Vocation Brewery

Image of the new executive cabin

Project name: Vocation Brewery

Sector: Commercial

Location: Halifax, UK

Supplied by: Portable Building Sales

Accommodation type: The Executive Cabin

No. of modules: 1

Programme length: 1 week on site

Features: Air conditioning, floor coverings, fire alarm, vertical blinds


The client, Vocation Brewery were relocating to new premises and needed new offices to accommodate their on-site team. Richard, the Managing Director, was keen to supply his team with a working environment that went beyond that of a standard portable cabin.

As this was their only office building on site, they needed a solution that not only housed their team effectively but also provided essential amenities like a toilet and kitchen area for lunch breaks. With a team of five, the requirement was for a functional yet spacious cabin.

The Executive cabin meeting room


Their Managing Director, David visited Portable Building Sales’ factory and saw the various projects that were going through the factory at that time. Portable Building Sales had their own meeting facility using their new cabin range, the Executive Cabin. David liked the look of this new building as it is a standalone building that provides a 4.2m width, this is the largest cabin provided by Portable Building Sales. This would make Vocation Brewery the first-ever client to receive an Executive Cabin.

Tailored to accommodate a five-person team, the cabin design offers an open-plan office, kitchen area, toilet and meeting room. The office is fully fitted out with air conditioning, a fire alarm, floor coverings and vertical blinds. The inclusion of full-length windows made of plastic-coated steel and aluminium, along with an aluminium entrance door, adds a touch of modernity and natural light to the workspace.

While a standard cabin could have met the basic requirements, the client was drawn to the Executive Cabin’s additional width, offering a more spacious and comfortable environment.

We were delighted to provide Vocation Brewery with their additional office space. The bespoke 4.2m wide module has really helped provide a comfortable environment for the staff.

Callum Davies
Head of Sales at Portable Building Sales

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