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11th June 2024 Blogs

Transforming construction sites with modular and portable building solutions

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22nd May 2024 Blogs

Refurbished modular buildings offer customisable solutions

Image of new website
22nd May 2024 AchievementsCompany News

Portable Building Sales launches new website!

16th May 2024 Blogs

The role of modular buildings in your expanding business

Modular office
15th March 2024 Company News

Make your business greener with a modular office

Modular Classroom
7th March 2024 Company News

Why a modular classroom is a smart choice for expanding schools

New Modular Building
9th January 2024 Company News

New vs Refurbished: How to decide which type of modular building is right for you

Portable toilet unit
6th December 2023 Modular BuildingPortable Buildings

Build a better work environment with a portable welfare unit

portable building
14th November 2023 Modular BuildingPortable Buildings

When to choose portable buildings for your business needs

Lincoln and Nottingham Air Ambulance Modular HQ
31st October 2023 Company NewsModular BuildingPortable Buildings

The versatility of modular buildings for emergency services

15th September 2023 ArticlesModular Building

The health and safety benefits of modular construction

Modular office interior
10th August 2023 Modular BuildingPortable Buildings

How a refurbished portable cabin can revitalise your business

portable office
14th July 2023 Modular BuildingPortable Buildings

How to create dynamic workspaces with modular offices.

Double storey modular building
8th June 2023 General NewsModular Building

How can modular buildings increase your return on investment?

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