Modular Construction in the Education Sector

23rd March 2022

Schools are constantly in need of funding for new developments to keep up with the demands and needs of children’s learning. Schools have an enormous impact on people and help shape how generational society will form and act in the future. Therefore, it is essential to give them the best possible chance of success. However, with increasing funding shortages, many schools can find it challenging to accommodate increased class spaces, let alone updated facilities.

Modular buildings in the education sector provide a cost-effective and flexible solution to their ever-changing and growing needs. Avoid overcrowding with a modular classroom. Expansion is the first step in preventing overcrowding improving Ofsted ratings and pupil performance. Without compromising on space, style or building time, modular buildings allow for a well-managed project that sticks to budget. Modular classrooms don’t experience the same issues as traditional schools construction projects, such as delays and unforeseen climbing costs.

Every child is unique, and many times we see schools that are ill-equipped to deal with students’ individual needs. This is particularly the case for those with specific needs or disabilities. Portable Building Sales is exceptionally qualified to provide schools with modular classrooms with specialist facilities to cater to disabilities and learning difficulties. As each school has unique focuses, it is crucial to choose a modular classroom supplier that can cater to the individual needs of your students.

You can read about our past projects in specialist school facilities in our Kingsley Special Autistic Facility.

It is crucial to know just how much modular classrooms have revolutionised how we view classroom construction. So when investigating your expansion options, do not overlook the great benefits they could give you over traditional, expensive, and timely construction:

Maintenance – Our modular classrooms are built offsite and 90% completed in our Yorkshire factory. Buildings are kept high quality on the production line. No structure leaves the factory without passing rigorous testing. This ease of production keeps costs down and ensures faster manufacturing and repairs and adjustments are made quickly. 

Sustainability – By choosing your modular classroom, you are reducing wastage and enabling a building to be reused as something else. Offsite construction allows for the clean and stress-free development of your building too. Having the building built in a factory cuts down on emissions caused by disrupted traffic and congregations at a centralised construction site with lots of big lorries delivering supplies daily. Many of these supplies on traditional building sites go to waste. Still, with modular classrooms, only the needed amount is ever used.

Flexibility – Portable Building Sales can install and remove the building if you decide to sell your modular classroom. Modular classrooms are built in a fraction of the time traditional buildings are constructed, making it easier to stick to deadlines and hit important dates such as the start of school years.

Budget – Modular classrooms are a cost-effective option. With every year bringing further restrictions to the available funding to the education sector, managers must explore unconventional and alternative construction methods. We keep costs low by manufacturing all our buildings in our Yorkshire-based factory, improving efficiency and sustainability.

Low disruption – Flexibility is imperative with predicted secondary school population increases forecasted at over 7% by 2026. Schools need to have measures to accommodate the extra students. Portable Building Sales can deliver and install modular classrooms during school holidays or weekends to ensure minimal disruption to the running of your school.

As classrooms are proven to impact children’s learning, it is vital to provide a stimulating environment for education. Modular classrooms offer bright, airy spaces with purpose-built facilities to accommodate student needs. In addition, modular buildings are built with modern specifications and safety standards, using only the best materials for energy efficiency.

Portable Building Supplies is an experienced provider to the education sector. We are committed to quality and are dedicated to upholding strong values in quality, efficiency, support, variety, and experience. When you are exploring your options to develop your school infrastructure and expand to accommodate increasing student quotas, you are worried about the cost of classrooms and how such projects could fit into your project. In that case, modular classrooms will be an excellent option for you. Contact Portable Building Sales with your project’s needs at or 01482 656590. We can be sure to provide you with helpful information and project planning insights.


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