KR Steel get a bespoke new building in record time

14th October 2016

KR Steel at Ellon, near Aberdeen, needed new office accommodation as soon as possible, and were delighted that we could supply a new 2 bay Clearview from stock.

They were particularly impressed by the aesthetics of our Clearview range and requested extra modifications, the first being a mirror image of floor to ceiling Clearview windows to be installed on the other side of the building… allowing even more light to pour in to this already light and airy modular building.

They also asked for a pre-owned refurbished toilet and kitchenette to be linked to the main building. These alterations were completed, and the building was successfully delivered up to Scotland within a calendar month of the original order. That’s an impressive response time!

It’s an extended 400 mile drive up to Ellon from our site, but the installation was completed without a hitch the following day. We are always delighted when we can respond so quickly, especially as there were extensive modifications incorporated into this building.

As in this instance, we are always happy to adapt stock buildings to match your particular requirements. The delivery time may not be quite as short as with this purchase, but the quality of our accommodation and service will always be there.

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