Allington Baptist Church Prayer and Community Facility

4th August 2017

Despite 30 years experience in the industry, we’ve never previously been asked to mark the installation of a building with the burial of a bible. By a complete coincidence, it was apparently 23 years to the day since the church group had initially leased the land the new building now stands on. We helped the baptist community acknowledge this by placing a copy of the bible adjacent to the foundations.

This 5 bay building has been fully refurbished, with new Clearview windows, the latest LED lighting, new air conditioning, new interior plasterboard lined walls plus a refurbished exterior. There are 1:1 prayer rooms, a further prayer room, an office, toilets and a communal area.

It has taken the Baptist Church over a year to fulfill the planning and tree survey requirements in order to install the building down Leafy Lane in Maidstone – and they are highly delighted with the result We hope that the bible remains intact as a lasting testament to the support that this group gives to the community.

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