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11th June 2024

Construction sites are, more often than not, a hive of activity. With multiple contractors, suppliers and labourers coming and going, everyday hustle and bustle can seem chaotic. So, having an organised and effective site is crucial.

Modular and portable site cabins have been a common fixture on construction sites for decades and are invaluable resources for creating an efficient site. You can choose from a number of bespoke customisations to adapt your modular buildings. These adaptations allow you to tailor your buildings to perform different functions depending on your specific needs.

Site cabins can provide worker accommodation, toilet facilities, office space, secure storage and more.

Portable welfare buildings for construction site workers

Everyone who works on a construction site needs access to toilets and facilities for washing, changing, eating and rest. These facilities are essential for construction site workers’ well-being at work, which leads to your site running more efficiently. Construction site workers who have somewhere to rest return to work refreshed and motivated.

A portable cabin can also be equipped with toilet facilities. Providing on-site toilet facilities is necessary for your staff and is also a regulatory requirement. Portable buildings offer a hygienic and comfortable experience for your staff.

Customisation options from Portable Building Sales allow you to create a number of spaces for different uses, including kitchens/canteens, rest areas, changing facilities, washing/shower blocks, toilets and drying spaces and locker rooms.

Modular office cabins for your construction site

Construction site workers perform a variety of tasks that extend beyond manual labour so it is important to provide construction site workers with a safe, comfortable, dry office space.

Construction site offices are the hub of any construction site. They provide space for admin tasks, document storage and are also where meetings are held.

Modular buildings that are used for offices are designed with your employees in mind. They are typically equipped with essential amenities such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure a comfortable working environment. Offices are also designed with optimised lighting to reduce eye strain and enhance productivity. As well as this modular offices include ample electrical outlets to support various electronic devices and equipment for efficient working.

Secure storage to keep your construction site safe

A recent study found that 92% of 1,100 construction industry professionals stated that they experienced theft weekly, monthly, or yearly. The same study found that 91% of these professionals also experienced vandalism. So, it is incredibly important to invest in secure storage for your construction site.

Construction equipment is both heavy and expensive, so it needs to be stored safely on-site. Modular buildings are a great solution to minimise and deter both theft and vandalism on construction sites. They are secure and durable, making them difficult for intruders to break into or damage.

To further enhance the safety of modular buildings for storing valuable construction equipment, you could customise them with security features. This could include heavy-duty padlocks, advanced locking systems, or even CCTV.

With modular buildings, you can rest easy knowing your valuable equipment remains safe and secure.

The history of construction site cabins

Site cabins were once no more than a basic shelter, nothing like the high-quality, sophisticated buildings we are used to. Let’s take a look at what temporary site cabins once were.

1950s: During the post-war boom, construction workers used timber cabins, which had little more than four walls and a ceiling.

1960s: In the mid-60s stackable, steel-constructed buildings were widely used for construction site accommodation.

1990s: By the mid-90s we began to see the first integrated welfare facilities.

Today: Over time needs change, now there is a much bigger focus on staff welfare, comfort and mental health. More facilities, like toilets, washrooms, offices, accommodation, break rooms, kitchens and even faith rooms are commonplace on construction sites.

Why choose modular or portable buildings for your construction site?

Modular and portable buildings are proven to improve organisation, efficiency, and staff comfort on construction sites. But why should you choose modular or portable buildings for your construction site?

Speed: Site cabins are constructed in a controlled factory environment, significantly reducing their manufacturing, transportation, and installation time. These buildings are the perfect solution if you need new space quickly.

Cost: Factory construction, reduced transportation, and speedy installation all contribute to reduced costs. Modular and portable buildings are also available new or used at a range of price points, so no matter your budget, there is a building for you.

Relocatable: A portable cabin can be easily moved and quickly installed at different sites. This is great news for construction businesses, as your building can move with you from project to project.

Durable: It is vital that site cabins are durable because they are used by many people on a daily basis. Modular buildings can last over 30 years with proper care and maintenance, making them an excellent option for construction sites.

Bespoke: Various customisation options are available for both portable and modular buildings. Speak to your provider to find out what they offer so you can have a bespoke building tailored to your specific needs.

Sustainable: Portable and modular buildings are incredibly sustainable. Building waste is reduced, reused, repurposed, and recycled, decreasing CO2 emissions, due to factory construction as well as decreased transportation and insulation time. Additional features like high-quality insulation and advanced sealing technology to minimise energy consumption can also be included.

Regulations: Meeting safety and building regulations is vital for any construction site. Construction site cabins can help you meet these standards, protect workers and safeguard equipment.

Experts in construction site cabins

At Portable Building Sales, our cost-effective and durable portable and modular buildings include a range of superior features as standards, making them ideal for year-round construction use.

If you need extra space quickly, we can have your building manufactured and installed in just 4-6 weeks.

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