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Repeat Customers Underpin our Success

Second jackleg cabin orders from Servomex and Applehill Nursing Home!

In this case study we’re combining a couple of very recent, repeat business orders for our buildings. Neither repeat order was particularly large – but we try hard with every order, large or small. It’s the examples of how we’re regarded and recommended by our customers which is important.

Important to them and important to us.

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service, as explained in this month’s blog about our record sales and the significance of repeat orders to these sales.

First time around, both Applehill Nursing Home and Servomex completed a thorough and exhaustive investigation of available accommodation options and chose us.

Their choice of supplier was confirmed by the quality of our buildings and the comprehensive service our experienced staff provided.

These are examples of just two companies who wanted to come straight back to us to supply subsequent buildings. No amount of eloquent explanation eclipses the importance of previous client opinion. (Interestingly, Servomex is a gas analysis company… they’d presumably detect any company spouting hot air!).

We supplied a virtually identical second building to Servomex. We played “musical chairs” at Aplplehill, moving a previous building whilst installing the new building. We also installed one building on a Saturday, to suit our clients requirements.

We absolutely pride ourselves on doing the very best job we can, as will be discovered if you ask us to quote for your business.

“Fantastic service, could not have wished for a better bunch of people!”

Dennis Skott

Site Services Manager