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When to choose portable buildings for your business needs

Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are...

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portable building

Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are incredibly flexible, which helps businesses with seasonal operations or even those that require project-specific spaces.

Portable building hire is a fantastic way to adapt, increase capacity, manage budget and increase sustainability. It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are choosing temporary buildings to fit their needs, so let’s find out why.

Choosing portable building hire to accommodate growth

Portable and modular building hire is a quick and cost-effective way to create more space for staff to thrive. Sometimes, growth comes unexpectedly. Many businesses choose portable buildings to accommodate business growth and a need to increase capacity.

Choosing portable buildings when your business grows is great because portable buildings are quick to install. This means there will be minimal disruption to the local area and wildlife. This is excellent news if the building is being installed on your current site, as work as usual can continue alongside the installation process.

Portable building hire can be a fantastic long-term or short-term solution to provide additional office space for your growing business.

New businesses are choosing modular buildings

Some businesses choose modular buildings when they are newly established. This is because modular buildings are built with modern needs in mind and are incredibly energy efficient. This makes them an excellent choice for new businesses that need to find ways to reduce costs.

Modular buildings feature advanced sealing techniques, high-quality insulation and HVAC systems. These features prevent thermal leakage, reducing energy costs.

Hiring a modular building is a brilliant option for new businesses that need to manage cash flow and do not have the capital outlay to purchase a modular building. Modular building hire allows you to benefit from new facilities without substantial investment.

modular office

Temporary buildings for seasonal operations 

Short-term portable building hire is ideal for businesses with seasonal operations. These temporary buildings can be used as accommodation for workers, significantly cutting down costs which would have been spent had a hotel been used for accommodation. 

When your business no longer needs to hire the temporary building, the building provider will remove the installation. This makes the process of short-term portable building hire hassle-free. 

Project-specific spaces made possible with portable building hire 

Some businesses require temporary project-specific spaces for workers. For example, builders need a dry, comfortable, safe space to perform their roles at construction sites. This space maximises efficiency, productivity and safety to optimise the planning and construction stages. 

Portable building hire is an excellent option for project-specific space requirements as they can be hired for as long or as short as needed. For example, once building work is complete, the portable building can be uninstalled, returned to the provider, or transported to your following project site. 

Portable cabin hire for event spaces

Whether it is a festival or a networking convention, a lot of work goes into organising events. Modular and portable building hire can ease the workload for event managing businesses. 

Modular building hire is a cost-effective way to create temporary spaces for:

  • Security 
  • First aid
  • Showers and toilets 
  • Dressing areas for performers or speakers 

Portable building hire, as well as being cost-effective, is quick and stress-free as a team of professionals does the installation. When it comes time to have the installation removed, your provider will take care of everything for you.

Portable buildings being used for retail 

Pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular. They offer a chance for online stores to provide customers with an in-person shopping experience without the risk associated with opening a permanent store. Pop-up shops also offer access to in-person shopping experiences for areas where these brands are not usually available.

Portable building hire is a brilliant way for a retail business to open a pop-up shop. Hiring a portable building for a long or short period is possible. Suppose you are testing how your business fairs with a pop-up shop; you can hire your building for days or weeks. If you have decided a pop-up shop works very successfully for your business, you could hire a durable portable building for an extended period and travel to different locations. 

portable building exterior

What are the benefits of hiring a modular or portable building?

Portable and modular building hire can be appropriate for many businesses in many different scenarios. If you still need some convincing, here are more benefits to hiring a portable building.

Quality buildings: You can hire a higher specification building than you could have bought.

Fixed rental price agreements: Portable building hire means you can track and control your expenditures.

Low commitment: If anything goes wrong and you need to downsize, you won’t be left with significant losses from disposing of a modular building. 

Sustainability: Modular and portable buildings are sustainable due to their factory construction. This streamlined construction method minimises building waste. Any waste that is created is either reused, repurposed or recycled.

Building hire from Portable Building Sales 

If you want a cost-effective, hassle-free, tax-efficient alternative to purchasing a building outright, look at modular and portable buildings for hire from Portable Building Sales.

Hiring from Portable Building Sales means you will benefit from great value and fixed-cost agreements available from 18-120 months, with delivery and installation across the UK. 

If you are interested in new or used portable and modular buildings for hire, contact the friendly and experienced team at Portable Building Sales.

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The versatility of modular buildings for emergency services

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be...

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Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be anything from providing office headquarters to additional space for training facilities. Modular construction provides an efficient building solution for emergency services.

Emergency services, such as police, fire and rescue, ambulance facilities and hospitals, require flexible building solutions. Installing these buildings must create minimal disruption to the vital, often lifesaving, work being completed by emergency services.

Full range of emergency service applications

Portable and modular buildings can be configured for a wide range of emergency service applications, including:

  • Training rooms
  • Temporary offices
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • HQ office facilities
  • Processing facilities
  • Workshops
  • Disaster relief

This versatility makes modular buildings an appropriate solution across many emergency service sectors.

Quality modular buildings for emergency services

The exceptional quality of modular buildings makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Quality control is hugely important for emergency services, as these buildings must meet specialist health and safety regulations. Our experience in this sector guarantees quality that meets these regulations and industry standards.  

Modular and portable buildings are made in a factory, which ensures a level of quality control impossible on a traditional building site. Factors such as weather have no impact on the construction of modular buildings.

portable building

Cost-effective modular buildings

As well as improving quality control, factory construction also makes modular and portable buildings a more cost-effective option for emergency services. This is due to reduced transportation and onsite build costs.

Modular buildings allow emergency services to get the most out of budgets while receiving high-quality, durable and versatile buildings.

Quick installation of modular buildings

Portable buildings are installed 70% quicker than traditional buildings. This is excellent news for emergency services, which require facilities as soon as possible.

Quick installation does not only mean that your facilities are up and running in no time but also that disruption to surrounding areas is minimised.

Portable buildings can be relocated and quickly installed elsewhere. This means that as environments and situations change, so can the location of the portable building, making them incredibly versatile.

Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ


Experience working with emergency services.

Portable Building Sales has a wealth of experience providing modular, portable, and temporary buildings to various sectors, including emergency services.

Modular HQ for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Portable Building Sale was contacted by Roger Linnell of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance to provide a new modular building for the team’s headquarters.

In May 2014, we produced a detailed drawing and quotation. Not only did the Lincs & Notts Air ambulance team prefer the sleek and modern aesthetic of our Clearview modular buildings, but our cost for a new building was less than a refurbished used modular building from a competitor.

Over the next few months, we worked beside the Air Ambulance and RAF Waddington team to install foundations for the building. In May 2015, we delivered and installed the modular building and completed the project by providing a free decking area.

“We were thrilled with the finished product, and this has enabled our crew to have more appropriate working facilities, but more importantly, it has improved our response time to our patients.” -Roger Linnell, Air Operations Manager.

Modular Training facility for Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service

Portable Building Sales has an excellent relationship with repeat customers, Lincoln Fire and Rescue service.

Most recently, Portable Building Sales provided a modular building for taster sessions and face-to-face days. This helps Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service give a great first impression to new recruits.

“We know Portable Building Sales staff well, having purchased buildings from them before. As on previous occasions, we’ve got a fantastic building, delivered on time..” -Ian Taylor, Waddington Fire and Rescue base Site Manager.

Modular Wellness Centre for Queen Victoria Hospital

Queen Victoria Hospital approached us looking for a quote for a modular wellness centre.

We supplied a two-section modular building to create an open-plan wellness centre and an additional building to provide a large hospital bed store.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the exceptionally good service and cooperation in delivering a great quality building on time and budget. We have had many positive comments to the look and feel.” -Vincent Wong, Interim Capital Projects Manager.

Portable Building Sales: Supporting Emergency Services

Portable Building Sales has a range of versatile modular and portable buildings which can be tailored to your needs. We provide solutions regardless of what emergency service sector you work in or the type of space you are looking for.

Our expert designers can help you stretch your budget whilst creating the perfect space quickly.

Contact our friendly team today or take a look at our available buildings.

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Helping the village of Marafa in Keyna

It is a pleasure to give donations to various charities and people in need and it is even better to...

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It is a pleasure to give donations to various charities and people in need and it is even better to receive feedback on how our donations have helped. We have supported the village of Marafa in Kenya for a couple of years now and we received the following email showing how our donation made a difference.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your continued support and standing with me to help the people in my community.
The global effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and the stringent measures to contain its spread has affected us all, infections and knock on effects resulting to job losses have hit hard already deprived families in the village.

Michael, this is how i managed to distribute and help with your donation:
{ All funds were sent at different times as need arose, exchange rates considered at times of money transfers }. Any one in the community is right to get our help whenever we are able to do so.

Education Support and its maintenance:
{ School fees, Books and Uniforms }

Learning institutions, Colleges and Schools were shut due to the pandemic best part of 2020 only to re open early 2021.

We continue to support children from last year with education, these are Kassim, Khadijah and Naila. This year we took on another two children, Kerry and Luke. All these children are from families that i know are struggling to put them to school. Parents have no steady employment, a situation that has been worsened with the pandemic.

Kassim: In his last year ( Form 4 ) at Mind Hills Secondary.
Paid from your donation in aid of his first term school fees, uniforms and books.

Khadijah: At Almersy Primary school, Mombasa.
Sent from your donation to pay for her first term school fees, books and uniform.

Naila: At Almersy Primary School, Mombasa.
Sent from your donation in aid of her school fees, books and uniforms.

Kerry: At Voi Girls Education Centre, a boarding Secondary School.
Sent from your donation in support of her first term school fees and books.

Luke: At Mt. Everest Primary School, Mombasa.
Sent from your donation in support of his first term school fees, books and uniform.

For these school going children, i try and follow up on their progress through their parents, i continue to support on any other need that arises.

Medicare and Health care Support:

To access good health care is still a big challenge in the village, diagnostics and treatment costs pose a big challenge to many who are financially deprived.

Some hospitals wouldn’t admit patients unless a deposit has been paid, a short fall to many to raise the required amounts.
Families turn to group funding from friends and Good Samaritans for help.

Michael, this is how i distributed and who you helped with your donation:

This middle aged lady was diagnosed with Large Uterine Fibroids and large ovarian cysts.
A 4 hour Myomectomy and Cystectomy surgery to remove the Fibroids and Cysts was done at Bomu Medical Center, Mombasa.
To facilitate the cost of the surgery, a group funding was done and a contribution was sent from your donation towards the main hospital bill.

Mr Yaa:
Admitted at Tawfiq Hospital in Malindi to treat his low blood levels and blood transfusion, low blood pressure, kidney stones and tests to treat his high PSA level.
A payment was sent from your donation to assist while in hospital. Unfortunately he passed away few days later on the 25th.Feb.2021. Group funding to raise funds to clear the hospital bill and towards funeral costs was done.

Mrs Shamun:
We have been supporting this lady since last year. A mother of three children struggling to pay for her treatment for arthritis, high blood pressure and duodenal ulcers.
A payment was sent for treatment and 50 for food support was sent from your donation.

Mr Jefwa:
In our support from last year. Needs regular treatment to manage his prostate enlargement illness.
A payment was sent to buy medicine from your donation in support to his long term treatment.

Mrs Margaret:
In our support from last year. Needs regular checks and treatment for Arthritis, blood level irregularities, duodenal ulcers and heart condition.
A payment was sent from your donation towards support for her treatment.

Mr Bori:
A family man left jobless and struggling to feed his family, also facing eviction from his house due to accumulated unpaid rent.
A payment was sent from your donation to assist him buy food stuff for his family.

Michael, i am grateful on behalf of those you reached to help at a tough time when most people were holding tight onto theirs, to those you helped who had nothing, little was more.

May you be blessed with abundance as you continue to give back and help others.

Thank you for your support.


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Rent this building for just £20 per day

Immediately available for delivery is this 10m x 6m new manufactured open plan modular office building for just £20 per...

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Immediately available for delivery is this 10m x 6m new manufactured open plan modular office building for just £20 per day over a minimum 2 year hire period.

We will deliver and install this building in compliance with the latest Health & Safety Regulations, and within 1 week from a date of order. Cost available upon request.

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Clearview Modular Classroom for Southview

We were happy to be chosen to provide Southview School in Essex with one of our new manufactured Clearview Modular...

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We were happy to be chosen to provide Southview School in Essex with one of our new manufactured Clearview Modular Classroom Buildings.

The building was safely and successfully installed onto concrete foundations in just one day and in challenging muddy conditions. The modular building included a 68m2 classroom area, a breakout room and a DDA compliant toilet and shower area.

Our customer was extremely pleased with our service from their enquiry to completion of the project and said;

“Just wanted to drop you a short note to say how delighted I am with the build! It’s been a challenge to get here (to say the least!!) but you’ve been fantastic, and very patient, throughout – thank you. There’s still a bit of work to do with getting everything connected but I’ll work on that next week!

Could I also ask you to pass on my thanks to Ash & his team – really nice bunch of lads and a pleasure to have on site. Thanks again.”

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New Marketing Office for the Park Lane Group

We received an enquiry from The Park Lane Group who urgently needed an open plan 32' x 10' marketing suite...

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We received an enquiry from The Park Lane Group who urgently needed an open plan 32′ x 10′ marketing suite complete with a small kitchen and w.c. area.

When we say urgently, they needed this new manufactured building delivered in just two weeks.

Being the flexible company that we are, we managed to re-arrange our production schedule to achieve their required date. The client wanted to fit their own unique sliding patio door to the building on their site, so we cut out the exact aperture and temporary weather sealed it for transportation.

The building had to be delivered first thing on a Monday morning, so we arranged for it to be collected on Friday afternoon and stored it over the weekend.