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Should your school invest in mobile classrooms?

Schools up and down the UK are bursting at the seams with more pupils to cater to every year. Specialist...

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modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

Schools up and down the UK are bursting at the seams with more pupils to cater to every year. Specialist departments and extra learning spaces are vital for great educational experiences and provide students with enough space to learn and work productively. 


Unfortunately, often times many schools struggle to fund new building projects, let alone put their staff and students through months of disturbance from building works and safety regulations. That’s why mobile classrooms are a great alternative to traditional buildings. At Portable Building Sales, we know a thing or two about mobile classrooms and how useful they can be to any type of size of the school. 


What is a mobile classroom?


A mobile classroom is also known as a modular or temporary building that has been purposely designed or reconfigured to provide a classroom environment. Unlike as the name suggests, these structures are not entirely mobile but they can be constructed and removed much faster and easier than traditional brick and mortar buildings. This makes them ideal for easy transportation and for both long-term and temporary uses. 


Mobile classrooms are ideal for schools that need a bit of extra space for their students or staff. They also make good temporary classrooms if building and structural works are limiting the usable building space. By limiting the amount of classroom disruption, your school can continue on as normal whilst building work is on-going. Mobile classrooms are designed to replicate a traditional classroom with appropriate heating and cooling features and toilet or kitchen facilities, depending on the key use of the space. Multiple plug sockets can also be installed in order to adequately accommodate an IT suite or desk space. 


How can you utilise a mobile classroom? 


Although the name suggests that you can only use these portable buildings as traditional classrooms, these structures provide a wide range of versatile options suitable for a variety of different school and educational settings. Here are a few suggestions for how you could utilise a mobile classroom; 


  • Classrooms


  • Pre-Schools and Nursery 


  • Out of School Club


  • Assembly Halls


  • Changing Rooms


  • Kitchens or Staff Rooms 


This type of modular building provides all the benefits and durability of a permanent construction but includes the benefits that come with temporary or modular structures. Installation and set up is much faster than traditional builds and they can be easily removed and recycled one they are no longer needed.  


Contact Portable Building Sales


If your school or nursery requires some more usable and versatile space, contact Portable Building Sales today. We supply excellent options for a variety of educational and childcare settings that are cost effective and designed to suit your needs. 


At Portable Building Sales, our team of experienced staff and sales professionals will be happy to explain different features and requirements of your modular and portable classroom. We have a great selection of models and finishes to choose from and to suit your budget and timeframes. Optimise your space the easier way with our temporary and portable buildings. Contact us today.