Refurbished modular buildings offer customisable solutions

22nd May 2024

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Refurbished modular buildings for sale come with a range of customisation options to fit your specific needs. These options include but aren’t limited to, window and door location, external colours, internal fittings and flooring options.

Bespoke customisation options allow refurbished modular buildings to be used in various sectors. Used modular buildings can be customised for several reasons. For example, to totally transform and repurpose a building, to expand capacity, or even to boost sustainability.

Repurpose a used modular building through customisation

Second-hand modular buildings can be customised to fit new owners’ needs. Bespoke, personalised designs can completely revitalise a used modular building and make it the perfect space to suit its new requirements.

E.g. a building that was once a collaborative modular office, complete with company colours and logo, could be fully renovated to become a classroom. Anything from windows and doors to flooring can be refurbished to fulfil your vision. This provides the freedom to create dedicated subject buildings, i.e., a modular science lab equipped with non-stick floors, sinks, and benches.

Customise refurbished modular buildings to expand capacity

Modular buildings are known for their scalability, so used modular buildings can be refurbished and expanded to increase the building’s capacity. Modules are made to fit together, meaning a used modular building can extend a current modular building.

Installing a second-hand modular building extension is much quicker and easier than a traditional building, as the structure has already been manufactured and stock is readily available. This is great news for industries that need more space quickly. For example, healthcare facilities benefitted from quick expansion regarding modular vaccination centres, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improve sustainability through environmentally friendly customisation upgrades

Modular buildings are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction, and opting for a used modular building is an even greener choice. But that isn’t all. Refurbished modular buildings come with a number of customisation options to further enhance sustainability. These energy-efficient upgrades include installing solar panels on the roof, using energy-efficient LED lights and motion sensors, and decorating with paints with low volatile organic compounds.

Modern consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with their environmental impact. Therefore, consumers are becoming more interested in buying from sustainable businesses. Choosing environmentally friendly customisations for your used modular building is a great way to demonstrate your business’s commitment to sustainability.

What are the other benefits of choosing a refurbished modular building?

Customisation options allow used modular buildings to be repurposed, expanded and made more sustainable, which is undoubtedly a significant benefit. However, customisation is not the only pro when investing in a refurbished modular building for sale.


Modular buildings are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to traditional construction and refurbished modular buildings for sale are even more so. Opting for a used modular building removes costs associated with manufacturing a brand-new building, leaving only refurbishment, transportation and installation costs. These savings can be significant, allowing you to invest more in other areas of your project or organisation.

Fast turnaround

Refurbished modular buildings are already constructed and can be quickly delivered and installed. At Portable Building Sales, we can have a building fully refurbished to meet your exact requirements in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Quality buildings

Modular buildings meet the same standards and regulations as traditional buildings. Used modular buildings for sale are thoroughly inspected, and any wear and tear is completely fixed during refurbishment. This means you can be sure that your refurbished modular building meets all current safety and quality standards.

Reduced disruption

Installing a refurbished modular building causes minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. This is due to a reduction in everything from labour and vehicle traffic to dust, dirt, and noise. Because of this, used modular buildings are particularly beneficial in sensitive areas or areas where operations must continue during installation.


Refurbished modular buildings for sale are incredibly environmentally friendly for several reasons. Firstly, the modular building manufacturing process is streamlined and efficient, minimising waste and ensuring that excess materials can be reused, repurposed, or recycled. Factory use significantly reduces transportation time, which plays a considerable role in reducing carbon emissions. Finally, expanding the lifespan of an existing structure by choosing a used modular building helps to reduce waste further.

Where are refurbished modular buildings used?

The opportunity for bespoke customisation that used modular buildings provide makes them suitable for various sectors and many uses. These include:


Refurbished modular buildings for sale can provide learning environments for all education levels, from nurseries to universities. These buildings offer spacing solutions such as modular classrooms, IT suites, science labs, music rooms, PE changing rooms, lecture theatres, libraries, breaks rooms, staff rooms and even offices for administration.


Modular offices are an excellent solution for growing businesses that need to expand their capacity. A refurbished modular building offers a speedy and affordable space solution to keep your business efficient, productive and successful.

Sales and Marketing

Modular sales and marketing buildings are a cost-effective way to provide a comfortable working environment for staff and display a professional impression to potential buyers. When selling high-value products, your marketing suite must look just as high-end. At Portable Building Sales, you have complete control over configuration and design.


Modular buildings have been a standard fixture on building sites across the UK for decades. They are easy to relocate and make the perfect temporary on-site structures. They serve as welfare facilities, sleeping quarters, site offices, toilets, and storage units.

Customisable modular buildings from Portable Building Sales

Refurbished modular buildings can be tailored to fit your needs, making them suitable for various uses. At Portable Building Sales, we provide cost-effective, used modular solutions that leave you with a refurbished building that looks almost as good as new.

If you need extra space in a hurry, we can have your building refurbished and installed in as little as 3-4 weeks.

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