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When to choose portable buildings for your business needs

Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are...

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portable building

Businesses across a range of sectors are choosing to hire portable buildings for various reasons. Modular and portable buildings are incredibly flexible, which helps businesses with seasonal operations or even those that require project-specific spaces.

Portable building hire is a fantastic way to adapt, increase capacity, manage budget and increase sustainability. It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are choosing temporary buildings to fit their needs, so let’s find out why.

Choosing portable building hire to accommodate growth

Portable and modular building hire is a quick and cost-effective way to create more space for staff to thrive. Sometimes, growth comes unexpectedly. Many businesses choose portable buildings to accommodate business growth and a need to increase capacity.

Choosing portable buildings when your business grows is great because portable buildings are quick to install. This means there will be minimal disruption to the local area and wildlife. This is excellent news if the building is being installed on your current site, as work as usual can continue alongside the installation process.

Portable building hire can be a fantastic long-term or short-term solution to provide additional office space for your growing business.

New businesses are choosing modular buildings

Some businesses choose modular buildings when they are newly established. This is because modular buildings are built with modern needs in mind and are incredibly energy efficient. This makes them an excellent choice for new businesses that need to find ways to reduce costs.

Modular buildings feature advanced sealing techniques, high-quality insulation and HVAC systems. These features prevent thermal leakage, reducing energy costs.

Hiring a modular building is a brilliant option for new businesses that need to manage cash flow and do not have the capital outlay to purchase a modular building. Modular building hire allows you to benefit from new facilities without substantial investment.

modular office

Temporary buildings for seasonal operations 

Short-term portable building hire is ideal for businesses with seasonal operations. These temporary buildings can be used as accommodation for workers, significantly cutting down costs which would have been spent had a hotel been used for accommodation. 

When your business no longer needs to hire the temporary building, the building provider will remove the installation. This makes the process of short-term portable building hire hassle-free. 

Project-specific spaces made possible with portable building hire 

Some businesses require temporary project-specific spaces for workers. For example, builders need a dry, comfortable, safe space to perform their roles at construction sites. This space maximises efficiency, productivity and safety to optimise the planning and construction stages. 

Portable building hire is an excellent option for project-specific space requirements as they can be hired for as long or as short as needed. For example, once building work is complete, the portable building can be uninstalled, returned to the provider, or transported to your following project site. 

Portable cabin hire for event spaces

Whether it is a festival or a networking convention, a lot of work goes into organising events. Modular and portable building hire can ease the workload for event managing businesses. 

Modular building hire is a cost-effective way to create temporary spaces for:

  • Security 
  • First aid
  • Showers and toilets 
  • Dressing areas for performers or speakers 

Portable building hire, as well as being cost-effective, is quick and stress-free as a team of professionals does the installation. When it comes time to have the installation removed, your provider will take care of everything for you.

Portable buildings being used for retail 

Pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular. They offer a chance for online stores to provide customers with an in-person shopping experience without the risk associated with opening a permanent store. Pop-up shops also offer access to in-person shopping experiences for areas where these brands are not usually available.

Portable building hire is a brilliant way for a retail business to open a pop-up shop. Hiring a portable building for a long or short period is possible. Suppose you are testing how your business fairs with a pop-up shop; you can hire your building for days or weeks. If you have decided a pop-up shop works very successfully for your business, you could hire a durable portable building for an extended period and travel to different locations. 

portable building exterior

What are the benefits of hiring a modular or portable building?

Portable and modular building hire can be appropriate for many businesses in many different scenarios. If you still need some convincing, here are more benefits to hiring a portable building.

Quality buildings: You can hire a higher specification building than you could have bought.

Fixed rental price agreements: Portable building hire means you can track and control your expenditures.

Low commitment: If anything goes wrong and you need to downsize, you won’t be left with significant losses from disposing of a modular building. 

Sustainability: Modular and portable buildings are sustainable due to their factory construction. This streamlined construction method minimises building waste. Any waste that is created is either reused, repurposed or recycled.

Building hire from Portable Building Sales 

If you want a cost-effective, hassle-free, tax-efficient alternative to purchasing a building outright, look at modular and portable buildings for hire from Portable Building Sales.

Hiring from Portable Building Sales means you will benefit from great value and fixed-cost agreements available from 18-120 months, with delivery and installation across the UK. 

If you are interested in new or used portable and modular buildings for hire, contact the friendly and experienced team at Portable Building Sales.

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The versatility of modular buildings for emergency services

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be...

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Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes within the emergency services industry. This could be anything from providing office headquarters to additional space for training facilities. Modular construction provides an efficient building solution for emergency services.

Emergency services, such as police, fire and rescue, ambulance facilities and hospitals, require flexible building solutions. Installing these buildings must create minimal disruption to the vital, often lifesaving, work being completed by emergency services.

Full range of emergency service applications

Portable and modular buildings can be configured for a wide range of emergency service applications, including:

  • Training rooms
  • Temporary offices
  • Sleeping accommodation
  • HQ office facilities
  • Processing facilities
  • Workshops
  • Disaster relief

This versatility makes modular buildings an appropriate solution across many emergency service sectors.

Quality modular buildings for emergency services

The exceptional quality of modular buildings makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Quality control is hugely important for emergency services, as these buildings must meet specialist health and safety regulations. Our experience in this sector guarantees quality that meets these regulations and industry standards.  

Modular and portable buildings are made in a factory, which ensures a level of quality control impossible on a traditional building site. Factors such as weather have no impact on the construction of modular buildings.

portable building

Cost-effective modular buildings

As well as improving quality control, factory construction also makes modular and portable buildings a more cost-effective option for emergency services. This is due to reduced transportation and onsite build costs.

Modular buildings allow emergency services to get the most out of budgets while receiving high-quality, durable and versatile buildings.

Quick installation of modular buildings

Portable buildings are installed 70% quicker than traditional buildings. This is excellent news for emergency services, which require facilities as soon as possible.

Quick installation does not only mean that your facilities are up and running in no time but also that disruption to surrounding areas is minimised.

Portable buildings can be relocated and quickly installed elsewhere. This means that as environments and situations change, so can the location of the portable building, making them incredibly versatile.

Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ


Experience working with emergency services.

Portable Building Sales has a wealth of experience providing modular, portable, and temporary buildings to various sectors, including emergency services.

Modular HQ for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Portable Building Sale was contacted by Roger Linnell of the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance to provide a new modular building for the team’s headquarters.

In May 2014, we produced a detailed drawing and quotation. Not only did the Lincs & Notts Air ambulance team prefer the sleek and modern aesthetic of our Clearview modular buildings, but our cost for a new building was less than a refurbished used modular building from a competitor.

Over the next few months, we worked beside the Air Ambulance and RAF Waddington team to install foundations for the building. In May 2015, we delivered and installed the modular building and completed the project by providing a free decking area.

“We were thrilled with the finished product, and this has enabled our crew to have more appropriate working facilities, but more importantly, it has improved our response time to our patients.” -Roger Linnell, Air Operations Manager.

Modular Training facility for Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service

Portable Building Sales has an excellent relationship with repeat customers, Lincoln Fire and Rescue service.

Most recently, Portable Building Sales provided a modular building for taster sessions and face-to-face days. This helps Lincoln Fire and Rescue Service give a great first impression to new recruits.

“We know Portable Building Sales staff well, having purchased buildings from them before. As on previous occasions, we’ve got a fantastic building, delivered on time..” -Ian Taylor, Waddington Fire and Rescue base Site Manager.

Modular Wellness Centre for Queen Victoria Hospital

Queen Victoria Hospital approached us looking for a quote for a modular wellness centre.

We supplied a two-section modular building to create an open-plan wellness centre and an additional building to provide a large hospital bed store.

“I would like to thank you and your team for the exceptionally good service and cooperation in delivering a great quality building on time and budget. We have had many positive comments to the look and feel.” -Vincent Wong, Interim Capital Projects Manager.

Portable Building Sales: Supporting Emergency Services

Portable Building Sales has a range of versatile modular and portable buildings which can be tailored to your needs. We provide solutions regardless of what emergency service sector you work in or the type of space you are looking for.

Our expert designers can help you stretch your budget whilst creating the perfect space quickly.

Contact our friendly team today or take a look at our available buildings.

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The health and safety benefits of modular construction

In recent years, modular construction has gained immense popularity in the construction industry due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability...

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In recent years, modular construction has gained immense popularity in the construction industry due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability features. What is sometimes overlooked is the significant health and safety advantages of modular construction, making it an excellent option for both construction professionals and consumers. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways in which modular construction enhances health and safety within the construction industry. 

Reduced On-Site Exposure

One of the main advantages of modular construction is the significant reduction in on-site construction work. Traditional construction sites can be extremely hazardous environments with numerous risks for workers, such as slips, trips and falls, moving vehicles, falls from height, and exposure to construction dust and high levels of noise. 

Modular buildings are manufactured off-site in a quality-controlled factory setting using specialist machinery and equipment. By shifting a substantial portion of construction activities to one location, modular construction minimises on-site exposure to the following risks. 

  • Reduced fall hazards: Falls from height are a leading cause of construction site incidents, accounting for 19% of injuries and 51% of fatalities in the industry in 2021/2022, according to the HSE. Modular construction factory-based assembly means that workers are less likely to be exposed to elevated surfaces, reducing the risk of falls. 
  • Fewer traffic hazards: Construction sites can often be located in busy areas with heavy traffic accompanied by a large number of vehicles moving materials around the site. Modular construction reduces this need, decreasing the potential for accidents involving vehicles. 
  • Less exposure to weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions can pose safety hazards for construction workers. Modular construction allows for work to continue indoors, shielding workers from adverse weather such as rain and extreme temperatures. This also reduces any delays weather conditions may cause to the project as work can continue. 

Modular Building Manufacturing

Improved Ergonomics and work conditions

Modular construction offers a more controlled and ergonomic work environment for construction workers. Factories are designed for efficiency and worker comfort, which can lead to improved health and safety outcomes. 

  • Optimised workstations: Factories that produce modular buildings are designed to maximise efficiency and reduce physical strain on workers. This includes well-designed workstations and ergonomic tools that reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, accounting for 53% of work-related ill health for those working in the construction industry. 
  • Better ventilation: One of the construction industry’s biggest challenges is managing construction dust. Not only is this a nuisance, but it can also have seriously damaging effects on an individual’s health, leading to conditions such as occupational asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Manufacturing facilities typically have better ventilation systems and a more effective way of managing this issue, reducing exposure to dust, fumes and other airborne hazards commonly encountered on construction sites. 
  • Consistent lighting: adequate lighting in factories helps prevent accidents caused by poor visibility and reduces eye strain for workers. 

Enhanced quality control 

Modular construction benefits from stringent quality control processes during production in the factory. This not only ensures that the final product meets the design specification but also reduces the likelihood of safety-related defects. 

  • Precise manufacturing: modules are manufactured with precision, reducing the risk of structural defects that could compromise safety. 
  • Thorough inspections: Factories often have quality control procedures in place, including a thorough inspection of materials, components and the assembly process. This can help identify and rectify potential safety issues before the modules leave the factory. 
  • Consistent safety standards: Modular building companies can maintain consistent safety standards across their facilities, promoting safer practices and reducing the risk of accidents. 

Timber Clad Building

Accelerated construction schedules 

Modular buildings have much shorter construction timelines compared to traditional construction. While this efficiency benefits project owners, it also contributes to improved safety. 

  • Reduced exposure time: with faster construction, workers spend less time on the construction site, reducing their exposure to potential hazards. 
  • Less disruption: shorter construction timelines mean less disruption to surrounding areas, reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians and neighbouring properties. 

Mitigation of environmental hazards 

Modular construction can also help mitigate environmental hazards associated with traditional construction methods. 

  • Reduced air pollution: Factory-based production often involves better control of emissions compared to on-site construction equipment, resulting in reduced air pollution. 
  • Controlled waste management: Modular building manufacturers can manage waste, including hazardous materials, more effectively, preventing environmental contamination. 

Modular construction offers a host of health and safety benefits, making it an attractive option for not only the construction industry but also consumers when considering their options for their next project. 

As the construction industry continues to evolve, modular construction stands out as a method that not only delivers efficiency and cost savings but also advances the safety of all involved. 

For more information about modular construction, call our helpful team today on 01482 656590 or complete our contact form

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How a refurbished portable cabin can revitalise your business

Refurbished portable cabins are an excellent option for businesses looking to revitalise their workspace. Whether your business requires corporate office...

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Modular office interior

Refurbished portable cabins are an excellent option for businesses looking to revitalise their workspace. Whether your business requires corporate office space, engaging classrooms, or hygienic clinics, a second-hand portable cabin could be the perfect solution.

Your working environment is a crucial part of business productivity. An effective working environment is somewhere your staff feel comfortable and motivated. It should also be somewhere you are proud for your clients to visit. 

Have an office that reflects your company

Your company values and brand identity set you apart from your competitors. Think about what makes your company the best in the business. What are your values, and does your office reflect this?

Collaborative: Open-plan offices can encourage collaboration among employees. Flexible workspaces such as these allow the sharing of ideas which improves creativity. This creative environment empowers employees, giving them a sense of pride and also makes your business more attractive to new talent. 

Confidentiality: If your business values privacy and confidentiality, portable cabins can reflect this. With bespoke options, your space can include small, medium or large office areas for client meetings, reinforcing your company’s professionalism and trustworthiness. 

Employee-centred: Your employees are at the forefront of your business. Providing amenities in your office, such as break out or quiet spaces, reflects a commitment to employee health and mental well-being.

Inclusivity: Providing a space which includes accessible facilities for employees and clients alike demonstrates that your business is welcoming and diverse.

Consistency: You have worked hard to create your brand. Refurbishing used portable cabins allows you to include elements of your brand, such as logos and colours, in the design of your office -both inside and outside the building. 

Modular office interior

Portable Cabin uses in other sectors 

Not all workspaces require corporate office buildings. Businesses vary, as do their needs. Luckily, portable cabins are incredibly versatile and can revitalise businesses in various sectors. Here are some sectors that have chosen to use portable cabins:

Healthcare: Portable cabins can be used for an array of spaces in the healthcare sector, including clinics for general check-ups, vaccination centres, blood donation units, and to expand the capacity of hospitals.

Education: Portable cabins can form bespoke classrooms, create a high-quality learning environment for students, and be functional workspaces for teachers.

Construction: Building site cabins can provide workers with a warm, dry space to carry out their roles.

Health and Leisure: Portable cabins provide shower and changing room facilities in the health and leisure sector. 

Retail: Portable cabins can offer small businesses an affordable space on the high street or be used for pop-up shops.

Modular Classroom

Eco-conscious businesses

Portable cabins are already a greener option than traditional buildings; purchasing a used portable cabin takes sustainability further. Your company can give new life to a second-hand portable cabin and customise it to adhere to your business and revitalise your workspace.

Becoming an eco-conscious business improves your business’s image. Portable cabins are an excellent sustainable workspace option. 

Climate change is at the forefront of many debates; making your business more eco-friendly can help preserve the planet for future generations. A study by SmartestEnergy shows that 4 out of 5 people would be more likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability. 

Portable cabins are constructed in a controlled factory environment before being delivered and installed at your site. This means building waste is minimised, and excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled. 

Portable buildings also minimise transportation in the delivery process. Traditional building requires the transportation of numerous materials to the building site. Portable cabins, however, are already constructed before being transported. This reduces the number of vehicles needed during delivery, thus decreasing CO2 emissions.

Not only are portable cabins more sustainable during production but they are also built with energy-efficient materials. They contain high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques. This is a huge advantage for your business as energy costs are cut down significantly.


Why buy used?

There are many other benefits, as well as increased sustainability, which come from purchasing used portable cabins.

Affordability: The first benefit is that second-hand portable cabins are much more affordable. They require significantly less capital outlay than a traditional building and are cheaper than new portable cabins. The cost of site preparation is also reduced due to the relatively simple installation process. Furthermore, portable cabins are energy efficient, which saves you money in the long run. 

Quick Installation: Installing a portable cabin is much faster than traditional building as the structure has already been manufactured in a factory. This means the cabin will quickly be available for use. The fast installation of portable cabins also minimises disturbance to surrounding areas, including the public and wildlife. 

Durability: Portable cabins are designed to be durable. When you buy a used portable building, this is still the case. During the refurbishment, any damage to the building can be repaired; this ensures you receive a high-quality, long-lasting cabin.

Upgrades: Despite being second-hand, used portable cabins can be refurbished with bespoke turnkey solutions to fit your specific needs. This can include anything from windows, doors and flooring to colour schemes which fit your brand.

Adaptability: Portable cabins can be redesigned to suit your changing needs.

Availability: We have a wide range of used and refurbished portable cabins. Click here to view our current stock, or get in touch with our expert team to discover your options.


Find the right Used Portable Cabin for you

Portable Building Sales have a wide range of used portable cabins which can be tailored to your business needs. Our team of designers can help you create the ideal space for your business while stretching your budget and saving up to 40% compared to buying new.

If you need extra space in a hurry, Portable Building Sales can have your building refurbished and installed in just 4-5 weeks.

Contact our friendly team today for more information on how you can revitalise your business with used portable cabins.


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How to create dynamic workspaces with modular offices.

A dynamic workspace allows a business to operate at an optimal level whilst also providing staff with a safe and...

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portable office

A dynamic workspace allows a business to operate at an optimal level whilst also providing staff with a safe and motivational environment. Furthermore, the recent pandemic has changed people’s attitudes and approach to the workplace. Modular office buildings offer versatile workspaces that can be easily adapted to provide an engaging environment for staff and visitors.

Particularly in a post-pandemic world, the workplace has changed almost beyond recognition. People’s attitudes to being in the office have changed. Remote workers are more prevalent than before, and many businesses are now employing a hybrid working method. This new approach to working has affected how businesses and workers view being in the office.

Portable Building Sales provides businesses with modular office buildings to deliver motivational spaces for new employee expectations.

Staff collaborating in a modular office

Modular office buildings support a new way of working.

The flexibility of modular and portable office buildings can promote an open and productive working environment for diverse working styles. Businesses are learning to accommodate more remote and hybrid workers into their teams. With this new approach to working, companies need to review their office space and how that works for their staff and clients.

In a post-pandemic world, getting staff back into the office has been challenging. Some workers have found that entering the office environment again was a daunting expectation. By creating dynamic and welcoming spaces, businesses can make it easier for staff to transition back into office life.

Alternatively, many companies have adopted a hybrid working method with staff spending part of the week at home. Even if organisations have remote staff, providing space for those workers is still important. Remote staff will still need to visit the office for meetings and such.

For remote and hybrid workers, it is important to have co-working spaces that promote collaboration. Having open spaces for staff to work together helps rebuild many of the social connections that were lost during lockdowns. Whilst that was some time ago, many people still struggle to adjust to life back in the office. Modular offices can foster confidence in being back in the workplace.


How a flexible office improves staff motivation.

Flexibility is the key to providing a dynamic workspace, and they don’t come more flexible than modular buildings. Because of the way they are constructed, through a method of adjoining pods, or modules, modular buildings are highly customisable.

Modular buildings offer a highly bespoke approach that is unrivalled against its traditional build counterpart. When you design the space in your portable office building, walls can be configured to your needs. You can create open spaces alongside private areas for meeting rooms or conveniences.  

So, what are the benefits of creating a dynamic and productive office, and how can modular buildings help? We’ll look at why you should consider improving your office environment with a modular office.


  1. Improved employee engagement

Flexible workspaces that incorporate thoughtful and customisable design features go a long way to making employees feel valued. By utilising clever, quiet spaces and comfortable furnishing will enhance your staff’s ability to focus.


  1. Attract the best talent – and keep them!

By using a combination of open spaces and up-to-date features promotes an environment of collaboration. This attention to detail makes employees feel valued. Not only that but when new talent walks into your office, you’ll be making a great first impression.


  1. Improved collaboration

A dynamic workspace will encourage collaboration as well as quiet focus areas. Balance is key to cultivating a productive environment. Many employees work differently. Allowing flexible workspaces for different working styles will get the most out of your employees.


  1. Improved creativity

The best results come from people sharing ideas. By bringing staff together in a light and airy space gives employees the freedom to create. Offices can do a lot to encourage productive conversation.


  1. Increased productivity

To increase productivity in your organisation, you need to increase motivation. By forcing employees to work in drab, lifeless boxes will not encourage motivation in your workforce. Solid walls and dark colours can make staff feel oppressed and closed off. By opening up spaces and using a lighter colour palette will leave your team feeling uplifted and inspired.


  1. Utilise your space

With the introduction of remote and hybrid workers, you may find some spaces not being used as frequently. With the flexibility of modular buildings, you can create space for your remote and hybrid workers. You can achieve this without compromising the space for the permanent office staff. Modular buildings also have the flexibility to incorporate innovative storage spaces to make the most of the space available.


  1. Enhanced company culture.

Finally, by considering all of these points, your business can take steps to improve the culture within your organisation. A productive, motivated and collaborative workforce will achieve their goals in a supportive environment. These are all the ingredients to helping your business reach its goals with a happy workforce. Keeping your staff happy not only makes your business money but also saves your company money.

Team working together in a portable office building.

Portable Building Sales delivers dynamic modular offices.

Now we have looked into the importance of creating an inspiring office, and Portable Building Sales can help you achieve this. Whether you are looking for a modular building, a portable building or even a portable office cabin, there is an option for you.  

Portable Building Sales has a team of designers available to help you make the most of your office and, in turn, your staff. Contact our friendly team today for more information on how we can help transform your office.

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How can modular buildings increase your return on investment?

Modular buildings have been around for a long time, so they are not a new concept by any means. However,...

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Double storey modular building

Modular buildings have been around for a long time, so they are not a new concept by any means. However, now more than ever, businesses are looking for more affordable ways to house their business operations and want a quicker return on investment. With the significant savings on offer from budgets to timescales, modular buildings are offering the financial results that organisations are looking for. 

It is fair to say that modular buildings have stood the test of time and with good reason. They are hard-wearing, easily maintained and provide many benefits to businesses, from ease of planning to energy efficiency. With the many financial benefits that modular buildings offer, companies can experience a great return on investment.

Modular building with brick finish

5 financial benefits of modular buildings

In a competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to maximise their productivity and minimise costs, so let’s look at how modular buildings can do just that.

Faster Construction Times

Because of the modular nature of the construction process, modular building manufacturers have a much shorter construction time than that of a traditional build. This reduced timeline leads to reduced labour costs, and fewer workers are required for groundwork; these are cost savings that can be passed onto you as the end user.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) reports that modular construction can see labour cost savings of up to 15-20%, which adds to the efficiency of costs attributed to modular buildings.

A traditional building can take up to 12 months to complete, whereas a modular structure can be ready to move into in a matter of weeks. This means that your business can be up and running sooner. By opening your business premises and operating more quickly, you are making money and starting work on getting a return on your investment faster than if you were waiting for a traditional build to be finished.

Confidence in your budget

Particularly in current uncertain financial times, supplies and material costs fluctuate considerably. Taking on a building project can feel daunting, and keeping costs under control can feel impossible. The instability of the supply chain can impact a traditional build significantly due to the previously discussed length of time they take to complete.

The uncertainty of costs can be relieved with the benefit of a shorter project timeline, like that provided by modular buildings. Furthermore, because modular building companies plan and purchase their supplies in advance, they can agree on costs at the beginning of your project. Once your quote is approved and accepted by you, you have the confidence of no unexpected surprises on your building, and it helps to keep more control of your finances.

Clearer time scales

Once you have given the go-ahead on your project, you can get hold of a precise time scale for completion. Because modular buildings are constructed in a factory environment, your building will not be affected by delays caused by external factors like the weather.

Having a defined timeline that can be relied upon helps businesses to plan their time and finances leading to better efficiency and productivity, which all has a positive effect on your investment.

Reduced Waste

Modular buildings are well-known for achieving excellent results in reducing the amount of waste produced in the manufacturing process. Again, because of the methods adopted in the construction of modular buildings allows for better planning of materials which means there is less waste.

The MPBA reports that modular construction can reduce waste by up to 20% compared to conventional construction.

Not only does this provide cost savings to your project, leading to a better ROI, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly approach to construction. Most businesses are aware of their impact on the world around us. By taking a positive stance on carbon emissions and sustainability is a beneficial message to send to customers and stakeholders.

Energy efficiency

Further to the green initiatives supplied through the reduced production of waste, modular buildings present a more energy-efficient option to a more traditional build.

The construction process uses less energy, helped by modern tools and equipment designed specifically for the process, as well as the shorter construction time. However, modular buildings are cheaper to run than a traditional structures, which results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower operating costs.

Modular buildings include features such as LED lighting and advanced insulation, among others, to help make them as energy efficient as possible. A recent study by the UK Green Building Council suggested that modular buildings can achieve up to 30% higher energy efficiency compared to traditional builds.

Double storey classroom block

Modular buildings can make your business more profitable

The financial benefits of opting for a modular building are many. In addition to the points already discussed, businesses can experience less disruption to their existing sites if they want to extend or renovate with a modular building. Reduced interference means firms can carry on processes that make money without experiencing downtime or a break in receiving income.

Reducing the amount of time on your project means that your company can have better control of finances and improve cash flow management. The shorter construction times lead to better financing options providing less risk and further enhancing your return on investment.


Portable Building Sales will get your business moving

If you have a project that you are ready to start or need to discuss whether modular buildings are suitable for your development, we have a team of advisors ready to speak to you.

The friendly team at Portable Building Sales can guide you through the design and installation process.

Get in touch with Portable Building Sales today to get your project off the ground.

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Sustainable development with refurbished modular buildings

If you’re looking to expand your business premises in a sustainable way, we strongly recommend refurbished modular buildings. By choosing...

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If you’re looking to expand your business premises in a sustainable way, we strongly recommend refurbished modular buildings. By choosing used modular buildings over traditional construction, you can minimise the carbon footprint of the project and also benefit in many other ways. Read on to discover why refurbished modular buildings are the perfect solution for businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors.



Refurbished modular buildings and sustainability

Sustainable development with refurbished modular buildings involves utilising existing structures and materials to create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient spaces. As a result, our refurbished modular buildings offer several advantages in terms of sustainability:

Resource conservation: Refurbishing existing modular buildings reduces the demand for new construction materials, thereby minimising the depletion of natural resources. By giving these structures a new purpose, your business will be helping to reduce waste and extend the lifespan of existing buildings.

Energy efficiency: Modular buildings can be fitted with energy-efficient features such as strong insulation, high-performance windows and efficient HVAC systems. These upgrades can significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating and cooling the building.

Reduced carbon footprint: The refurbishment of modular buildings requires less energy and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to constructing new buildings. By opting for refurbishment instead of new construction, you can greatly reduce the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, transportation and on-site construction activities.

Waste reduction: Refurbished modular buildings promote waste reduction by reusing and repurposing existing materials. The doors, windows, flooring and fixtures are already in place, which removes the need for new production and prevents these items from ending up in landfills.

Flexibility and adaptability: Used modular buildings are designed to be highly flexible and easily reconfigured. This adaptability allows for future changes in layout, function or expansion, reducing the need for new construction and supporting long-term sustainability.

Faster construction time: The installation of a refurbished modular building is a much faster process compared to traditional construction methods. Since a significant portion of the structure is already in place, the project can be completed very quickly, resulting in fewer disruptions to the surrounding environment and communities.

Upgrades and modifications: Refurbished modular buildings can undergo various upgrades and modifications to meet specific needs. This can include improvements to the building’s electrical and plumbing systems, insulation, roofing, interior finishes, and more. Upgrading these aspects is a more efficient process compared to purchasing entirely new systems from scratch.

Sustainability features: During the installation process, additional sustainability features can be incorporated to enhance the environmental performance of the building. This may include the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures, renewable energy sources like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and the use of eco-friendly materials and finishes. These features reduce energy consumption, water usage, and the overall environmental impact of the building.

Reduced disruption: Refurbished modular buildings offer the advantage of minimising disruption to your business and its surrounding area, including the local ecosystem. Since a significant portion of the construction work occurs off-site, on-site disturbances, noise, dust and waste generation are massively reduced. This is particularly beneficial for projects in densely populated areas or sensitive environments.

Quality and durability: Refurbished modular buildings provide a high level of quality and durability. The building is built to withstand transportation and assembly, ensuring that the structure remains robust and resilient for many years to come. Through refurbishment, any wear and tear can be addressed, ensuring the building’s longevity and reliability, resulting in a highly sustainable solution for your business.



Additional benefits of used modular buildings

We have a wide range of refurbished modular buildings for sale. Here are some additional benefits that come with choosing used modular buildings when you need to set up a new site or expand existing premises:

Ongoing cost savings: Used modular buildings are a cost-effective alternative to new construction. It typically requires a lot less capital investment, and the use of existing infrastructure reduces other costs associated with site preparation and foundation work. As well as the initial investment being much lower, you also know where you stand financially with used modular buildings. There won’t be any of the unwelcome and expensive surprises that often come with newly constructed buildings that need to settle in, such as leaks, draughts, uneven surfaces and unreliable energy efficiency.

Time efficiency: Used modular buildings are an excellent option if time is a critical factor. Since these structures are pre-manufactured and available for immediate use, they significantly reduce construction time. This is particularly beneficial for projects with tight schedules or when rapid deployment is necessary.

Customisation: Refurbished modular buildings offer the advantage of customisation. They can be redesigned and reconfigured to suit different purposes and accommodate changing requirements. The modular nature of these buildings allows for easy modification, expansion, or even the combining of multiple modules to create larger spaces.

Long-term flexibility: Refurbished modular buildings are designed to be flexible and easily adaptable on a long-term basis. This means that the function of your modular buildings can be transformed as your business grows or your requirements change. A common example is a modular building that’s initially used as an office, then easily converted into a meeting room, dining area, training centre, cycle hub, storage space, marketing suite or reception area at a later date.

Availability and supply: We always have a wide range of used and refurbished modular buildings in stock, which come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, configurations and styles. Simply take a look at what we have available or get in touch with our team to explore your options.


Run a greener business with refurbished modular buildings

We supply and install refurbished modular buildings for customers in the commercial, retail, hospitality, industrial, educational and healthcare sectors, as well as many other industries. To find out more about how used modular buildings will help you to achieve sustainable business development, give our team a call today on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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The benefits of using portable buildings for business

Portable buildings, also known as prefabricated buildings, portable cabins or modular buildings, offer several benefits for businesses of all shapes...

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Portable buildings, also known as prefabricated buildings, portable cabins or modular buildings, offer several benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Multiple positive factors result in organisations across various sectors choosing portable buildings over the traditional construction approach, making them a wise choice when you need to expand your site or add temporary buildings during busy periods.

Read on to discover the many advantages of using portable buildings and how they will benefit your business from day one.



Portable buildings can be easily relocated and reconfigured to meet changing business needs. They can be used as temporary or permanent structures, making them a flexible option for SMEs and large companies alike. This gives your business complete freedom over how the building will be used and where it will be located, without having to make a long-term commitment.


Save money

Portable buildings are more affordable than traditional buildings, as they are designed and produced in a factory and then simply assembled on your site. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, as the manufacturing and installation stages are streamlined without compromising on quality.


Quick installation

One of the most popular features of portable buildings is that they can be installed on your premises very quickly. Whilst traditional construction can take many weeks or months to complete, a portable building can be up and running in practically no time. This means your business can put it to use much sooner and fulfil your requirements with minimal hassle.



Customisable design

Our portable buildings can be designed and customised to meet the specific needs of your business. This allows you to create a space that’s tailored to your unique requirements, which could be offices, toilet and shower facilities, training rooms, marketing suites, storage facilities or even a cycle hub. They also come in a wide range of layouts and finishes, which means you have total control over how the building will look, feel and function.


Environmentally friendly

Businesses are working harder than ever to make their day-to-day operations more sustainable. That’s where portable buildings offer yet another advantage, as they’re much more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings. This is due to them being built with sustainable and energy-efficient materials in a dedicated facility, followed by a fast installation process that requires minimal vehicles and workers. The fact that the building can be easily adapted, relocated or removed at a later date also adds to its eco-friendly nature.


Minimal disruption

Portable buildings can be assembled on-site with very little disruption to the surrounding area, which means that your business can continue to operate whilst construction is underway. Vehicles, dust, noise, mess and labour are all kept to a minimum, resulting in a smooth and stress-free installation phase.



What are the applications of portable buildings?

Portable buildings can be used for a variety of applications in various industries. Here are some common uses of modular buildings to give you an idea of their versatility:

Office space: Portable buildings can be used as temporary or permanent office space for businesses, including construction sites, sales offices and remote offices.

Retail space: Modular buildings are ideally suited for use as retail space for businesses, such as pop-up shops, seasonal stores and outdoor markets.

Education facilities: Portable cabins make excellent classrooms, libraries and administration buildings for nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and training providers.

Healthcare facilities: Portable buildings can be chosen as medical clinics, dental offices, vaccination hubs or emergency care centres.

Accommodation: Modular buildings can function as temporary or permanent accommodation, including housing for workers and emergency housing for disaster relief.

Industrial facilities: Portable cabins are a great choice for planning offices, storage facilities or even manufacturing workshops.

Events and hospitality: Portable buildings are the ideal solution for temporary event spaces or hospitality suites, including ticket booths, concession stands and VIP lounges.

Government and military: Modular buildings can be used for government or military purposes, including offices, barracks and storage facilities.


How to sell an unwanted portable cabin

Last but not least, the fact that you can sell your portable building when no longer required makes it an even more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. We’re always searching for high-quality portable cabins to purchase from businesses that need to free up space or upgrade to a new or larger building, so make sure to let us know if you’re looking to sell and free up your cash flow.

We buy used portable buildings of all shapes, sizes and styles, plus we always make sure to offer the best price possible. This means that if you’re moving premises or simply don’t require the modular building anymore, we’re ready to remove it from your site quickly and safely.

This also gives you the peace of mind that the portable building will be given a new purpose, which is a much more sustainable option that the removal of traditional buildings through demolition.

Here’s how it works:

  • We visit your site and inspect the portable cabin free of charge.
  • Following the inspection, we offer you a no-obligation, guaranteed fixed price purchase offer.
  • We also provide a comprehensive health and safety building removal plan that explains how the cabin will be disassembled and taken away from your site.
  • If you accept our offer, we take a deposit for the removal project.
  • We agree a date for removing the portable cabin that suits your schedule and preferences.
  • Payment is then paid in full prior to the professional, safe and efficient removal of your building.


Ask us about portable cabins

Ready to invest in portable buildings for your organisation? Whether you run a commercial business, retail unit, hospitality company, industrial site, educational institution, healthcare facility or operate in any other sector, give our team a call today on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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Why a portable office is the right option for you.

Having suitable office facilities is critical to the success of your business. There are many reasons why your organisation might...

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portable office

Having suitable office facilities is critical to the success of your business. There are many reasons why your organisation might need to consider new office space. For example, you may find that the time has come to expand your business or relocate. If so, you’ll need to think about the office space within your organisation, and a portable building will prove to be a great choice.

Modular buildings are pre-fabricated off-site in our factory setting and then transported to your site when complete. There are many reasons why portable buildings are an excellent option for anyone looking for new premises or to expand an existing building.

Double storey modular building

The benefits of using portable buildings for your new office

If you haven’t considered using modular buildings for your business, let us run through some of the benefits of the modular option.

Flexibility – when it comes to design and functionality, you’d be hard-pressed to find a higher level of customisation than with a portable office cabin. You can customise everything from the layout to the size and even the features within the space to completely suit your specific needs. For example, you can include partitions to create separate offices or opt for a completely open-plan space. You can develop break-out areas and larger rooms for collaborative projects. The flexibility doesn’t end once you’ve finished designing your space. If, after time, you find that your needs have changed, you can expand or reconfigure the space to suit your changing needs.

Affordability – modular buildings are also a great choice if you are looking to save money or make your budget stretch further. The costs of modular construction can be up to 50% less than that of a traditional build because they are constructed off-site in our factory setting, which means that the building process is very much streamlined. In addition, as the building process only uses the necessary materials, there is less waste and less energy consumption, which you are not paying for in the bottom line. This also means that the modular building process is more environmentally friendly.

Speed of construction – Not only are modular buildings cheaper than traditional buildings but they are also constructed in a fraction of the time. Another benefit of their construction taking place off-site and in a factory facility is that external factors like the weather do not affect the build. Adverse weather conditions can grind a traditional build to a halt, whereas work can continue on a modular build. This method also means fewer groundworks are required on your site, so time is saved on building foundations and other traditional building processes.

Ease of installation – We’ve established that a significant part of the construction for a portable building takes place in our factory. This means once the building is ready to go and the ground has been prepared on your site, your new office can be transported to your site and installed in a matter of days. Also, the disruption is significantly reduced because of the minimal groundwork required on your site. This is particularly beneficial if you add a modular building to an existing working site.

Portability – Another benefit of modular buildings is how easily they move. So, if your needs change or you decide to relocate, you can take your modular building with you. They also have the flexibility to be added to and expanded. The design of modular buildings means they can be easily disassembled and reassembled. This greatly benefits businesses that move frequently and only need office space on a particular site temporarily. You can save time and money by quickly moving your building from one location to another when required. Just contact us, and we can make arrangements.

Bespoke spaces promote greater efficiency.

It is important to provide your staff with a working space that is efficient and has all the space they need to complete their day-to-day work effectively. Modular buildings offer clean, contemporary spaces with all the facilities that a modern office needs, including:

  • Power points where you need them.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Washroom facilities.
  • Kitchen areas.
  • Break-out areas.

Providing your staff with adequate facilities is essential to increasing motivation and productivity. The bespoke nature of portable buildings means you can completely customise the office to include all the features you need.

You can be in control of your space. At the start of your project, the team at Portable Building Sales will discuss your full requirements. Then, our design team will work to your specifications, and you can collaborate with them to get the space just how you want it.


Consider a used portable office.

Portable Building Sales have a wide range of modular buildings available to order immediately. We also have pre-owned buildings that can be fully refurbished to your requirements to help your budget stretch a little further, with savings of up to 40% compared to new.

As well as the cost-savings, purchasing a used portable cabin has significant environmental benefits. Whilst modular buildings are a great environmentally friendly option for your office needs anyway, a used building goes a step further as you are prolonging the life of a previously used building.


Hiring a portable office.

If you only need a portable office for a short period of time, you could consider hiring a modular building from Portable Building Sales. For example, maybe you need to move your office on a temporary basis while the renovations of another building take place. Or your work is a short-term project. Hiring a portable office gives you the flexibility to pay for the space for as long as you need it.


Contact Portable Building Sales today.

So whether you are looking for an office for a short time or on a permanent basis, a modular building gives you plenty of flexible and affordable options. Get in touch with the team at Portable Building Sales to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

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Design Without Limits: The Flexibility of Modular Buildings

One of the qualities of a successful organisation is its ability to be flexible and adapt to its business needs....

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Installing a modular building

One of the qualities of a successful organisation is its ability to be flexible and adapt to its business needs. This is one of the attractions of using modular buildings to house your business. The flexibility you get with modular construction is unrivalled and brings so much more versatility than its traditional counterpart.

The process of modular construction uses prefabricated components that are manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site. This provides many benefits that we have discussed in previous articles, including reduced costs and increased sustainability, but one of the key benefits is modular construction’s flexibility.

Modular buildings provide flexibility in many areas of your business, from budget to timings and design to size. So, let’s have a look at how the versatility of modular buildings means that they are very a real consideration for your project.


Space – the process of assembling a modular construction means that you can choose how much space you need for the purpose you need it for. You are not constrained by bricks and mortar, only by the amount of space you have available to you. If you need more room, you can choose to have a multi-storey building if that’s what you need.

Reconfiguration – further to making a decision on the amount of space you need, should your business grow or your needs change, modular buildings give you the flexibility to reconfigure the area by moving walls easily without resorting to demolition or further planning consent being required. You can even add extra rooms, meaning that if you increase your staffing levels or see your customer base grow, your building can grow with you.

For example, if you are a school that has seen an influx in your student population, you can add additional classrooms or staff spaces without too much hassle. Need more space for a staff break-out area? Then you can add one!

Customisation – Modular buildings also offer increased flexibility in terms of design and customisation. Modular components can be manufactured to fit a wide range of designs, styles, and specifications, allowing for complete customisation of the final product. This level of customisation is not possible with traditional building methods, where design changes often require significant and costly modifications to the existing structure.

Because you can be involved in the design process from the beginning, you are able to discuss what fixtures, fittings and features you need right at the starting design stage, and you have the flexibility to amend those plans where it would be more costly to do so with a more traditional build.  

Double storey modular building

Usage – Because you have so much control over the design, this means that modular buildings can be tailored to whatever you need the space to be used for, whether that be for a GP surgery, a nursery or a school. However, if you want an area with multiple uses and spaces, then modular buildings give you that option. 

Schedules – As modular buildings are constructed off-site, and many components are already built, it gives you more control over the timings of your build. Our installers only need a few days on-site to complete your project, which means that you do not have to manage a lengthy construction process. This means that your schedules are much more predictable, and you have a more reliable plan to work with. This has significant benefits if your building project results from an emergency situation and allows you to be reactive if you need to be. Whether you need extra space quickly or you may need to provide emergency housing.

Relocation – You may find yourself in a position where you need to move your business to another location or even reposition your building on the same site. Modular buildings can be easily and quickly disassembled, rebuilt, and transported to another position. If you need to move your business, relocating your existing modular building is much easier than finding a permanent structure that suits your needs. 

Hire or Buy – Whether your need for space is a long-term and permanent requirement or whether you only need something on a short-term temporary basis, Portable Building Sales has options for you. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, traditional buildings can be very restrictive, but not with modular buildings.

Cost – Modular buildings give you a lot more control over your budget. Not only is modular construction a cost-effective option, but you can also tailor your building to match your budget.

So, as you can see, the level of versatility you can expect from a modular building far outweighs the constraints of a more traditional construction. Additionally, you have many other benefits, like the energy efficiency of the modular construction process and the reduced impact of the construction process on your site compared to a typical building site.

Portable Building Sales are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. So if you think a modular building is just right for your next project, or even if you need more information to make your decision, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to see how we can help.

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Are modular nursery buildings a good investment?

Does your childcare business need a modular nursery building?   It is widely considered that early years education plays a...

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Nursery modular buildings

Does your childcare business need a modular nursery building?  

It is widely considered that early years education plays a vital role in our children’s development. Nursery education helps develop children to be ready for school, and life in general, by teaching them skills in personal responsibility, relationship building and getting them used to routines. They are also taught levels of numeracy and literacy, which gives them that head start for when they start school.   

Providing children and staff with a suitable environment for learning is imperative to make the most of their time at nursery, and finding suitable premises is vital to achieving that.   

What are the benefits of a modular nursery building?   

You might be thinking about setting up a new nursery, moving premises or even expanding your existing site; either way, a modular building might be the right choice.   

There are a lot of considerations when looking for the right building for your nursery. Some of those will include the following:  

  • Location – you’ll want to think about being near residential areas or close to businesses for new clients. Another consideration is being close to schools and having adequate parking or transport links to enable people to get to the nursery easily.  
  • Facilities – you’ll have to consider suitable access for the physically disabled. Consider whether you have enough storage space for equipment and if there are enough toilets and wash basins. Then it is important to consider access to outdoor play areas.  
  • Safety and hygiene  
  • Running costs and efficiency.  

modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

It is important to remember that if you plan to apply for Free Early Education Entitlement, the DfE will require your nursery to meet specific criteria. So, a modular building from Portable Building Sales could be the answer that you are looking for. There are many benefits to using a modular building for your nursery provision.   

You may be struggling to find an existing building that meets all of the requirements that you are looking for or for the Early Years Statutory Framework as set out by the Department for Education (DfE). With a modular building, you have the versatility and flexibility to design the space as you need it. In addition, you can have control over the facilities and how much space you need.   

It is interesting to know that the EYFS (Early Years Statutory Framework) dictates how much space should be provided per child depending on their age, so you’ll need to check this out when considering what size of building you need.   

Outdoor play is vital to a child’s development and is one of the criteria within the EYFS. However, finding suitable outside learning space can be difficult, whereas investing in a modular building means you can plan your site to have all the space you need.   

A modular building is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option to a traditional building, so you can find that a local authority will look favourably on this type of building when you are looking for planning permission.   

Particularly with the current energy situation, finding an efficient solution to running costs has become a top priority for many businesses. Our modular buildings are constructed to the highest standards with top-grade insulation, providing an energy-efficient building. Keeping children and staff in a comfortable environment also helps with productivity and is conducive to an effective learning environment.   

You’ll also find that modular buildings can be around 50% cheaper than a traditional build, therefore saving you money, and they are easily maintained. In addition, because they are constructed off-site, there is less time required for groundwork, which saves you time and money.   

How to find modular nursery buildings for sale

Once you have considered all the options available to you and decided to go down the modular building route for your nursery, there are a few options available to you.   

Firstly, you can choose between a brand-new building or you can go with a used model. A used building will provide a cost-effective solution and has a certain level of versatility, still allowing you to make some adjustments to the layout and fittings. A used building might be a great choice if you want to expand existing facilities or if budget is a significant consideration. However, purchasing a new modular building gives you much more control over your space. With a new building, you can dictate the layout and fixtures to your exact requirements.   

You’ll find a lot of advice online regarding finding and choosing a modular building that will work for you. Portable Building Sales have a wide range of new and used buildings available, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs.   

Why choose Portable Building Sales?  

When you have decided to purchase a modular building for your nursery, you can speak to the specialist team at Portable Building Sales, who can guide you through the whole process. Our experience and high-quality buildings provide you with a high level of versatility and reliability, which gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting a space that works for you and your customers.   

If you have any questions or need further advice, please get in touch with our experienced team, who will be more than happy to help you.    

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Professional Portable Cabin Removal

Portable Building Sales is your trusted, professional and affordable provider of new and used modular buildings for all kinds of...

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Portable Building Sales is your trusted, professional and affordable provider of new and used modular buildings for all kinds of sectors and applications.

As well as selling a wide range of modular buildings, did you know that we can also buy your old portable cabins off you when they’re no longer required? This comes with multiple benefits and makes portable buildings a highly accessible option for organisations large and small.  


Selling and disposing of your portable cabin

Our mission is to seek out high-quality portable cabins to purchase from businesses that are looking to free up space or replace old buildings. No matter what the size, shape or style of your building, we’re ready to take a look and offer you an excellent price for it. So, if it’s time to sell a building, we’re here to take it off your hands.

Available to businesses across the UK, the selling of a used modular cabin to Portable Building Sales follows a clear and efficient process:

  • We visit your site and inspect the portable cabin free of charge.
  • Following the inspection, we offer you a no-obligation, guaranteed fixed price purchase offer.
  • We also provide a comprehensive health and safety building removal plan that explains how the cabin will be disassembled and taken away from your site.
  • If you accept our offer, we take a deposit for the removal project.
  • We agree a date for removing the portable cabin that suits your schedule and preferences.
  • Payment is then paid in full prior to the professional, safe and efficient removal of your building.


Is it difficult to sell a portable cabin?

We make portable cabin disposal a very easy process. Our service is designed to minimise stress and disruption, allowing us to remove your portable cabin without affecting the workflow of your site. Whether it’s just the one single-storey cabin or multiple double-storey portable buildings that you’d like removing from your premises, we’ll offer a great price and manage the entire project from start to finish.


How to arrange portable cabin removal

Our experienced team of portable cabin experts will handle the disassembly, removal and transportation of your modular buildings from anywhere in the UK. All work is carried out in accordance with the latest H&M and CDM regulations, so you can rest assured that everything will be done in a safe, professional, compliant and sustainable manner. All you have to do is call our friendly and helpful team on 01482 656590 and we’ll take care of the rest!


How do I remove a modular building?

It’s crucial that when you have a modular building or portable cabin that needs removing from your site, you get in touch with a specialist company that offers a comprehensive service. We buy modular buildings from all kinds of businesses and organisations, including those operating in the industrial, logistics, commercial, retail, education, healthcare, hospitality and leisure sectors. This means that Portable Building Sales can carry out a first-rate used cabin removal project even if your premises are very busy, remote or hard to access.


What happens to my old portable cabin?

Once we’ve bought and removed your portable cabin, we then add it to our stock of used modular buildings. This ensures that instead of going to landfill, your building will be given a new purpose and remain in use until it reaches the end of its lifecycle. As a result, selling your portable cabins to PBS is a sustainable solution as well as a great way to make some cash on a building that you no longer require.


The benefits of portable cabin removal

When you choose PBS for modular building removal, you gain access to a wide range of benefits:

  • Old buildings that are taking up space are removed quickly and efficiently.
  • Portable buildings that have become a hazard can almost always be renovated by our team. As a result, a potentially dangerous structure is removed from your site and upgraded for future use by another organisation, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.
  • We manage the entire project, which cuts out the middleman and saves you a lot of time and admin.
  • Our experts are dedicated to safety, compliance and customer satisfaction. Regardless of how large or small the portable cabin removal project, we never deliver anything less than 100% commitment to health and safety practices.
  • The removal of a portable cabin is a smooth process and disruption is minimised by our team, allowing your business or organisation to carry on as usual whilst the structure is being removed.
  • If the modular building requires renovation, we carry this out at our own facility prior to selling it on. Unlike selling a house, you don’t have to worry about fixing things and decorating rooms prior to inspection!
  • Repurposing old modular buildings is a sustainable practice, especially when compared to sending the structure to landfill. This is just one of many ways that your business can operate a in a more environmentally friendly way.
  • You get money back on your initial investment, which you can use however you choose. This is a great way to improve your finances, free up cash flow, or build up your savings to invest in a brand new building.


Sell your portable building today!

Ready to sell your used modular building or portable cabin in a fast, convenient and stress-free way? We’re ready to visit your site, inspect the building for free, provide a highly competitive, no-obligation and guaranteed fixed price purchase offer, and then safely remove the building from your premises. It really couldn’t be simpler!

To get started, give our team a call today on 01482 656590 or use our contact form. We’ll then book in an inspection for a date and time that suits your schedule. We look forward to hearing from you and please do let us know if you have any questions when you get in touch, as we’re always happy to help.

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Should you invest in modular healthcare buildings?

Why Modular Healthcare Buildings over Traditional Construction?   Fast & effective – project delivery is faster. Modular construction can be...

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Why Modular Healthcare Buildings over Traditional Construction?


Fast & effective – project delivery is faster. Modular construction can be used for building projects as it does not rely on weather conditions, which typically happen during traditional construction. Modular buildings are perfect for healthcare facilities as they need to be built within tight deadlines.

 Flexibility – The ability to adapt, change, and update a modular healthcare building based on the changing needs of the healthcare industry is greatly beneficial.

Cost –Speedy construction is the best part of prefabricated structures and that is thanks to the lower construction time. That, in turn, translates into a massive saving in terms of money. A number of healthcare customers have embraced the help they get from prefabricators and are now reaping the rewards thanks to greater output.

Our healthcare teams have a lot of experience when it comes to delivering quality facilities. We make sure the stress on patient care is minimal by manufacturing our healthcare buildings offsite. We take care of the logistics when it comes to preparing your health facility for capacity shortages; we’ll deliver the highest quality modular technologies and build you a custom hospital or medical center.

Bespoke building solutions are often the go-to choice for constrained hospital sites and can be manufactured with zero waste to landfill. The bespoke nature of our buildings will allow you to effectively expand your existing facility without disturbing any sensitive areas or ongoing work.

Who benefits from modular healthcare buildings? 


Traditionally, when a building is reaching capacity on a daily basis, an extension or newer, larger building would be constructed. This would be time-consuming and expensive to fund. Not only that but having long-term building works can prove to be incredibly disrupting as areas often are inaccessible throughout the building process, which can go on for months at a time. 


By choosing modular healthcare buildings, you are minimizing the disruption to your services. This is a vital element to your medical facility as patients are relying on consistent care. By opting for modular construction, your services can return to normal much faster than the traditional alternatives. 


Why Choose Portable Building Sales? 


When you purchase new or used, you’re getting buildings designed for reliability and optimal performance. We’re very thorough when it comes to building quality and safety. All of our buildings go through vigorous testing with multiple stages of quality assurance before installation, so you can be assured of the quality. We also offer a warranty for extra peace of mind!

We have experienced, highly trained employees always ready to provide you with personalized advice on choosing the appropriate modular or movable building to fulfill the needs of your business.


For modular healthcare buildings at cost-effective prices contact Portable Building Sales today for more information. Alternatively, enquire with us now. 

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Should your school invest in mobile classrooms?

Schools up and down the UK are bursting at the seams with more pupils to cater to every year. Specialist...

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modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

Schools up and down the UK are bursting at the seams with more pupils to cater to every year. Specialist departments and extra learning spaces are vital for great educational experiences and provide students with enough space to learn and work productively. 


Unfortunately, often times many schools struggle to fund new building projects, let alone put their staff and students through months of disturbance from building works and safety regulations. That’s why mobile classrooms are a great alternative to traditional buildings. At Portable Building Sales, we know a thing or two about mobile classrooms and how useful they can be to any type of size of the school. 


What is a mobile classroom?


A mobile classroom is also known as a modular or temporary building that has been purposely designed or reconfigured to provide a classroom environment. Unlike as the name suggests, these structures are not entirely mobile but they can be constructed and removed much faster and easier than traditional brick and mortar buildings. This makes them ideal for easy transportation and for both long-term and temporary uses. 


Mobile classrooms are ideal for schools that need a bit of extra space for their students or staff. They also make good temporary classrooms if building and structural works are limiting the usable building space. By limiting the amount of classroom disruption, your school can continue on as normal whilst building work is on-going. Mobile classrooms are designed to replicate a traditional classroom with appropriate heating and cooling features and toilet or kitchen facilities, depending on the key use of the space. Multiple plug sockets can also be installed in order to adequately accommodate an IT suite or desk space. 


How can you utilise a mobile classroom? 


Although the name suggests that you can only use these portable buildings as traditional classrooms, these structures provide a wide range of versatile options suitable for a variety of different school and educational settings. Here are a few suggestions for how you could utilise a mobile classroom; 


  • Classrooms


  • Pre-Schools and Nursery 


  • Out of School Club


  • Assembly Halls


  • Changing Rooms


  • Kitchens or Staff Rooms 


This type of modular building provides all the benefits and durability of a permanent construction but includes the benefits that come with temporary or modular structures. Installation and set up is much faster than traditional builds and they can be easily removed and recycled one they are no longer needed.  


Contact Portable Building Sales


If your school or nursery requires some more usable and versatile space, contact Portable Building Sales today. We supply excellent options for a variety of educational and childcare settings that are cost effective and designed to suit your needs. 


At Portable Building Sales, our team of experienced staff and sales professionals will be happy to explain different features and requirements of your modular and portable classroom. We have a great selection of models and finishes to choose from and to suit your budget and timeframes. Optimise your space the easier way with our temporary and portable buildings. Contact us today.

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Does my portable building need planning permission?

A common question associated with portable buildings is whether or not they need planning permission. The idea that you may...

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A common question associated with portable buildings is whether or not they need planning permission. The idea that you may not need planning permission could come from the misconception that portable buildings are disposable or not as substantial as they are. However, suppose you need planning permission for a legal conservatory. In that case, you can assume that you will need planning permission for a portable building, which is often more significant than a conservatory!


How long does it take to get planning permission for portable buildings?

Even a temporary building for hire will need planning permission, so it’s vital to include the time necessary to gain approval in your project planning stage. The time it takes to get planning permission for a portable building depends on whether you use a full Turnkey service with your modular building supplier. A portable building may be a temporary building, but it still requires planning permission if it is going to be used for more than 28 days or be bigger than 100m2. There can be some exceptions for existing building extensions.

If you choose to go through your portable building supplier, it can take around 12 weeks to gain planning permission approval. However, you can reduce the time thanks to the expertise of the people handling your project. Our experts do this daily and know the applications and process better than anyone. They know what to put on the application for maximum efficiency and success rate – meaning it is cheaper in the long run. It is less likely to be denied and incur further costs you more money to reapply. 


How much does planning permission cost?

Planning permission is an essential part of the construction industry process. Its purpose is to ensure that your project complies with regulations and council planning policies. In the long run, these sorts of legislations help keep green belts in place, neighbourhoods happy and future development opportunities. Many people get stressed about applying for planning permission, which is why many portable building suppliers offer a service that will sort it out for you, providing all the correct supporting documentation, architectural drawings and appropriate fees. The cost of full planning permission in the UK is £462 per dwelling, but different things make up the cost. It is always possible that there will be further, more minor expenses towards planning permission and conditions you must meet before development begins. Apart from the application fees, you may also need to factor in costs for pre-application advice.


What documentation do I need for portable building planning permission?

Planning permission causes many people some stress when applying. This stress is caused by the risk of doing something wrong that could cost them hundreds of pounds in reapplying. Your portable building supplier will be able to help you in the application process and ensure you include the following documentation accurately:

  • Five copies of your application forms
  • Location plan, including the site plan, block plan, and elevations of both existing and proposed sites. It should also include details of the surrounding area.
  • Signed ownership certificate
  • Agricultural holdings certificate
  • Design and access statement
  • The correct application fee

While it may be possible for you to proceed with your project while waiting for planning permission, you should take it with caution. Failing to secure planning permission would require you to cease production and remove any constructed developments. Naturally, this would be a considerable cost and loss to you and your project. Working with an experienced building partner, portable building supplier, or turnkey service should mitigate these possibilities.


We hope you have found this information helpful and will hopefully prevent you from making costly mistakes during your planning permission application. Having a little bit of extra knowledge about the system helps a lot in reducing stress and costs. In addition, our team are on hand to deliver complete turnkey services to mitigate any issues in the project management process, making the entire process much easier for you and your business.


Portable Building Sales are experienced practitioners in modular buildings. You can contact us for any enquiries regarding planning permission. Our seasoned experts will be able to give you honest, precise answers to best help you make an informed decision. Contact us today for answers to your questions or to enquire about having a portable building supplied through our service.



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Why is modular construction eco-friendly?

With over 400m tonnes of materials being used in the construction industry each year, it is more important than ever...

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With over 400m tonnes of materials being used in the construction industry each year, it is more important than ever for us to find a sustainable alternative solution to traditional construction. Modular construction techniques have been in development for generations and have progressed beyond prior expectations over recent years and are stealing the race to become one of the main contributors to reducing carbon footprints and improving sustainability credentials.  

What are modular buildings made of?

In 2022, modular buildings are no longer the unattractive metal husks we may automatically consider. Instead, they are built with leading industry materials that support and follow all guidelines for thermal retention and health and safety standards. In addition, modern materials provide attractive cladding that follows design trends and matches the client’s needs, be it an office with a view or an onsite bathroom with fully functioning plumbing, sewage and drainage.


Thanks to modern developments in materials, environmental impact is considered and has allowed modular buildings to become one of the critical ideas for more sustainable construction industry. Modular buildings are now airtight, with excellent seals that keep thermal air inside and ensure climate control for the comfort of your staff or students. This helps prevent thermal leakage out into the world and a drain on heating resources.


Modular buildings also have a long shelf life, with predictions that the materials can last upwards of 30 years before replacements may need to be considered. However, as modern modular buildings are yet to stand the test of time, these are currently only predictions – ones of which we are keen to see the outcome. 


How does modular construction reduce waste?

Thanks to developing technology, volumetric design has allowed for a massive decrease in the amount of waste in a landfill. Not only this, but they are reducing build times by 50-60%, whilst increasing the quality of the product, productivity and safety of staff. With clear benefits to volumetric design and construction, we can look at the issues the industry is looking to solve.


90% Less Waste

Annual construction waste is set to reach 2.2bn tonnes globally by 2025, an unacceptable statistic in modern construction. Individual modules are built in a factory setting with modular construction, meaning there is complete control over optimising the production line and material usage. Rather than going to waste, surplus materials are reused in future projects. They aren’t exposed to the elements, which can destroy a percentage of all materials used on construction sites without even being used. It is estimated that with modular construction, we can reduce up to 90% of waste generated compared to liner construction methods.


Digital Age and Volumetric Design

Another critical modern development in volumetric design has been Design Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). This allows for a configured modular solution by digitally connecting multi-discipline teams from the start of concept design to the end of the development process. This technology allows for buildings to be constructed off-site and assembled onsite. Its 3-dimensional design helps to minimise errors and removes time-consuming translation of engineer information. Furthermore, as the plans provide a digital construction that allows the test of them virtually, it eliminates waste and produces highly accurate buildings.

How does modular construction benefit the environment?

Modular buildings are more energy efficient, which reduces the heating requirements and carbon footprint of the lifetime of the building. However, whilst we have established the sustainability benefits of the building itself, we can also look at how the methods used to construct a modular building also produce a lessening environmental impact than alternative methods.


  • Less traffic, congestion, noise pollution and community impact thanks to less commuting to and from an active construction site. Overall resulting in 90% fewer vehicle movements – reducing carbon emissions and disruption to the local community.
  • Less construction waste is going to landfills thanks to a controlled factory environment.
  • Greater health and safety for staff thanks to a controlled factory environment and fewer risks than an active construction site.
  • Energy consumption used to produce a modular building is less due to the controlled factory setting. Approximately 67% less energy is used, and up to 50% less time is spent onsite.
  • Modular buildings have a reusable nature. Once built, they can be sold or hired, rebought, and refurbished for new needs. This provides an economical solution for those on a lower budget and stops the construction of too many new modular buildings and fewer resources and waste used and produced.


The environmental benefits of modular buildings keep growing and are quickly becoming the preferred construction method of many leading companies in the industry.


The modular building industry is booming as more people start to board the sustainability route. The quicker businesses can opt for waste-reducing construction methods, and the faster and more affordable things may become. Portable Building Supplies aims to provide the best options for the most negligible environmental impact possible, from supplying buildings of new to pre-owned, refurbished and more. We also ensure the transport and installation service remains high quality, working closely with local delivery companies.


Working with business customers of all sizes across the UK looking to reduce their carbon footprint, our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff is here to help you get the suitable building to meet your budget and requirements. We sell, buy and hire sustainable modular buildings, so contact us today to see how you can reduce your environmental impact with modular construction. 

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How Long Do Modular Buildings Last?

When paying for a new structure or building, how much value you’ll get is usually one of the top questions...

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Nursery modular buildings

When paying for a new structure or building, how much value you’ll get is usually one of the top questions you’ll be asking yourself. Deciding whether or not to invest funds into a new or used portable building can be difficult if you’re not sure about the longevity and durability that comes with them. When it comes to any building or structure, you want to be sure that it will last for years without needing to be replaced. 


At Portable Building Sales we’re the experts in all types of modular and portable building structures. We’re here to help outline the durability and quality of affordable portable cabins and modular buildings so that you can decide which structure is best suited for your needs. 


How Are Modular Buildings Durable? 


There is a misconception that modular buildings and portable cabins are made with cheap materials and will not withstand harsh environments or poor weather conditions. Modern portable cabins and modular structures are designed to provide long-lasting and reliable alternatives to traditional building structures. 


Many modern portable cabins and modular buildings are made with plastic-coated steel for the external walls to ensure strength whereas the internal walls and ceilings are typically decorated using plasterboard to create a more polished and professional look. Unlike older portable cabins and modular buildings, modern installations offer much more insulation and resilience against the elements. Thanks to the incorporation of uPVC double-glazed windows and doors within temporary structures and portable buildings, insulating against the cold or heat is much more manageable. This in turn works to create a much more comfortable working or storage environment without compromising on budget. 


Not only do uPVC windows and doors help to provide insulation, but they are also much more long-lasting than more traditional single pane windows and work to prevent dampness and condensation which can impact the longevity of a portable building. By implementing quality windows and doors within portable cabins and modular buildings, like those at Portable Building Sales, durability and longevity are guaranteed. 


Are Modular Buildings a Good Investment? 


Although modular buildings and portable cabins are typically seen as temporary structures, they can also be used as semi-permanent spaces. When maintained and looked after correctly, most modular buildings can outlast their intended lifespan. This is especially true when they are made from quality materials and are designed to endure prolonged usage. 


When comparing the costs of a traditionally constructed building versus a new modular or portable building, there is often a huge difference in price. This is one of the biggest advantages of purchasing or leasing a modular building. Typically, modular buildings have been known to last for an excess of over 30 years. So depending on the type of modular or portable building, you could expect to pay around £1000-£2000 per year. This number may seem expensive as an annual cost, but for many businesses and institutions, it makes funding for new functional buildings much more accessible and achievable. 


If you think portable and modular buildings are the right solution for your needs, contact the team at Portable Building Sales today. Our specialists will be happy to help you find the right space solution for your business or institution. Call the team now for more information about the type of portable cabins or modular buildings we have available. 

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4 Top Queries Around Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are increasingly popular because of their affordability and the rapidly changing trends in architecture. Modular construction is a...

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Modular buildings are increasingly popular because of their affordability and the rapidly changing trends in architecture. Modular construction is a technique of building in which components or units are assembled in a factory and then delivered to the site for assembly. These prefabricated structures are made from standardised parts and are built like a puzzle.
Modular construction is a reliable and cost-effective way to build environmentally responsible structures and reduce material needs. In Shropshire, England, the Iron Bridge was a modular build in 1779. The Statue of Liberty in New York City is modular and built from 1884 to 1886. The earliest example of a modular home was designed by Henry Manning in 1837 and was then transported to Australia.

1 – Quality of build
Our modular buildings are made from only the highest quality, modern-day materials. We take advantage of state of the art techniques from the construction industry to provide quality products. These buildings have water and airtight structures; thermal and acoustic insulation. It is important to be environmentally aware, so we ensure environmentally-efficient heating and lighting; quality windows and doors. In addition, our buildings are fitted with attractive interiors fitted-out to your specification, external claddings and finishes, and even exterior hard and soft landscaping.

2 – Will the building look ugly?
Modular buildings are a great way to project a sense of innovation and modernity. There is unlimited potential for design, as modular buildings can be customised and made anew, so we can reuse them repeatedly without looking rundown.
The key to modular buildings is design. Gone are the days of modular buildings resembling a storage container. Instead, the exterior of a modular building can resemble that of a traditionally built permanent structure. In addition, modular buildings have the correct finishes and landscaping to fit seamlessly with your brand.

3 – How do we finance a modular building?
The building sector is still very much in the grip of recession. However, the days of finance providers being ‘wary’ of anything which strays even slightly from traditional construction are thankfully over. According to a new report, modular buildings have become mainstream in many countries. The customers often arrange finance through their existing relationships.

4 – How do Planning & Building Regulations work?
Most modular buildings are constructed in a factory and then transported to their final destination. Therefore, they need to meet the same Planning and Building Regulations as any traditionally made building. Planning is an essential aspect of the construction process. It can be challenging to plan site layouts and budgets in various locations. However, your site and the local planning environment will dictate your planning challenges.

We often get customers to raise the following points with us. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other concerns that have not been covered or would like to explore different modular construction options.

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Practical Cabin Usage In The UK

Used portable cabins were initially designed to serve temporary needs in the construction and oil industries. Nowadays, they can be...

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Used portable cabins were initially designed to serve temporary needs in the construction and oil industries. Nowadays, they can be found in various settings, from hot dog stands and ice cream trucks to large-scale disaster relief efforts.

When people think of modular buildings, they first think that these will be used as temporary classrooms in schools, colleges and universities. However, there are a lot of other important uses that are different from what you would expect. These include temporary hospitals or offices needing to be moved to different locations. In addition, now that people recognise the uses of modular buildings, it is likely they will diversify more.

Why rent an entire building when you only need the space for a few months? A portable office is usually cheaper and easier to move around than an old fashioned brick-and-mortar. One of the most popular fields where one can find portable cabins is business. Portable cabins are becoming more popular in the business world. The benefits of these cabins include being easy to transport, safe, and cost-effective.

Marketing teams can create a welcoming space for customers using modular buildings. This may be on a holiday home park or at your outdoor pursuits centre. Portable workspaces have become a popular and cost-effective solution. They allow you to save time and money while freeing up space in your business premises.

Modular buildings can also be stacked to give you extra space on the same footprint. We can also fit them with heating or plumbing. Modular buildings are a boon to the construction industry. They can be assembled quickly and cheaply and provide the same quality of living space as a traditional building. They are also sustainable when built with renewable materials. They can be increased in height by stacking on top of each other.

More unusual are when modular buildings are used as clubhouses and changing rooms. Easily fitted with plumbing, hot water and showers, toilets and sinks, modular spaces can easily be partitioned to create small areas within the module.

Decorating the exterior walls transforms the cabin’s appearance, making it an attractive catering option. While pop up cafes and shops have been around for a while, they have seen increased popularity lately. The idea is that these shops are temporary, meaning they can be moved when needed or when the space becomes available. These cafes and shops also typically sell food and drinks that can be enjoyed on-site or taken home.

Our team of experts are trained and experienced in all aspects of modular and portable construction. We have the expertise to provide you with a design, installation or removal service tailored to your individual needs. Get in touch to learn how we can help you.

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The Many Applications of Portable Cabins

The Many Applications of Portable Cabins   Our modern, spacious and highly versatile portable cabins are chosen by commercial businesses,...

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The Many Applications of Portable Cabins


Our modern, spacious and highly versatile portable cabins are chosen by commercial businesses, industrial companies, healthcare organisations and educational institutions in Hull, East Yorkshire and across the UK. Portable cabins can be used for all kinds of purposes, from offices and sales suites to classrooms and storage spaces, making them an ideal solution with an affordable price tag.


New and used portable cabins available

Portable Building Sales makes choosing portable cabins a very easy process, as we have new and used models available for immediate delivery. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, as well as the option to be designed around your precise specifications, we make choosing portable cabins a fast and stress-free experience.


Installation is quick and easy

Having a new building constructed in the traditional way means a lot of noise, dust, mud and disruption as well as multiple health and safety considerations. Portable cabins are different, as you simply choose the type you’d like and we install it in the agreed location very quickly. Whether you’re in a rush or simply don’t want to deal with major disturbance to the flow of your site, portable cabins offer a quick and easy alternative.


Designed around your exact needs

We mentioned at the start of this blog that portable cabins are chosen for all kinds of uses but we thought it would be beneficial to expand on this unique selling point. Whether you need a dedicated space for desks and computer equipment, a welfare facility, a kitchen or canteen, a secure storage unit, toilet and shower facilities, a cycle hub, a training room or a learning environment, portable cabins can be designed to perfectly accommodate your precise needs.


Portable cabins are strong and secure

We only manufacture and stock the very best portable cabins that are designed to modern standards. This means that your portable cabin will be strong, sturdy, secure, warm, comfortable and weather-resistant, not to mention built to comply with all current building regulations.


Save money with portable buildings

Price is always a factor when it comes to upgrading commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare facilities, which is why we strongly recommend considering portable cabins. Forget about hiring architects and multiple contractors, as we design, manufacture, supply, transport and install your portable cabin as a single service.

Available for a highly competitive price, you may be amazed by how much money you can save compared to traditional construction. Whether you put that extra cash aside or use it to upgrade to a larger portable cabin is entirely up to you.


Portable cabins are also available to hire

If you only need the extra space for a limited time, many of our portable cabins are also available to hire for an affordable weekly fee. This gives you the freedom to expand your site on a temporary basis, such as during peak seasons or as a short-term fix whilst a traditional building is being erected elsewhere on your premises.


Ask us about portable cabins

Portable cabins offer a fast, convenient, versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. To find out more, get in touch today on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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Why Choose Modular Classrooms?

If your school, college, university or training facility is in need of extra space, modular classrooms are a wise decision....

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If your school, college, university or training facility is in need of extra space, modular classrooms are a wise decision. In this blog we’re explaining why you should definitely consider modular buildings in place of traditional construction the next time you need to add new learning environments to your grounds.


Modular classrooms are versatile

The beauty of modular classrooms is that they can be used for all kinds of subjects and applications. Whether it’s a classic arrangement with desks and storage space, an open-plan learning space for more active subjects such as drama, a comprehensive science lab, a hands-on workshop or an airy creative setting, modular classrooms can accommodate your exact requirements to a tee.


Super-fast installation

We appreciate that time is of the essence, especially when you take into account curriculums and term dates. That’s why we strongly recommend modular classrooms, as they’re designed and manufactured in our factory and then simply installed by our engineers on your site. This removes multiple processes from being carried out on your premises and ensures that your modular classrooms can be in place very quickly, with minimal disruption and noise.


Save money with modular classrooms

Budgets can be hard to stick to, especially when construction is involved. With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that modular classrooms are very affordable due to numerous factors. Aside from not having to hire an architect, we provide a reliable turnkey service that involves us designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing your modular buildings. This cuts out the middleman and ensures that your money goes further, bringing complete peace of mind.


Modular classrooms are cleaner

Another benefit that many people don’t know about is that due to our modular classrooms being manufactured in a specialist facility, the end result brings better air quality than traditional construction. This is because there’s no opportunity for moisture to become trapped in the walls, ceiling and floor, which prevents damp and mould from forming further down the line. As a result, your modular classroom will have exceptional air quality, which is great news for the health and wellbeing of staff and students alike.


Go green with modular classrooms

We’re sure that environmental responsibility will be high on your list of priorities and the same goes for us. By having modular classrooms installed, you’re opting for a greener approach to construction. Thanks to your classrooms being manufactured in our factory, any waste materials are gathered for repurposing or recycling where possible, rather than simply being sent to landfill. This makes modular classrooms a highly sustainable alternative to the traditional construction route that creates a lot of waste.

In addition, due to modular classrooms being lightweight and easy to transport, our carbon emissions remain low compared to heavier vehicles carrying bricks and cement. The combination of these two factors makes modular construction an excellent choice if you want your supply chain to have as little impact on the planet as possible.


Ask us about modular classrooms

We’re ready to help you choose the perfect modular classrooms for your school, college, university or adult training centre. To find out more, please contact our team of modular building experts on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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Should I buy or rent a modular building?

The first step in choosing modular building construction is now out of the way. However, there are many more decisions...

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portable office

The first step in choosing modular building construction is now out of the way. However, there are many more decisions before the project can be handed over to the professionals.


Should I Hire or Buy a Modular Building?

When you choose to opt for the modular building style of construction, you need to decide what is best for your project and whether you hire a modular building or buy one. Thankfully, if you choose to hire your modular construction, there is always the option to purchase during your lease. Hiring is an excellent option for projects which have an end time, and thankfully, many leases are flexible to extend the length of a lease.


How do I determine my requirements?

As modular buildings grow in desirability, more companies choose this quick and cost-effective construction method. Here are some questions to consider when designing and visualising the size and look of your modular building.


Why do I want a modular building? – Are you looking for a temporary or permanent workshop? Perhaps you are looking to expand your storage area due to increased business.


How long do I need this space? – If you only need the space for a few months, with a clear deadline or end in place, hiring could be a great option. On the other hand, if you can see a steady increase in business and the need to expand becoming ever prevalent, then a more permanent option may be best for you. Alternatively, you could be concerned about seasonal success, in which hiring to buy could also be an option.


Why should I rent a modular building?

Hiring a modular building is more popular than buying the structure outright and is a good option if you do not know how long you will need this expansion or if you have short term needs. Many common reasons to rent are:

  • A response to peak seasonal activity
  • A place to work whilst carrying out a refurbishment on main buildings
  • Safe storage of product
  • A temporary office or sales area

Hiring a modular building allows you to control your expenses and investments in line with changes to your circumstances. Portable Building Sales support you throughout your project development. Our team of experts can analyse your needs and provide the best options.


Should I buy a modular building?

Long term projects could benefit from purchasing a modular building for a long term solution or permanent expansion. Modular buildings can blend seamlessly with older, more traditional structures, making them an excellent option for cost-effective development. Many common reasons to buy are:

  • New production or packaging lines to facilitate greater demand
  • More space after company growth and success
  • A safe place to store products or backlog

Whilst renting may be more popular, buying outright can be more profitable in the long run. This is because a new modular building makes it easier to add value to your business whilst being less expensive than a brick-and-mortar building.

If you have any questions about buying or renting a modular building, we recommend contacting us at 01482 656590 or email contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk

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Modular vs Traditional Buildings

For many generations, the UK has embraced the normality of brick-and-mortar construction. Other forms of construction have been primarily shunned;...

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For many generations, the UK has embraced the normality of brick-and-mortar construction. Other forms of construction have been primarily shunned; however, with developing technology, changing needs and new generational ideas, there has been an opening for a new construction method to take the top spot. Modular buildings have come forward to solve our decreasing budgets and increasing needs for affordable living, energy efficiency and speed. The UK government has recognised the importance of modular buildings in the construction industry and has provided a £3bn funding framework to push modular buildings toward being the new norm. Both modular and traditional projects start the same in their construction journey. However, once the facilities are ready to break ground, the two quickly become dramatically different in their approach.


What is a modular building?

Modular construction is the process that uses prefabricated parts which are assembled in a factory using volumetric construction. Modular buildings are transported to the building site either entirely or primarily complete. This process is consistent and quality-controlled under the watchful eye of factory standards and production line speeds. As a result, when a modular building arrives on-site, it is usually 95% complete.


What is traditional construction?

Traditional construction is where the primary structure is constructed entirely or mainly on the construction site. This method, also known as stick-built, is the conventional way of building that has been used for generations as the primary construction method for new buildings. 


Cost differences between modular buildings and traditional construction

Modular buildings are more affordable than traditional construction; shorter build times and reduced design and planning changes significantly influence project costs. Furthermore, as building a modular structure is done in a factory at an optimised production rate, there is no dead time like with traditional construction projects where you must wait for the arrival of materials.

Modular buildings can be paid for in various ways, secured through a framework or private. Many modular building companies also offer a leasing agreement. These flexible lending options have proven very popular in the commercial and public sector, as it means the modular building can be returned once its purpose is complete. As you can expect, this is not possible for traditional buildings.

With the government’s guidance, the above financing options link with the £3bn DfE offsite framework. This framework, which is free of charge, is available to Local authorities, diocese, and academy trusts.


Environmental impacts of modular buildings compared to traditional construction.

  • Health and safety risks are minimised in a factory-based manufacturing environment thanks to the regulations in place for factory floors. 
  • Waste is minimised to reduce the project’s carbon footprint; possible as fewer people are travelling to the site and modules are produced directly to spec using computer-aided manufacturing. This meticulous attention and planning mean that only the needed materials are supplied.
  • Impact on the community is significantly reduced as construction work does not cause noise pollution, traffic, or diversions.
  • Modular buildings can be recycled and reused and, when constructed, using modern standards, benefiting from energy-efficient and airtight design and high-quality products.


The time associated with modular buildings

Modular buildings are famously faster than traditional construction. For example, factory production makes modular construction 50% faster than conventional construction, with 66% of firms that currently use modular buildings having reduced schedules, and 35% experience decreases of four weeks or more.


Schedule of a modular building construction

  • Day 1– Grading and site preparations are carried out, and foundation construction begins.
  • Day 10– Workers start building the modules. The construction for modules begins in the factory simultaneously as the foundations are prepared on-site, meaning weather has almost no impact on the schedule.
  • Day 40:Foundations are completed, and workers can start shipping modules. Modules are shipped 95% completed and include interior and exterior finishes, electrical, plumbing and flooring.
  • Day 45– Staff start setting the modules. Modular buildings are treated as traditional in this instance and must follow code regulations.
  • Day 65 – Interior and exterior finishes are completed. 
  • Day 80– Site clean-up and landscaping are completed. 
  • Day 90– It is the grand opening of your modular building. Once completed, modular construction can look no different to a traditional building.
  • Day 115 – Open for business for 25 days.
  • Day 135– Open for business for 45 days.
  • Day 155– open for business 65 days
  • Day 170– open for business 80 days
  • Day 180– 90 days of return on investment. With up to 50% of time savings over traditional constructions and an average consumption rate of 180 days, modular buildings can accelerate your return on your modular building investment.


The time associated with traditional construction

The term traditional is used to describe linear construction methods. This method requires every step to be completed before the next step can begin, which can cause time delays if teams are not correctly aligned. In addition, traditional construction is impacted heavily by weather, with weather damage and inconsistent labour yield affecting the overall speed and quality of the build. Since all construction takes place on the site, the building schedule is dependent on weather conditions, not staffing shifts.

  • Day 1 – Grading and site preparations start, and foundation construction begins.
  • Day 40 – Foundations are completed.
  • Day 45 – Framing begins.
  • Day 65 – Roofing, siding and insulation are installed.
  • Day 80 – Windows and doors are installed.
  • Day 90 – Rough electrical and plumbing is started.
  • Day 115 – Interior and exterior finishes are completed.
  • Day 135 – Electrical and plumbing finishes are completed..
  • Day 155 – Finishes to trim and touch-ups.
  • Day 170 – Site clean-up and landscaping.
  • Day 180 – Grand opening.


Some overlooked considerations of modular buildings

Access – when planning a modular construction, access must be considered initially. This consideration is because access is needed to allow for the delivery of large modules.

Changes – While the modular building process can be much faster, traditional construction methods allow later design changes.

Rigorous planning – design, approvals, site preparation, and development apply to both construction methods, but modular buildings must be planned and signed off early to allow for a smooth project.


Whilst it may be unlikely that modular buildings will surpass traditional construction in the coming years, there is a threat. With the increasing focus on reducing carbon footprints and using renewable energy in construction, modular buildings can provide many more solutions than their linear predecessor. So we mustn’t think of modular buildings as the market leader through aggressive takeover or the only future resolution but as one of the solutions to our many growing issues in society. If you decide between a modular building or a traditional building for your next project, contact us, and we can help guide you through more of the ins and outs of choosing modular buildings. You can call us at 01482 656590 or email us at contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk. 



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Modular Construction in the Education Sector

Schools are constantly in need of funding for new developments to keep up with the demands and needs of children’s...

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Schools are constantly in need of funding for new developments to keep up with the demands and needs of children’s learning. Schools have an enormous impact on people and help shape how generational society will form and act in the future. Therefore, it is essential to give them the best possible chance of success. However, with increasing funding shortages, many schools can find it challenging to accommodate increased class spaces, let alone updated facilities.

Modular buildings in the education sector provide a cost-effective and flexible solution to their ever-changing and growing needs. Avoid overcrowding with a modular classroom. Expansion is the first step in preventing overcrowding improving Ofsted ratings and pupil performance. Without compromising on space, style or building time, modular buildings allow for a well-managed project that sticks to budget. Modular classrooms don’t experience the same issues as traditional schools construction projects, such as delays and unforeseen climbing costs.

Every child is unique, and many times we see schools that are ill-equipped to deal with students’ individual needs. This is particularly the case for those with specific needs or disabilities. Portable Building Sales is exceptionally qualified to provide schools with modular classrooms with specialist facilities to cater to disabilities and learning difficulties. As each school has unique focuses, it is crucial to choose a modular classroom supplier that can cater to the individual needs of your students.

You can read about our past projects in specialist school facilities in our Kingsley Special Autistic Facility.

It is crucial to know just how much modular classrooms have revolutionised how we view classroom construction. So when investigating your expansion options, do not overlook the great benefits they could give you over traditional, expensive, and timely construction:

Maintenance – Our modular classrooms are built offsite and 90% completed in our Yorkshire factory. Buildings are kept high quality on the production line. No structure leaves the factory without passing rigorous testing. This ease of production keeps costs down and ensures faster manufacturing and repairs and adjustments are made quickly. 

Sustainability – By choosing your modular classroom, you are reducing wastage and enabling a building to be reused as something else. Offsite construction allows for the clean and stress-free development of your building too. Having the building built in a factory cuts down on emissions caused by disrupted traffic and congregations at a centralised construction site with lots of big lorries delivering supplies daily. Many of these supplies on traditional building sites go to waste. Still, with modular classrooms, only the needed amount is ever used.

Flexibility – Portable Building Sales can install and remove the building if you decide to sell your modular classroom. Modular classrooms are built in a fraction of the time traditional buildings are constructed, making it easier to stick to deadlines and hit important dates such as the start of school years.

Budget – Modular classrooms are a cost-effective option. With every year bringing further restrictions to the available funding to the education sector, managers must explore unconventional and alternative construction methods. We keep costs low by manufacturing all our buildings in our Yorkshire-based factory, improving efficiency and sustainability.

Low disruption – Flexibility is imperative with predicted secondary school population increases forecasted at over 7% by 2026. Schools need to have measures to accommodate the extra students. Portable Building Sales can deliver and install modular classrooms during school holidays or weekends to ensure minimal disruption to the running of your school.

As classrooms are proven to impact children’s learning, it is vital to provide a stimulating environment for education. Modular classrooms offer bright, airy spaces with purpose-built facilities to accommodate student needs. In addition, modular buildings are built with modern specifications and safety standards, using only the best materials for energy efficiency.

Portable Building Supplies is an experienced provider to the education sector. We are committed to quality and are dedicated to upholding strong values in quality, efficiency, support, variety, and experience. When you are exploring your options to develop your school infrastructure and expand to accommodate increasing student quotas, you are worried about the cost of classrooms and how such projects could fit into your project. In that case, modular classrooms will be an excellent option for you. Contact Portable Building Sales with your project’s needs at contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk or 01482 656590. We can be sure to provide you with helpful information and project planning insights.


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Modular School Buildings & The Education Sector

Educational buildings made from modular buildings are the newest and latest development in the construction industry for reducing cost and...

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modular classroom building perfect for nurseries

Educational buildings made from modular buildings are the newest and latest development in the construction industry for reducing cost and being more sustainable. Modular classrooms offer many benefits over their traditional counterparts, which were likely constructed several decades ago when needs and infrastructure were very different. No longer are modular buildings simple a shipping container or a basic office erected in a construction site, today they offer state of the art technology, design and development and are used in many of the greatest property development projects of the 21st century.

Modular buildings are significant for several industries, particularly the education sector. You could expect to see a modular building in any of the following settings:

  • Nursery
  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Educational Facility

In an industry currently fighting for funding, modular buildings offer an affordable way to expand and cater to student needs safely efficiently. By being able to either buy or hire modular buildings, the school can take the lead on their own plans and goals. The buildings have a quick manufacture turn around, whether they are being renovated or built from scratch. As they are so quick to build, this means less disruption for your students during the installation process and can even be completed during school holidays.

“In the fast-paced environment that we currently live in, why should people have to wait longer to get what they need? Schools are running out of space and don’t have the funding or time to provide a traditional building – Modular construction reduces the time spent on-site by 50%. In addition, modular buildings are built in controlled environments where outside elements have no control meaning any delays in build time.”

Did you know that many modern classrooms are modular buildings? A classroom can be fitted with many different components to make it perfect for your needs:

  • a heating system and electricity for lights, projectors, tools, charging stations, computers, and all other standard needs for average workers and students.
  • a science lab
  • a homeroom
  • gymnasiums for physical education
  • locker rooms for after matches, equipped with changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms

In todays construction industry, developers are searching for ways to make building more sustainable and better for the environment. Modular buildings have proven to be the way forward, as they can be constantly recycled, reused and renovated to fit the needs of their new purpose. A school can easily decide they need to change their standard classroom into a science lab and have the changes made over the course of a summer holiday, ready for the new school year to begin. The guidelines in which modular buildings are made ensure they are created with sustainable materials and are well insulated, meaning they do not waste heat or energy. Could a fully sustainable education system be in the industries near future?

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The Great Benefits of Jackleg Cabins

If you have been looking for a temporary space for your company, such as an office, classroom or booth during...

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If you have been looking for a temporary space for your company, such as an office, classroom or booth during an event, construction work is going on, or you need the extra space, then Jackleg cabins may be your perfect solution. Jackleg cabins are great for those looking for a short-term solution that is functional and portable but as accommodating as a full structure. 

A new building is not only costly but timely and complex – especially if you are only looking for a short-term solution. Jackleg cabins are named after the metal legs used on the cabin’s base. These legs mean that the cabin can be located on uneven surfaces without the need for foundational work. They can even be stacked on top of each other. As jackleg cabins can be stacked on top of each other, this allows for multi-storey units, which provides a bespoke structure to the client’s needs without wasting time on traditional methods.

Jackleg Cabins are Flexible

Jackleg cabins offer great flexibility. Offices, classrooms, pop up kiosks, and first aid facilities can be built quickly and easily. In addition, many jackleg cabins can be modified with an extensive range of optional extras and design choices, as far as kitchen space, worktops and more which makes them suitable for many different situations.

Jackleg Cabins are Portable

Whilst this may seem obvious, it is particularly true with Jackleg cabins. The ease of freely transporting this building is one of its most significant benefits. They can be installed on sites with uneven ground, so no matter where you need to relocate, the structure will be perfectly fine, and you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. If you only require an installation for a short time, it does not always make financial sense to construct an even surface to place a portable building. Jackleg cabins are the perfect solution to this.

Jackleg Cabins are Fast to Install

Thanks to their ease of installation, Jackleg cabins are a great choice. They can be installed very quickly on-site and require little effort. In addition, as they do not need foundations, the components can be rapidly manufactured and arrive on-site entirely constructed promptly.

Jackleg Cabins are Cost-Effective

These portable buildings are incredibly cost-effective. They are produced off-site in factories that keep manufacturing costs low and transported to the site when installed. Constructing a brick building from scratch on your site would be much more expensive and timelier. Some companies hire a used jackleg cabin to reduce costs further. With portable buildings, many different factors can enable you to make impressive savings.

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Modular Office Building for Ceetek Chemicals

Ceetek Chemicals contacted us in early 2021 looking for a new office building. They were looking to expand and upgrade...

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Ceetek Chemicals contacted us in early 2021 looking for a new office building. They were looking to expand and upgrade the business given the success they had been having. They had purchased a new warehouse and site located near Shrewsbury and required a new office facility to be installed linking it to the new warehouse.


Following discussions around their requirements, we produced the attached building design for them. The building provided welfare and canteen space for their warehouse staff and office facilities for sales and management employees.

Our tender was successful, and we were awarded the contract to supply.

Ceetek Chemicals undertook the groundworks for the project, and they came across numerous issues completing the civils around their new site. This led to them having to delay the building installation from August 2021 to October 2021. Despite this, we stored their building free of charge until they were ready.

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2021 was a great year, here it is in Review

What a challenging but successful year for our company. Throughout the year, there has been a shortage of materials across...

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What a challenging but successful year for our company.

Throughout the year, there has been a shortage of materials across the board. Every component we use to manufacture and refurbish buildings has been in short supply either throughout the year or at some point during it. Shortages have come because of Brexit, COVID-19, and the massive demand for materials from commercial and domestic sectors.

The price of raw materials has also been a challenge. Material prices have constantly increased over the last 18 months, with some materials rising by over 100 %.

However, despite this, we have continued our yearly increase in the sale of portable building buildings. We have even increased the sale of new and refurbished modular constructions from the previous year.

We were awarded a ½ million pound contract at Manchester Airport and continued our fantastic relationship with the education sector by supplying numerous schools and nurseries with buildings.


1. Many cabin installations throughout the month start the new year well. 

2. Some double stacked cabins for an aggregates company near Loughborough at a large quarry. 

3. Finished the installation of a brand new timber-clad nursery building for a school in Newcastle.


1. New timber-clad modular building for a nursery at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.

2. Install a cabin complex for a timber company in Northumberland, offices, canteen, first aid room, toilets. 

3. First long-distance trip of the year, new modular office building for a transport company in Aberdeen. 


1. Supplied a fully refurbished pre-owned building for a local flying club at Humberside Airport who had lost their original structure to fire. 

2. Fully refurbished pre-owned building for the air ambulance In Leicester to be used as their new base.

3. Continued relationships with existing customers with orders for new buildings received and undertaken.


1. Saw a number of timber clad buildings supplied across the country:
a. Cathedral School – Chelmsford – a small one to one tutor room for a teacher and student.

b. Nigel Belcher Turfing – company in Maidstone – extending offices to house further sales staff.

c. Two new classroom buildings for a specialist school in Loughborough

d. All Saints School – Dorset – extra space for small learning groups.

2. Supplied buildings for the Ambulance service to be used as office space at a number of their depots.


1. Two members of staff become approved site managers after a week of training – Paul Boulonois and Steve Ellerington!

2. Site Manager Steve turned 40, been at the company 13 years.


1. Busy month for cabin deliveries with multiple cabins been delivered to new and existing customers.

2. A number of refurbishment jobs start in the yard getting ready for a busy summer of deliveries.


• Start of the ‘Silly Season’ with the start of the school holidays. A number of school buildings to be delivered and existing buildings removed from the site.
• Removed buildings from various places, Grimsby, Suffolk, Sunderland, Edinburgh.
• St Joseph’s install – Newport, Wales – 2 no. new classroom buildings. 


• Mark Stewart install – Fully refurbished modular building – New Head Office.

• New hire building for St Clare’s school in Derby.


• Swanmore – New classroom space for the school alongside the pre-owned building above.

• Bideford College – New classroom facilities for a school in Bideford, Devon.


• VOG – New mixed-gender toilet facilities for a school in Barry, Wales procured by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. 

• Cool Solutions – Existing customer in Hull. Extension of their existing office building that we provided 5 years ago.


• Rhinox – New office building for a local company in North Newbold.

• MQP – New welfare facility for an existing customer in Loughborough.



• Multiple buildings going out in the final month of the year, one last big push before the Christmas Break.

• Projects in December
o East Surrey Hospital – New office and admin facilities
o Aviagen – new welfare facilities for a chicken hatchery in Strafford-upon-Avon
o VMS – New depot office for a logistics company in Scotland
o Christ College – New six classroom building for a school in Sunderland

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Benefits of Portable Buildings for Education

Modular buildings have been popular with schools, colleges, universities and training facilities for decades, yet the quality of modern modular...

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Modular buildings have been popular with schools, colleges, universities and training facilities for decades, yet the quality of modern modular buildings is a far cry from the outdated image you may have in mind. This article by Portable Buildings Sales looks at why portable buildings are perfect for the education sector and the types of benefits that they will bring to your campus.


Truly adaptable learning spaces

No matter what you need adding to your site, a modular building will provide the perfect solution. From general classrooms for English and Maths to laboratories for Science lessons, workshops for D&T and catering facilities for Food & Nutrition courses, there’s no limit to what a modular building can accommodate.

Modular buildings can even be designed as bathrooms, changing rooms and shower units, making them a great addition to your school gym.


Flexible lifetime

Many educational organisations choose modular buildings as a long-term solution, as they’re built to last and can be modified according to changing needs. However, they also make an excellent temporary arrangement, such as when the main building of a school, college or university is being renovated.

Similarly, modular buildings can be used as a temporary or long-term school library, meeting room, storage area or staff room. They also make brilliant cycle hubs.


Bespoke design

New modular buildings can be designed to your exact specifications. For example, the size, layout, appearance, accessibility features and the integration of furniture and other fixtures are all aspects that can be shaped to fit your needs.


Speed of installation

Modular buildings are manufactured in a factory-controlled setting and then simply installed on your campus. This means that the need to store materials, equipment and vehicles on your schoolgrounds for weeks on end is removed entirely, plus the modular buildings are fitted in place in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction.

This also results in minimal noise, mess and disruption on your premises, allowing your educators to inspire the next generation and removing a range of health and safety risks for anyone accessing the site.


Modular buildings are cost-effective

We understand that you need to look after your annual budget, so you’ll be pleased to hear that new and used modular buildings are much more affordable than hiring an architect and multiple contractors. In a nutshell, you get the same great results for a much smaller fee.


Better air quality

Thanks to modular buildings being designed and manufactured in a specialist facility, moisture doesn’t get trapped inside the structure. Traditional construction is different, as damp can settle into the building whilst it’s being erected, which can sometimes lead to poor air quality. Cleaner air is great for everyone’s health and wellbeing, especially staff and students with respiratory problems such as asthma.


Find out more

If you’re interested in new or used modular buildings for your school, college or university, please contact Portable Building Sales on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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The Pros and Cons of Modular Construction

Modular construction is chosen by businesses and organisations across every sector due to its many benefits. To give you an...

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Modular construction is chosen by businesses and organisations across every sector due to its many benefits. To give you an unbiased idea of how modular construction works, the team at Portable Buildings Sales has put together a list of both the advantages and disadvantages that come with choosing the modular approach.


Advantage: Speed of installation

Modular construction is by far the faster option, as the buildings are manufactured in a factory and simply need to be installed on your site. Studies show that modular construction is 30-60% faster than the traditional construction route.


Advantage: Convenience

Due to your modular building being manufactured off-site, there’s no need to store construction materials, equipment and vehicles on your premises for days, weeks or even months on end. This saves space and makes it a hassle-free process.


Advantage: Less waste

For businesses that are looking to meet ambitious green targets, modular construction is definitely the best choice. Only the materials required are transported to your site and virtually zero waste is created whilst the modular building is being installed. In addition, the vast majority of waste created in the factory is recycled or repurposed, making it an environmentally friendly solution.


Advantage: Versatility

New modular buildings are designed with the user’s exact requirements and preferences in mind. Whether you need a new office, sales suite, classroom, changing rooms, catering facility, bike hub or even a shower unit, modular buildings can be designed to suit a wide range of purposes.


Advantage: Weather doesn’t cause delays

As well as being faster in general, modular construction is virtually unaffected by adverse weather conditions. This is because the modules arrive on your site pre-fitted, which means that they simply need to be installed by the team. The time associated with organising plumbing, electrical sockets, lighting, flooring and fixtures is removed from the equation.


Disadvantage: Size

Due to modular buildings being transported to your site, there is a limitation in terms of size. For instance, if you’re looking for a very large building to be added to your premises, the traditional construction route may be the best option.

That being said, many businesses, healthcare providers and educational organisations opt for purchasing multiple modular buildings, which can be designed to create a larger complex of new offices, meetings rooms and teaching spaces.


Disadvantage: Stigma

Despite modern modular buildings being of exceptional quality, adaptability and design, there’s still a stigma attached to them. The idea of the 1970s prefab leaps to mind, which is a far cry from the types of modular buildings available today.

Whilst this disadvantage is minor, it can sometimes make your internal planning process a little clunkier if some people raise concerns over choosing modular buildings in place of traditional construction.


Find out more

If you’re interested in new or used modular buildings for your commercial premises, please contact Portable Building Sales on 01482 656590 or use our contact form.

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Portable Building Sales Record Year 2021

Despite the current difficulties with the materials and the UK supply chain, 2021 has been another record year for Portable...

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Timber Clad Building

Despite the current difficulties with the materials and the UK supply chain, 2021 has been another record year for Portable Buildings.

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused a lot of issues for the construction industry regarding obtaining materials and the UK supply chain. Furthermore, the change in trade deals regarding Brexit and the European Union has ensured shortages. Concerning this, 2021 has been another record year for Portable Building Sales.

With the world discovering just how effective modular construction is for both business growth, affordability and sustainability, there has been a boom in demand for both modular and portable buildings. The past 18 months have proven to the industry the benefits of modular buildings, and demand has grown. The government has backed modular buildings as a new method of sustainable construction. Proven by time and experience, their construction is more environmentally friendly than the building of traditional brick and mortar structures. This sustainable element to modular buildings has been at the forefront of commercial minds as we seek to tackle climate change.

This is the 5th year in a row that we have increased the sales of Portable Buildings, which is a record-breaking increase in business. Customers have purchased our buildings all over the UK. They have been delivered as far up as Aberdeen and down to Penzance and across the channel to Jersey. Our portable buildings were hired by many customers and companies, proving the effectiveness in sustainability across the industry.

We are grateful for the fruitful year 2021 has given us and look forward to the new opportunities of 2022.

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Modular Buildings Around The World

Modular buildings are automatically assumed to be unstylish, outdated, and dreary constructions stuck on the side of a traditional build....

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Modular buildings are automatically assumed to be unstylish, outdated, and dreary constructions stuck on the side of a traditional build. However, not many people realise that many of our modern-day skyscrapers and fashionably styled new builds are built from modular buildings, or affectionately known as shipping containers, as they resemble a shipping container from the outside.

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan – The Nakagin Capsule Tower in Japan is synonymous with a modular living culture. Many people know the “gimmick” in the east of pod hotels or very small apartments. However, this is a one-off or novel experience when the art of modular living has been in Japanese culture for generations. The Nakagin Capsule Tower comprises many small modular homes in a small space, stacked together to create a unique looking building. The outside of this building can give away the age, but the rooms are clean and modernised inside.

9 Archigram ideas | architecture, peter cook, architectural association

B2, Brooklyn, USA – Structural engineering and the ability to precisely create modular containers in a factory offsite enabled the creation of this precisely shaped, triangular apartment complex. This building was originally an experiment to see if modular buildings could make a living in a big city more affordable and sustainable. It was created 18 months short of the average construction project for tower blocks. In addition, the apartments were priced below the market rate to achieve affordability, making B2 a blueprint for tackling overpricing in cities.

Updated: Construction Stops on the B2 BKLYN High-Rise at Atlantic Yards | Architect Magazine

Wuhan Hospital, China – When the Covid 19 virus hit, obviously Wuhan was hit first, and bad. China responded quickly and decided Wuhan needed a hospital building to address the natural disaster outbreak appropriately. They chose to use modular construction to create a fully functioning hospital and could do this in just ten days.

Wuhan Coronavirus: Inside New Hospital Panic-Built to Contain Outbreak

George Road, Croydon, UK – This residential complex is currently under construction and will be the world’s tallest modular building when completed. It is part of Croydon’s rejuvenation scheme, aiming to bring more revenue to the area and make it a more pleasant place to live and work. This has made the buildings exempt from the usual environmental impact assessment conducted on most structures, thanks to modular construction. In addition, by having the building segments created offsite and in a factory, they have minimised wastage and the disturbance caused by conventional buildings; these lower both the environmental impact and disruption to the surrounding areas.

George Street, Croydon - Tide Construction

Nest Toolkit, LA – This is another example of the modern and innovative way a modular building can improve and revolutionise the way we work, live, and think about buildings and construction regarding economics, environment, and social factors. A company in LA has been developing affordable prefabricated living units that can easily be rearranged and customised into different ways to fit the user’s needs. Providing affordable housing for the homeless helps them find social purpose and actively seek further aid to improve their situation, allowing them to integrate back into everyday society easier.

Brooks + Scarpa Design a Toolkit for Affordable Housing | ArchDaily

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The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Modular Building

You can save money by investing in a used modular building rather than a brand-new building. We’re always adding used...

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You can save money by investing in a used modular building rather than a brand-new building. We’re always adding used modular buildings to our stock, this is from external purchasing or buildings returning from their fixed hire agreements.

Some people may have some concerns when it comes to a building that has been in use, however at Portable Building Sales we can guarantee quality when it comes the buildings we stock. All our used modular buildings go through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure that they are watertight, structurally sound, and ready to perform for your business in the real world. For extra peace of mind, our used modular buildings come with a 12-month warranty which is valid for the date of installation.

You can browse our range of used modular buildings that we currently have in stock by clicking here. If you can’t find something to suit your business listed, we’re constantly receiving new used stock, so it is still worth getting in touch.  You can contact a member of our expert team on 01482 656590. Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form found at the top right of our website and we will be in touch.

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We Buy Surplus Modular Buildings

Do you no longer require the use of your modular building? Is it just sitting there gathering dust? Not to...

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Do you no longer require the use of your modular building? Is it just sitting there gathering dust? Not to worry, you can sell your building to Portable Building Sales to recoup some of the money from your investment.

At Portable Building Sales, we are always looking for high quality modular buildings of all sizes and styles to purchase. Selling your modular building has never been easier as we provide a hassle-free service and removal service which minimizes disruption to your business. Our expert team handle the disassembly, removal and transport of your building and ensure the job is completed in accordance to the latest H&S and CDM regulations.

When purchasing a modular building, we offer a free site visit and inspection. Once inspected and evaluated, we will then give you a no-obligation, guaranteed fixed price purchase offer. If you accept our offer – we will pay a deposit and then full payment will be made before removal.

If you are interested in benefiting from our modular building buying service, you can enquire today by calling our buying team on 01482 656590. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our enquiry forms with your details and a member of our team will contact you as soon as they can.

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What are Modular Buildings?

A modular building is a prefabricated building which is made up of individual repeated sections called modules. These modular components...

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Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ

A modular building is a prefabricated building which is made up of individual repeated sections called modules. These modular components are manufactured off site in factories and then assembled on site in a variety of arrangements.

Why are Modular Buildings Popular?

Modular buildings initially gained popularity after the second world war when there was a need for the rapid construction of buildings. This is due to the bomb-damaged buildings which needed to be replaced and to accommodate soldiers returning from war.

As of recent, the popularity of modular buildings has increased as with recognition that newer renditions of these buildings can be aesthetically pleasing and achieve a very high build quality which is long lasting, sustainable and that represents excellent value for money.

What are The Advantages of Modular Buildings?

There are many advantages of using modular construction over traditional building practice which include:

  • Increased speed of supply and installation
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced time on site and disruption to site
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Potential to deconstruct for relocation, reuse or resale.

Modular at Portable Building Sales

At Portable Building Sales, we are proud to able to supply a wide range of new and used high quality modular buildings for sale and for hire.  With a huge range of sizes, styles and layouts available, we have a modular building to suit your business’ needs.

You can browse our collection of modular buildings by clicking here.

For professional help with finding the perfect building, call one of our experts today on 01482 656590 or email contact@portablebuildingsales.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you.