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An Easy Buyers Guide To Modular Buildings

Buying a new modular building can be a stressful process – there’s a lot to think about, from the design,...

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Buying a new modular building can be a stressful process – there’s a lot to think about, from the design, layout, size and location, to the cost, timescales and supplier.

In this guide, we look at the different considerations you need to make when investing in a modular building, before guiding you through the buying process.

Picking the right product

Whilst there is a temptation to assume that all modular buildings are basically the same, this simply isn’t true, and they vary massively in terms of quality, specification and price.

Take our Clearview Modular Buildings as a prime example. Designed to be aesthetically superior to normal ‘box shaped’ modular buildings, the Clearview is unique, attractive and very competitively priced.

It’s generously proportioned feature windows help to provide a light, bright and pleasant internal working environment, and is designed to help your business to make the right first impression with clients.

Choosing a reputable supplier

As with any big purchase, it’s important that you choose the right modular building supplier.

Good suppliers should provide you with free, no obligation proposals and designs for your modular building including full specification and layout images. 

Reputable companies will also be able to provide you with a clear, fixed quotation for the whole job, so beware of any suppliers that won’t provide you with all the financial information up-front.

Remember that your modular building provider will need to come to your site to assemble it, so it’s important that you choose a reputable, professional company with a good health and safety record.

A final consideration is to ensure that your modular building supplier provides a guarantee on both materials and workmanship, for added security and peace of mind.

Knowing what you want

Before you get in touch with a reputable modular building supplier, there are a few things that you need to consider:

  1. What is the building going to be used for?
  2. How many people does it need to cater for?
  3. Do you need foundations or ground work?
  4. What kind of facilities do you need (toilet/showers, kitchens, offices etc)
  5. When do you need your modular building?

Making sure you’ve got answers to will make the design process run more efficiently, and ensure that you get exactly what you want from your modular building.

Design and planning

Once you have the answers to these questions, give this information to your supplier. They’ll then take this information and work with you to design and propose a suitable modular building.

As part of this process, they will provide you with layouts, specifications and a quote, before coming to do a site survey to assess the proposed location and access.

In most cases, you will then need to apply for planning permission, which usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks. As part of this process, your supplier should provide you with advice, as well as free drawings and building specifications to support your application.

Ordering and manufacture

Once you’ve got planning, you’ll need to provide final signoff on the proposed designs and the quote, and provide a deposit.

Manufacturing times will vary from supplier to supplier, but Clearview Modular Buildings can usually be delivered in between 4 and 6 weeks from order.

Delivery and installation

When the manufacturing process is complete, your modular building will need to be delivered and assembled on site.

The assembly process shouldn’t take more than a few days, and once it is completed, your supplier will hand over the building to you, final payment will be due, and you’ll be ready to start using your modular building!

How we can help

We’re the only business in the UK that designs, produces and delivers the Clearview range of modular buildings.

Available in a full range of specifications, sizes, layouts and configurations to meet your individual business needs, the Clearview can be manufactured in as little as 4 weeks.