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When to choose portable buildings for your business needs

Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are...

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Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are incredibly flexible, which helps businesses with seasonal operations or even those that require project-specific spaces.

Portable building hire is a fantastic way to adapt, increase capacity, manage budget and increase sustainability. It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are choosing temporary buildings to fit their needs, so let’s find out why.

Choosing portable building hire to accommodate growth

Portable and modular building hire is a quick and cost-effective way to create more space for staff to thrive. Sometimes, growth comes unexpectedly. Many businesses choose portable buildings to accommodate business growth and a need to increase capacity.

Choosing portable buildings when your business grows is great because portable buildings are quick to install. This means there will be minimal disruption to the local area and wildlife. This is excellent news if the building is being installed on your current site, as work as usual can continue alongside the installation process.

Portable building hire can be a fantastic long-term or short-term solution to provide additional office space for your growing business.

New businesses are choosing modular buildings

Some businesses choose modular buildings when they are newly established. This is because modular buildings are built with modern needs in mind and are incredibly energy efficient. This makes them an excellent choice for new businesses that need to find ways to reduce costs.

Modular buildings feature advanced sealing techniques, high-quality insulation and HVAC systems. These features prevent thermal leakage, reducing energy costs.

Hiring a modular building is a brilliant option for new businesses that need to manage cash flow and do not have the capital outlay to purchase a modular building. Modular building hire allows you to benefit from new facilities without substantial investment.

modular office

Temporary buildings for seasonal operations 

Short-term portable building hire is ideal for businesses with seasonal operations. These temporary buildings can be used as accommodation for workers, significantly cutting down costs which would have been spent had a hotel been used for accommodation. 

When your business no longer needs to hire the temporary building, the building provider will remove the installation. This makes the process of short-term portable building hire hassle-free. 

Project-specific spaces made possible with portable building hire 

Some businesses require temporary project-specific spaces for workers. For example, builders need a dry, comfortable, safe space to perform their roles at construction sites. This space maximises efficiency, productivity and safety to optimise the planning and construction stages. 

Portable building hire is an excellent option for project-specific space requirements as they can be hired for as long or as short as needed. For example, once building work is complete, the portable building can be uninstalled, returned to the provider, or transported to your following project site. 

Portable cabin hire for event spaces

Whether it is a festival or a networking convention, a lot of work goes into organising events. Modular and portable building hire can ease the workload for event managing businesses. 

Modular building hire is a cost-effective way to create temporary spaces for:

  • Security 
  • First aid
  • Showers and toilets 
  • Dressing areas for performers or speakers 

Portable building hire, as well as being cost-effective, is quick and stress-free as a team of professionals does the installation. When it comes time to have the installation removed, your provider will take care of everything for you.

Portable buildings being used for retail 

Pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular. They offer a chance for online stores to provide customers with an in-person shopping experience without the risk associated with opening a permanent store. Pop-up shops also offer access to in-person shopping experiences for areas where these brands are not usually available.

Portable building hire is a brilliant way for a retail business to open a pop-up shop. Hiring a portable building for a long or short period is possible. Suppose you are testing how your business fairs with a pop-up shop; you can hire your building for days or weeks. If you have decided a pop-up shop works very successfully for your business, you could hire a durable portable building for an extended period and travel to different locations. 

portable building exterior

What are the benefits of hiring a modular or portable building?

Portable and modular building hire can be appropriate for many businesses in many different scenarios. If you still need some convincing, here are more benefits to hiring a portable building.

Quality buildings: You can hire a higher specification building than you could have bought.

Fixed rental price agreements: Portable building hire means you can track and control your expenditures.

Low commitment: If anything goes wrong and you need to downsize, you won’t be left with significant losses from disposing of a modular building. 

Sustainability: Modular and portable buildings are sustainable due to their factory construction. This streamlined construction method minimises building waste. Any waste that is created is either reused, repurposed or recycled.

Building hire from Portable Building Sales 

If you want a cost-effective, hassle-free, tax-efficient alternative to purchasing a building outright, look at modular and portable buildings for hire from Portable Building Sales.

Hiring from Portable Building Sales means you will benefit from great value and fixed-cost agreements available from 18-120 months, with delivery and installation across the UK. 

If you are interested in new or used portable and modular buildings for hire, contact the friendly and experienced team at Portable Building Sales.

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So pleased with their 1st building, they ordered a 2nd

CPL Products Ltd, is one of Europe's largest producers of smokeless solid fuel briquettes for use in the home heating...

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CPL Products Ltd, is one of Europe’s largest producers of smokeless solid fuel briquettes for use in the home heating marketing.

We recently supplied them with a Clearview Modular Building on hire and they were so pleased that they have ordered another to assist with their new space requirement.

It rained heavily the day we installed the office into a challenging space, but we safely delivered and installed the new modular building to the delight of our customer in just one day.