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First Impressions – What Your Modular Building Says About Your Business

When some people think of portable and modular buildings, images of simple, box like portable cabin school classrooms, festival toilets...

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When some people think of portable and modular buildings, images of simple, box like portable cabin school classrooms, festival toilets and building site welfare suites come to mind.

Of course the truth is that there are modular buildings to suit every business requirement and image, from the simple and functional, to modern and stylish, in a full range of designs, sizes, shapes and layouts.

In this post, we look at some of the different modular building options available, and how choosing the right modular building can benefit your business reputation amongst customers.

A world of flexibility

As with traditional structures, there’s a huge range of options available when choosing and configuring modular buildings, and in the end choosing the right one for your business comes down to the impression you’re trying to create.

For many heavy-duty applications, including industrial and construction, where the look of a building isn’t a concern – there are a huge number of simple, functional, and durable modular buildings available.

However, these buildings are designed for functionality rather than aesthetics, and in a professional setting, the simple, basic, design can have the potential to give off the wrong impression.

For marketing buildings, corporate entertainment centres, sales offices and showrooms, it is better to invest in bespoke, aesthetically-pleasing modular buildings that are designed to help your business make the right impression with your customers.

Whilst these function in exactly the same way as more basic looking modular buildings, they are designed to be much more visually appealing, both inside and out – helping your business to present itself as more professional to potential clients.

The Clearview

Some great examples of high quality, modern units designed to make a great impression with customers are the Clearview Modular Buildings.

Outside, they are designed to be aesthetically superior to traditional modular buildings, with feature windows that look fantastic and help to maximise natural light. This helps the units feel bright, spacious and welcoming inside, and provide a great internal working environment.

Available in sizes from 28m2 self contained buildings, to expansive 500m2 complexes, the unique Clearview Modular Buildings can be configured to meet any requirement, from offices, classrooms and sales suites, to toilets and kitchens.

To help your business to stand out in the minds of customers, Clearview buildings can also be produced in a range of different colours to fit in with your corporate identity and business branding.

Cost wise, Clearview buildings are no more expensive than traditionally built modular buildings, and they can be custom manufactured to individual specifications in under 4 weeks.

Clearview Modular Buildings are used for a huge number of applications across the UK, as office buildings, education facilities, sales offices and marketing suites. Currently, the Royal Ascot Racecourse grounds also use a Clearview as a VIP ticket office.

Browse our site for further information about Clearview Modular Buildings.

How we can help

At Portable Building Sales Ltd, we’re the UK’s only manufacturer of Clearview Modular Buildings.

In addition to the Clearview range, we also supply a full range of traditionally built portable and modular buildings suitable for every application and purpose.

All our buildings are designed to comply with the latest L2 Building Regulations, come supplied with a written warranty, and can be delivered and installed anywhere in the UK in a matter of weeks.