Modular School Buildings & The Education Sector

3rd March 2022

modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

Educational buildings made from modular buildings are the newest and latest development in the construction industry for reducing cost and being more sustainable. Modular classrooms offer many benefits over their traditional counterparts, which were likely constructed several decades ago when needs and infrastructure were very different. No longer are modular buildings simple a shipping container or a basic office erected in a construction site, today they offer state of the art technology, design and development and are used in many of the greatest property development projects of the 21st century.

Modular buildings are significant for several industries, particularly the education sector. You could expect to see a modular building in any of the following settings:

  • Nursery
  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Educational Facility

In an industry currently fighting for funding, modular buildings offer an affordable way to expand and cater to student needs safely efficiently. By being able to either buy or hire modular buildings, the school can take the lead on their own plans and goals. The buildings have a quick manufacture turn around, whether they are being renovated or built from scratch. As they are so quick to build, this means less disruption for your students during the installation process and can even be completed during school holidays.

“In the fast-paced environment that we currently live in, why should people have to wait longer to get what they need? Schools are running out of space and don’t have the funding or time to provide a traditional building – Modular construction reduces the time spent on-site by 50%. In addition, modular buildings are built in controlled environments where outside elements have no control meaning any delays in build time.”

Did you know that many modern classrooms are modular buildings? A classroom can be fitted with many different components to make it perfect for your needs:

  • a heating system and electricity for lights, projectors, tools, charging stations, computers, and all other standard needs for average workers and students.
  • a science lab
  • a homeroom
  • gymnasiums for physical education
  • locker rooms for after matches, equipped with changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms

In todays construction industry, developers are searching for ways to make building more sustainable and better for the environment. Modular buildings have proven to be the way forward, as they can be constantly recycled, reused and renovated to fit the needs of their new purpose. A school can easily decide they need to change their standard classroom into a science lab and have the changes made over the course of a summer holiday, ready for the new school year to begin. The guidelines in which modular buildings are made ensure they are created with sustainable materials and are well insulated, meaning they do not waste heat or energy. Could a fully sustainable education system be in the industries near future?

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