Portable Building Sales Record Year 2021

7th December 2021

Timber Clad Building

Despite the current difficulties with the materials and the UK supply chain, 2021 has been another record year for Portable Buildings.

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused a lot of issues for the construction industry regarding obtaining materials and the UK supply chain. Furthermore, the change in trade deals regarding Brexit and the European Union has ensured shortages. Concerning this, 2021 has been another record year for Portable Building Sales.

With the world discovering just how effective modular construction is for both business growth, affordability and sustainability, there has been a boom in demand for both modular and portable buildings. The past 18 months have proven to the industry the benefits of modular buildings, and demand has grown. The government has backed modular buildings as a new method of sustainable construction. Proven by time and experience, their construction is more environmentally friendly than the building of traditional brick and mortar structures. This sustainable element to modular buildings has been at the forefront of commercial minds as we seek to tackle climate change.

This is the 5th year in a row that we have increased the sales of Portable Buildings, which is a record-breaking increase in business. Customers have purchased our buildings all over the UK. They have been delivered as far up as Aberdeen and down to Penzance and across the channel to Jersey. Our portable buildings were hired by many customers and companies, proving the effectiveness in sustainability across the industry.

We are grateful for the fruitful year 2021 has given us and look forward to the new opportunities of 2022.

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