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The Great Benefits of Jackleg Cabins

If you have been looking for a temporary space for your company, such as an office, classroom or booth during...

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If you have been looking for a temporary space for your company, such as an office, classroom or booth during an event, construction work is going on, or you need the extra space, then Jackleg cabins may be your perfect solution. Jackleg cabins are great for those looking for a short-term solution that is functional and portable but as accommodating as a full structure. 

A new building is not only costly but timely and complex – especially if you are only looking for a short-term solution. Jackleg cabins are named after the metal legs used on the cabin’s base. These legs mean that the cabin can be located on uneven surfaces without the need for foundational work. They can even be stacked on top of each other. As jackleg cabins can be stacked on top of each other, this allows for multi-storey units, which provides a bespoke structure to the client’s needs without wasting time on traditional methods.

Jackleg Cabins are Flexible

Jackleg cabins offer great flexibility. Offices, classrooms, pop up kiosks, and first aid facilities can be built quickly and easily. In addition, many jackleg cabins can be modified with an extensive range of optional extras and design choices, as far as kitchen space, worktops and more which makes them suitable for many different situations.

Jackleg Cabins are Portable

Whilst this may seem obvious, it is particularly true with Jackleg cabins. The ease of freely transporting this building is one of its most significant benefits. They can be installed on sites with uneven ground, so no matter where you need to relocate, the structure will be perfectly fine, and you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. If you only require an installation for a short time, it does not always make financial sense to construct an even surface to place a portable building. Jackleg cabins are the perfect solution to this.

Jackleg Cabins are Fast to Install

Thanks to their ease of installation, Jackleg cabins are a great choice. They can be installed very quickly on-site and require little effort. In addition, as they do not need foundations, the components can be rapidly manufactured and arrive on-site entirely constructed promptly.

Jackleg Cabins are Cost-Effective

These portable buildings are incredibly cost-effective. They are produced off-site in factories that keep manufacturing costs low and transported to the site when installed. Constructing a brick building from scratch on your site would be much more expensive and timelier. Some companies hire a used jackleg cabin to reduce costs further. With portable buildings, many different factors can enable you to make impressive savings.