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Natural Appeal – The Benefits Of Modular Buildings With Timber Cladding

When it comes to choosing a modular building, there has never been more choice with regards to the style, configuration,...

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When it comes to choosing a modular building, there has never been more choice with regards to the style, configuration, and exterior finish.

In this post, we look at some of the advantages of choosing timber clad modular buildings, including potential applications, and how they can benefit your organisation.

Aesthetic Appeal

The main benefit of timber cladding on modular buildings is that it improves the aesthetic appeal.

Most traditionally finished modular buildings look fairly similar, and timber cladding provides a real point of differentiation, making modular buildings look more like permanent, traditionally built structures. 

The ‘log cabin’ styling and appeal also makes the buildings seem warmer and more welcoming, whilst adding a real air of quality. This makes them particularly good as “customer facing” buildings, such as sales units, marketing suites and receptions – helping your organisation to make a great first impression.

Green Credentials

All modular buildings are fairly environmentally friendly, especially compared with traditional structures, but the outward appearance of traditionally finished buildings doesn’t generally reflect that particularly well.

Timber cladding makes modular buildings look more natural and environmentally friendly, helping your organisation to appear more green in the eyes of your target customers. 

If you’re looking for a timber clad building that’s as environmentally friendly as it looks, make sure you choose one that’s clad in sustainably sourced timber. The timber cladding on the Clearview Woodland is manufactured from Nordic pine or spruce, sourced sustainably from certified, well-managed forests.

Locations and Uses

Whilst traditionally finished modular buildings look fine in the urban environment and fit in well with other industrial structures, they can look out of place in some settings. 

Timber clad buildings like the Clearview Woodland blend into the natural environment, making them more suitable for use in suburban, rural, and woodland settings. This makes them particularly popular with outdoor and leisure businesses, as well as with campsites, caravan and lodge parks.

In addition, timber cladding can provide both contrast and a more natural look in urban environments, making them a good choice for schools and businesses that are looking to add an air of country style to inner city premises.

Durability & Performance

One misconception about timber clad modular buildings is that they are somehow less durable than traditionally finished units. In reality, they are just as hardwearing and weather resistant, and will perform in exactly the same way as traditionally finished structures, as long as the cladding is of a high standard. 

The Clearview Woodland is manufactured with Thermowood, an advanced, ultra-durable, high performance material, which is designed to be extremely resistant – keeping its colour and maintaining its aesthetic appeal over the lifetime of the structure. 

Like all modular buildings, timber clad structures have a realistic lifespan of 60 years or more, making them a sound long-term investment.

The Clearview

With a series of innovative features designed to make it aesthetically superior to other modular buildings, the timber clad Clearview Woodland is a top quality, versatile and beautiful modular building.

Available in a full range of sizes and configurations to suit schools, businesses and organisations across a full range of different sectors, the Clearview Woodland is clad in thermally treated, sustainably sourced, hardwearing timber.

In addition to Thermowood timber cladding, the Clearview is also available in a full range of traditional finishes.