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Benefits of Portable Buildings for Education

Modular buildings have been popular with schools, colleges, universities and training facilities for decades, yet the quality of modern modular...

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Modular buildings have been popular with schools, colleges, universities and training facilities for decades, yet the quality of modern modular buildings is a far cry from the outdated image you may have in mind. This article by Portable Buildings Sales looks at why portable buildings are perfect for the education sector and the types of benefits that they will bring to your campus.


Truly adaptable learning spaces

No matter what you need adding to your site, a modular building will provide the perfect solution. From general classrooms for English and Maths to laboratories for Science lessons, workshops for D&T and catering facilities for Food & Nutrition courses, there’s no limit to what a modular building can accommodate.

Modular buildings can even be designed as bathrooms, changing rooms and shower units, making them a great addition to your school gym.


Flexible lifetime

Many educational organisations choose modular buildings as a long-term solution, as they’re built to last and can be modified according to changing needs. However, they also make an excellent temporary arrangement, such as when the main building of a school, college or university is being renovated.

Similarly, modular buildings can be used as a temporary or long-term school library, meeting room, storage area or staff room. They also make brilliant cycle hubs.


Bespoke design

New modular buildings can be designed to your exact specifications. For example, the size, layout, appearance, accessibility features and the integration of furniture and other fixtures are all aspects that can be shaped to fit your needs.


Speed of installation

Modular buildings are manufactured in a factory-controlled setting and then simply installed on your campus. This means that the need to store materials, equipment and vehicles on your schoolgrounds for weeks on end is removed entirely, plus the modular buildings are fitted in place in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction.

This also results in minimal noise, mess and disruption on your premises, allowing your educators to inspire the next generation and removing a range of health and safety risks for anyone accessing the site.


Modular buildings are cost-effective

We understand that you need to look after your annual budget, so you’ll be pleased to hear that new and used modular buildings are much more affordable than hiring an architect and multiple contractors. In a nutshell, you get the same great results for a much smaller fee.


Better air quality

Thanks to modular buildings being designed and manufactured in a specialist facility, moisture doesn’t get trapped inside the structure. Traditional construction is different, as damp can settle into the building whilst it’s being erected, which can sometimes lead to poor air quality. Cleaner air is great for everyone’s health and wellbeing, especially staff and students with respiratory problems such as asthma.


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