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Should you invest in modular healthcare buildings?

Why Modular Healthcare Buildings over Traditional Construction?   Fast & effective – project delivery is faster. Modular construction can be...

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Why Modular Healthcare Buildings over Traditional Construction?


Fast & effective – project delivery is faster. Modular construction can be used for building projects as it does not rely on weather conditions, which typically happen during traditional construction. Modular buildings are perfect for healthcare facilities as they need to be built within tight deadlines.

 Flexibility – The ability to adapt, change, and update a modular healthcare building based on the changing needs of the healthcare industry is greatly beneficial.

Cost –Speedy construction is the best part of prefabricated structures and that is thanks to the lower construction time. That, in turn, translates into a massive saving in terms of money. A number of healthcare customers have embraced the help they get from prefabricators and are now reaping the rewards thanks to greater output.

Our healthcare teams have a lot of experience when it comes to delivering quality facilities. We make sure the stress on patient care is minimal by manufacturing our healthcare buildings offsite. We take care of the logistics when it comes to preparing your health facility for capacity shortages; we’ll deliver the highest quality modular technologies and build you a custom hospital or medical center.

Bespoke building solutions are often the go-to choice for constrained hospital sites and can be manufactured with zero waste to landfill. The bespoke nature of our buildings will allow you to effectively expand your existing facility without disturbing any sensitive areas or ongoing work.

Who benefits from modular healthcare buildings? 


Traditionally, when a building is reaching capacity on a daily basis, an extension or newer, larger building would be constructed. This would be time-consuming and expensive to fund. Not only that but having long-term building works can prove to be incredibly disrupting as areas often are inaccessible throughout the building process, which can go on for months at a time. 


By choosing modular healthcare buildings, you are minimizing the disruption to your services. This is a vital element to your medical facility as patients are relying on consistent care. By opting for modular construction, your services can return to normal much faster than the traditional alternatives. 


Why Choose Portable Building Sales? 


When you purchase new or used, you’re getting buildings designed for reliability and optimal performance. We’re very thorough when it comes to building quality and safety. All of our buildings go through vigorous testing with multiple stages of quality assurance before installation, so you can be assured of the quality. We also offer a warranty for extra peace of mind!

We have experienced, highly trained employees always ready to provide you with personalized advice on choosing the appropriate modular or movable building to fulfill the needs of your business.


For modular healthcare buildings at cost-effective prices contact Portable Building Sales today for more information. Alternatively, enquire with us now.