New vs Refurbished: How to decide which type of modular building is right for you

9th January 2024

New Modular Building

Modular buildings provide essential spacing solutions to a variety of industries. They are incredibly durable, which not only makes them popular but means they can be bought both new and refurbished. 

There are benefits to buying new and used modular buildings. But how can you decide which type of building is best for you? 

Money money money

Unsurprisingly, when buying a modular building, your budget is one of the first things you should consider. It is most efficient to invest time in exploring building types that fit within your price range.

Modular buildings are significantly cheaper than traditional buildings due to being built in a dedicated and controlled environment. This factory construction reduces both transportation and on-site build costs. This means you can get top-quality buildings at an affordable price. 

Even though new buildings are great value for money, a refurbished modular building can help you stretch your budget further if you have a tighter budget. You may even be able to purchase a higher specification modular building than you could’ve bought new.

Long-lasting quality cabins

It is a common misconception that modular buildings are temporary structures. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A modular building can last over 30 years with proper care and maintenance. 

This durability means modular buildings are an excellent solution for various spacing requirements. One industry where durable buildings are vital is education, as these spaces are used by many people on a daily basis. Modular classrooms are no longer a temporary solution but instead provide long-term, modern learning environments. 

Due to this longevity, refurbished modular buildings for sale are often available. Despite being pre-owned, used modular buildings still have plenty of life. They are renovated to fit your new requirements and fix any prior wear and tear.

However, if you want a structure that will last the maximum time, consider choosing a new modular building.

Speedy solutions 

Often, businesses need space quickly. This means waiting for a traditional building to be constructed can be unrealistic.

Due to their factory construction, modular buildings can be built much faster than traditional buildings. They are also installed swiftly, which not only minimises disturbance to surrounding areas (including the public and wildlife) but allows the structure to be readily available. 

While new buildings are built and installed quickly compared to traditional structures, refurbished modular buildings are an excellent alternative if you need additional space as soon as possible. This is because refurbished modular buildings only need to be installed, not built.

Adaptable and bespoke buildings

Modular buildings are used in industries from waste and recycling to healthcare and even construction. To fit the differing requirements of these sectors and more, modular buildings must be adaptable.

High levels of customisation and bespoke options are available for new and used modular buildings to suit a diverse range of needs. 

Some of these options include:

  • Exterior colour and finish of the main body
  • Jacklegs and corners of the cabin
  • Carpet colours and vinyl flooring
  • uPVC window finishes 
  • Worktop counters
  • Timber cladding options

Both new and used modular building projects can be completed with bespoke turnkey service to ensure your building matches your specific requirements. Due to being comprised of sections called modules, they can even be extended or redesigned over time to suit your changing needs. However, if you are looking for complete design control, choosing a new modular building can provide this.

Keep it Green

Modular buildings are significantly greener than traditional construction. Building in a factory setting substantially reduces waste and carbon emissions. As well as this, any additional materials are recycled, repurposed, or reused.

Modular buildings are also built to be sustainable and energy-efficient throughout their lifespan. They feature double-glazed windows, HVAC systems and top-quality insulation to enhance heat retention. 

While new modular buildings are green structures, refurbished modular buildings for sale are arguably even more sustainable. This is because by purchasing a refurbished building, you can extend your green credentials by giving a new lease of life to a pre-loved building.

You can be part of a circular economy by reusing, repairing, and refurbishing a used modular building. The building’s life cycle is extended, and you prevent unnecessary waste from going to landfills. Not only this but factory construction has already been completed, so buying used essentially cuts carbon emissions in half as the modular building only needs to be installed. 

If you are particularly committed to sustainability and want to be part of a longer-lasting solution to environmentally friendly spacing, it is worth looking into refurbished modular buildings for sale. 

New or refurbished modular building? Portable Building Sales has got you covered!

Both new and refurbished modular buildings have a number of benefits, including affordability, longevity, speed, adaptability and even sustainability. Whether you choose new or used, Portable Building Sales is here to help!

Portable Building Sales has a wide range of new and refurbished modular buildings for sale. All our buildings can be tailored to fit your exact needs. 

If you need extra space in a hurry, we can have your building refurbished and installed in just 4-5 weeks.

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