such as during peak seasons or as a short-term fix whilst a traditional building is being erected elsewhere on your premises.


Ask us about portable cabins

Portable cabins offer a fast, convenient, versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. To find out more, get in touch today on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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