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The versatility of modular buildings for emergency services

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be...

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Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be anything from providing office headquarters to additional space for training facilities. Modular construction provides an efficient building solution for emergency services.

Emergency services, such as police, fire and rescue, ambulance facilities and hospitals, require flexible building solutions. Installing these buildings must create minimal disruption to the vital, often lifesaving, work being completed by emergency services.

Full range of emergency service applications

Portable and modular buildings can be configured for a wide range of emergency service applications, including:

  • Training rooms
  • Temporary offices
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • HQ office facilities
  • Processing facilities
  • Workshops
  • Disaster relief

This versatility makes modular buildings an appropriate solution across many emergency service sectors.

Quality modular buildings for emergency services

The exceptional quality of modular buildings makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Quality control is hugely important for emergency services, as these buildings must meet specialist health and safety regulations. Our experience in this sector guarantees quality that meets these regulations and industry standards.  

Modular and portable buildings are made in a factory, which ensures a level of quality control impossible on a traditional building site. Factors such as weather have no impact on the construction of modular buildings.

portable building

Cost-effective modular buildings

As well as improving quality control, factory construction also makes modular and portable buildings a more cost-effective option for emergency services. This is due to reduced transportation and onsite build costs.

Modular buildings allow emergency services to get the most out of budgets while receiving high-quality, durable and versatile buildings.

Quick installation of modular buildings

Portable buildings are installed 70% quicker than traditional buildings. This is excellent news for emergency services, which require facilities as soon as possible.

Quick installation does not only mean that your facilities are up and running in no time but also that disruption to surrounding areas is minimised.

Portable buildings can be relocated and quickly installed elsewhere. This means that as environments and situations change, so can the location of the portable building, making them incredibly versatile.

Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ


Experience working with emergency services.

Portable Building Sales has a wealth of experience providing modular, portable, and temporary buildings to various sectors, including emergency services.

Modular HQ for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Portable Building Sale was contacted by Roger Linnell of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance to provide a new modular building for the team’s headquarters.

In May 2014, we produced a detailed drawing and quotation. Not only did the Lincs & Notts Air ambulance team prefer the sleek and modern aesthetic of our Clearview modular buildings, but our cost for a new building was less than a refurbished used modular building from a competitor.

Over the next few months, we worked beside the Air Ambulance and RAF Waddington team to install foundations for the building. In May 2015, we delivered and installed the modular building and completed the project by providing a free decking area.

“We were thrilled with the finished product, and this has enabled our crew to have more appropriate working facilities, but more importantly, it has improved our response time to our patients.” -Roger Linnell, Air Operations Manager.

Modular Training facility for Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service

Portable Building Sales has an excellent relationship with repeat customers, Lincoln Fire and Rescue service.

Most recently, Portable Building Sales provided a modular building for taster sessions and face-to-face days. This helps Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service give a great first impression to new recruits.

“We know Portable Building Sales staff well, having purchased buildings from them before. As on previous occasions, we’ve got a fantastic building, delivered on time..” -Ian Taylor, Waddington Fire and Rescue base Site Manager.

Modular Wellness Centre for Queen Victoria Hospital

Queen Victoria Hospital approached us looking for a quote for a modular wellness centre.

We supplied a two-section modular building to create an open-plan wellness centre and an additional building to provide a large hospital bed store.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the exceptionally good service and cooperation in delivering a great quality building on time and budget. We have had many positive comments to the look and feel.” -Vincent Wong, Interim Capital Projects Manager.

Portable Building Sales: Supporting Emergency Services

Portable Building Sales has a range of versatile modular and portable buildings which can be tailored to your needs. We provide solutions regardless of what emergency service sector you work in or the type of space you are looking for.

Our expert designers can help you stretch your budget whilst creating the perfect space quickly.

Contact our friendly team today or take a look at our available buildings.

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The health and safety benefits of modular construction

In recent years, modular construction has gained immense popularity in the construction industry due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability...

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In recent years, modular construction has gained immense popularity in the construction industry due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability features. What is sometimes overlooked is the significant health and safety advantages of modular construction, making it an excellent option for both construction professionals and consumers. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways in which modular construction enhances health and safety within the construction industry. 

Reduced On-Site Exposure

One of the main advantages of modular construction is the significant reduction in on-site construction work. Traditional construction sites can be extremely hazardous environments with numerous risks for workers, such as slips, trips and falls, moving vehicles, falls from height, and exposure to construction dust and high levels of noise. 

Modular buildings are manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled factory setting using specialist machinery and equipment. By shifting a substantial portion of construction activities to one location, modular construction minimises on-site exposure to the following risks. 

  • Reduced fall hazards: Falls from height are a leading cause of construction site incidents, accounting for 19% of injuries and 51% of fatalities in the industry in 2021/2022, according to the HSE. Modular construction factory-based assembly means that workers are less likely to be exposed to elevated surfaces, reducing the risk of falls. 
  • Fewer traffic hazards: Construction sites can often be located in busy areas with heavy traffic accompanied by a large number of vehicles moving materials around the site. Modular construction reduces this need, decreasing the potential for accidents involving vehicles. 
  • Less exposure to weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions can pose safety hazards for construction workers. Modular construction allows for work to continue indoors, shielding workers from adverse weather such as rain and extreme temperatures. This also reduces any delays weather conditions may cause to the project as work can continue. 

Modular Building Manufacturing

Improved Ergonomics and work conditions

Modular construction offers a more controlled and ergonomic work environment for construction workers. Factories are designed for efficiency and worker comfort, which can lead to improved health and safety outcomes. 

  • Optimised workstations: Factories that produce modular buildings are designed to maximise efficiency and reduce physical strain on workers. This includes well-designed workstations and ergonomic tools that reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, accounting for 53% of work-related ill health for those working in the construction industry. 
  • Better ventilation: One of the construction industry’s biggest challenges is managing construction dust. Not only is this a nuisance, but it can also have seriously damaging effects on an individual’s health, leading to conditions such as occupational asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Manufacturing facilities typically have better ventilation systems and a more effective way of managing this issue, reducing exposure to dust, fumes and other airborne hazards commonly encountered on construction sites. 
  • Consistent lighting: adequate lighting in factories helps prevent accidents caused by poor visibility and reduces eye strain for workers. 

Enhanced quality control 

Modular construction benefits from stringent quality control processes during production in the factory. This not only ensures that the final product meets the design specification but also reduces the likelihood of safety-related defects. 

  • Precise manufacturing: modules are manufactured with precision, reducing the risk of structural defects that could compromise safety. 
  • Thorough inspections: Factories often have quality control procedures in place, including a thorough inspection of materials, components and the assembly process. This can help identify and rectify potential safety issues before the modules leave the factory. 
  • Consistent safety standards: Modular building companies can maintain consistent safety standards across their facilities, promoting safer practices and reducing the risk of accidents. 

Timber Clad Building

Accelerated construction schedules 

Modular buildings have much shorter construction timelines compared to traditional construction. While this efficiency benefits project owners, it also contributes to improved safety. 

  • Reduced exposure time: with faster construction, workers spend less time on the construction site, reducing their exposure to potential hazards. 
  • Less disruption: shorter construction timelines mean less disruption to surrounding areas, reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians and neighbouring properties. 

Mitigation of environmental hazards 

Modular construction can also help mitigate environmental hazards associated with traditional construction methods. 

  • Reduced air pollution: Factory-based production often involves better control of emissions compared to on-site construction equipment, resulting in reduced air pollution. 
  • Controlled waste management: Modular building manufacturers can manage waste, including hazardous materials, more effectively, preventing environmental contamination. 

Modular construction offers a host of health and safety benefits, making it an attractive option for not only the construction industry but also consumers when considering their options for their next project. 

As the construction industry continues to evolve, modular construction stands out as a method that not only delivers efficiency and cost savings but also advances the safety of all involved. 

For more information about modular construction, call our helpful team today on 01482 656590 or complete our contact form

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How to create dynamic workspaces with modular offices.

A dynamic workspace allows a business to operate at an optimal level whilst also providing staff with a safe and...

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portable office

A dynamic workspace allows a business to operate at an optimal level whilst also providing staff with a safe and motivational environment. Furthermore, the recent pandemic has changed people’s attitudes and approach to the workplace. Modular office buildings offer versatile workspaces that can be easily adapted to provide an engaging environment for staff and visitors.

Particularly in a post-pandemic world, the workplace has changed almost beyond recognition. People’s attitudes to being in the office have changed. Remote workers are more prevalent than before, and many businesses are now employing a hybrid working method. This new approach to working has affected how businesses and workers view being in the office.

Portable Building Sales provides businesses with modular office buildings to deliver motivational spaces for new employee expectations.

Staff collaborating in a modular office

Modular office buildings support a new way of working.

The flexibility of modular and portable office buildings can promote an open and productive working environment for diverse working styles. Businesses are learning to accommodate more remote and hybrid workers into their teams. With this new approach to working, companies need to review their office space and how that works for their staff and clients.

In a post-pandemic world, getting staff back into the office has been challenging. Some workers have found that entering the office environment again was a daunting expectation. By creating dynamic and welcoming spaces, businesses can make it easier for staff to transition back into office life.

Alternatively, many companies have adopted a hybrid working method with staff spending part of the week at home. Even if organisations have remote staff, providing space for those workers is still important. Remote staff will still need to visit the office for meetings and such.

For remote and hybrid workers, it is important to have co-working spaces that promote collaboration. Having open spaces for staff to work together helps rebuild many of the social connections that were lost during lockdowns. Whilst that was some time ago, many people still struggle to adjust to life back in the office. Modular offices can foster confidence in being back in the workplace.


How a flexible office improves staff motivation.

Flexibility is the key to providing a dynamic workspace, and they don’t come more flexible than modular buildings. Because of the way they are constructed, through a method of adjoining pods, or modules, modular buildings are highly customisable.

Modular buildings offer a highly bespoke approach that is unrivalled against its traditional build counterpart. When you design the space in your portable office building, walls can be configured to your needs. You can create open spaces alongside private areas for meeting rooms or conveniences.  

So, what are the benefits of creating a dynamic and productive office, and how can modular buildings help? We’ll look at why you should consider improving your office environment with a modular office.


  1. Improved employee engagement

Flexible workspaces that incorporate thoughtful and customisable design features go a long way to making employees feel valued. By utilising clever, quiet spaces and comfortable furnishing will enhance your staff’s ability to focus.


  1. Attract the best talent – and keep them!

By using a combination of open spaces and up-to-date features promotes an environment of collaboration. This attention to detail makes employees feel valued. Not only that but when new talent walks into your office, you’ll be making a great first impression.


  1. Improved collaboration

A dynamic workspace will encourage collaboration as well as quiet focus areas. Balance is key to cultivating a productive environment. Many employees work differently. Allowing flexible workspaces for different working styles will get the most out of your employees.


  1. Improved creativity

The best results come from people sharing ideas. By bringing staff together in a light and airy space gives employees the freedom to create. Offices can do a lot to encourage productive conversation.


  1. Increased productivity

To increase productivity in your organisation, you need to increase motivation. By forcing employees to work in drab, lifeless boxes will not encourage motivation in your workforce. Solid walls and dark colours can make staff feel oppressed and closed off. By opening up spaces and using a lighter colour palette will leave your team feeling uplifted and inspired.


  1. Utilise your space

With the introduction of remote and hybrid workers, you may find some spaces not being used as frequently. With the flexibility of modular buildings, you can create space for your remote and hybrid workers. You can achieve this without compromising the space for the permanent office staff. Modular buildings also have the flexibility to incorporate innovative storage spaces to make the most of the space available.


  1. Enhanced company culture.

Finally, by considering all of these points, your business can take steps to improve the culture within your organisation. A productive, motivated and collaborative workforce will achieve their goals in a supportive environment. These are all the ingredients to helping your business reach its goals with a happy workforce. Keeping your staff happy not only makes your business money but also saves your company money.

Team working together in a portable office building.

Portable Building Sales delivers dynamic modular offices.

Now we have looked into the importance of creating an inspiring office, and Portable Building Sales can help you achieve this. Whether you are looking for a modular building, a portable building or even a portable office cabin, there is an option for you.  

Portable Building Sales has a team of designers available to help you make the most of your office and, in turn, your staff. Contact our friendly team today for more information on how we can help transform your office.

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How can modular buildings increase your return on investment?

Modular buildings have been around for a long time, so they are not a new concept by any means. However,...

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Double storey modular building

Modular buildings have been around for a long time, so they are not a new concept by any means. However, now more than ever, businesses are looking for more affordable ways to house their business operations and want a quicker return on investment. With the significant savings on offer from budgets to timescales, modular buildings are offering the financial results that organisations are looking for. 

It is fair to say that modular buildings have stood the test of time and with good reason. They are hard-wearing, easily maintained and provide many benefits to businesses, from ease of planning to energy efficiency. With the many financial benefits that modular buildings offer, companies can experience a great return on investment.

Modular building with brick finish

5 financial benefits of modular buildings

In a competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to maximise their productivity and minimise costs, so let’s look at how modular buildings can do just that.

Faster Construction Times

Because of the modular nature of the construction process, modular building manufacturers have a much shorter construction time than that of a traditional build. This reduced timeline leads to reduced labour costs, and fewer workers are required for groundwork; these are cost savings that can be passed onto you as the end user.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) reports that modular construction can see labour cost savings of up to 15-20%, which adds to the efficiency of costs attributed to modular buildings.

A traditional building can take up to 12 months to complete, whereas a modular structure can be ready to move into in a matter of weeks. This means that your business can be up and running sooner. By opening your business premises and operating more quickly, you are making money and starting work on getting a return on your investment faster than if you were waiting for a traditional build to be finished.

Confidence in your budget

Particularly in current uncertain financial times, supplies and material costs fluctuate considerably. Taking on a building project can feel daunting, and keeping costs under control can feel impossible. The instability of the supply chain can impact a traditional build significantly due to the previously discussed length of time they take to complete.

The uncertainty of costs can be relieved with the benefit of a shorter project timeline, like that provided by modular buildings. Furthermore, because modular building companies plan and purchase their supplies in advance, they can agree on costs at the beginning of your project. Once your quote is approved and accepted by you, you have the confidence of no unexpected surprises on your building, and it helps to keep more control of your finances.

Clearer time scales

Once you have given the go-ahead on your project, you can get hold of a precise time scale for completion. Because modular buildings are constructed in a factory environment, your building will not be affected by delays caused by external factors like the weather.

Having a defined timeline that can be relied upon helps businesses to plan their time and finances leading to better efficiency and productivity, which all has a positive effect on your investment.

Reduced Waste

Modular buildings are well-known for achieving excellent results in reducing the amount of waste produced in the manufacturing process. Again, because of the methods adopted in the construction of modular buildings allows for better planning of materials which means there is less waste.

The MPBA reports that modular construction can reduce waste by up to 20% compared to conventional construction.

Not only does this provide cost savings to your project, leading to a better ROI, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly approach to construction. Most businesses are aware of their impact on the world around us. By taking a positive stance on carbon emissions and sustainability is a beneficial message to send to customers and stakeholders.

Energy efficiency

Further to the green initiatives supplied through the reduced production of waste, modular buildings present a more energy-efficient option to a more traditional build.

The construction process uses less energy, helped by modern tools and equipment designed specifically for the process, as well as the shorter construction time. However, modular buildings are cheaper to run than a traditional structures, which results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower operating costs.

Modular buildings include features such as LED lighting and advanced insulation, among others, to help make them as energy efficient as possible. A recent study by the UK Green Building Council suggested that modular buildings can achieve up to 30% higher energy efficiency compared to traditional builds.

Double storey classroom block

Modular buildings can make your business more profitable

The financial benefits of opting for a modular building are many. In addition to the points already discussed, businesses can experience less disruption to their existing sites if they want to extend or renovate with a modular building. Reduced interference means firms can carry on processes that make money without experiencing downtime or a break in receiving income.

Reducing the amount of time on your project means that your company can have better control of finances and improve cash flow management. The shorter construction times lead to better financing options providing less risk and further enhancing your return on investment.


Portable Building Sales will get your business moving

If you have a project that you are ready to start or need to discuss whether modular buildings are suitable for your development, we have a team of advisors ready to speak to you.

The friendly team at Portable Building Sales can guide you through the design and installation process.

Get in touch with Portable Building Sales today to get your project off the ground.

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So pleased with their 1st building, they ordered a 2nd

CPL Products Ltd, is one of Europe's largest producers of smokeless solid fuel briquettes for use in the home heating...

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CPL Products Ltd, is one of Europe’s largest producers of smokeless solid fuel briquettes for use in the home heating marketing.

We recently supplied them with a Clearview Modular Building on hire and they were so pleased that they have ordered another to assist with their new space requirement.

It rained heavily the day we installed the office into a challenging space, but we safely delivered and installed the new modular building to the delight of our customer in just one day.