Modular Myth Busting: Challenging Misconceptions About Modular Buildings – Part 2

8th July 2014

In a follow up to part 1 of this guide, which was published last month here on the blog, this post focuses on four more myths, as we try to help prospective buyers to separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to modular buildings.

This month, we’re looking at modular building design and aesthetics, the internal environment, and real world performance, so you can make informed choices when deciding whether to invest in a modular building.

Myth 5 – Modular building means square grey boxes

When many people think of modular buildings, the first thing that springs to mind is ugly, grey, box like structures that aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing. In reality, whilst functional modular buildings like this are available, there are plenty of more aesthetically pleasing alternatives.

Design-wise, modular buildings are incredibly versatile, with a huge range of exterior design options available that can transform the exterior look and feel. These include a multitude of different coloured finishes and cladding options, so that modular buildings can be designed to match and complement existing structures, and to fit in with any urban, industrial or rural environment.

In addition, modular buildings are available with a wide range of different glazing options, which can be used to create contemporary, attractive structures.

There are also specially designed modular buildings that are aesthetically superior to traditional modular structures, like the Clearview Modular Building. The Clearview includes a range of innovative design features, like feature windows and doors that mean it isn’t instantly identifiable as a modular structure.

Myth 6 – Modular buildings are all the same

Businesses are sometimes put off investing in modular buildings in the mistaken belief that all modular buildings are basically the same.

Often, they think of the welfare buildings on construction sites, and the draughty, out-dated modular classrooms of their youth, and can’t see how a modular building could possibly work for their business.

In reality, modular buildings vary massively, and can be specified to meet the needs and requirements of any organisation. Virtually every aspect of a modular building can be customised, from the exterior design and layout, to the insulation and interior finishes.

Whatever industry your organisation works in, and whatever your individual requirements, you can be confident that there is a modular building solution that will meet your needs exactly.

Myth 7 – Modular buildings have second-rate interiors

Some people have the perception that modular buildings cannot be fitted with the same interior conveniences or facilities, and that they don’t feel as stable as traditional structures. In addition, others worry about structural vibrations or bouncy floors affecting the performance, durability and day-to-day usability.

The truth is that in a modern modular building, there is absolutely no reason why the interior should look or perform any differently. Power, water, heating, toilets and telecommunication networks can all be easily installed, and work in exactly the same way.

If required, modular buildings can also be fitted with concrete floors, making them suitable for high traffic areas and heavier industrial use.

Myth 8 – Modular buildings reflect badly on a business

There is still a perception amongst some people that a modular buildings are somehow inferior – a cheap, poor man’s alternative designed for businesses that can’t afford to build traditional structures.

This simply isn’t the case, and whilst modular buildings are generally more cost effective, they provide a great accommodation solution for organisations of all sizes, working in every industry – regardless of their financial situation.

Having a modular building also reflects well on a business in terms of its environmental credentials – modular buildings are intrinsically ‘greener’ than traditionally built structures thanks to the construction materials, efficient manufacturing process, and recyclability.

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