Does Cheap Represent Value?

2nd November 2013

10% of modular buildings supplied are at the expensive end of the market, 10% of modular buildings supplied are at the cheap end of the market and the remaining 80% of buildings supplied have varying prices within the middle end of the market.

The question is, which area normally represents the best value for money?

If you purchase a cheaper end building, then buyer beware, as you will pay for what you get and don’t be surprised when you are faced with future problems.

If you purchase a modular building from the most expensive area of the market, you will get a quality building, but how much of the price you pay is for the building, and how much contributes to marketing the branding of the building?

The top end brands have large marketing budgets and overheads and companies need to charge more, to obtain higher margins, to help pay for the continuing upkeep of their brands.

Sometimes, the best value for money is in the middle 80% section of the market.

With a range of quality modular buildings available at significantly less cost, from companies that don’t have the huge overheads associated with larger companies, greater value for money can be easily achieved.

Things to consider when you are starting the process of purchasing a modular building are;

1: First impressions do count. How professional are the people that deal with your initial enquiry?

2: How knowledgeable are the staff about the products they supply?

3: Are you told about the implications of the Part L2 Building Regulations? You need to know what is required.

4: Are your space requirements evaluated correctly, to ensure the right sized building is offered to you?

5: How quickly does the company respond to your enquiry with associated drawings and quotations?

6: Are free site surveys and onsite meetings to discuss your project offered?

7: Consider the specification of the building you are purchasing, are different companies offering a like for like building?

8: What warranty is offered with the building?

9: Does the company offer a comprehensive worry free Health & Safety package?

10: Is full payment insisted on before delivery or will the company allow the majority payment to made after the building has been installed and handed over?

11: Are you happy with the aesthetic looks of the building?

12: What is the cost of the building in comparision to the lower and upper ends of the market.

13. What after sales service is provided?

14: Does the company you are dealing with instill you with confidence?

Our opinion is that high specification modular buildings can be supplied at a cost that is significantly less than the high end of the market and marginally more than the lower end of the market, without compromising on quality or service.

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