Goodrich 70 Place Office Complex

I can’t thank the team at Portable Building Sales enough. Not only have we received a quality product, but your company went the extra mile by safely installing the modular building during the middle of the night and at no extra cost.The whole of the facilities team is delighted with our new offices.

Goodrich Engine Control Systems required a large new office facility for 70 people, to include kitchen and toilet facilities plus meeting rooms as well as extensive individual and shared office space. The building needed to be installed between 1am and 5am each night, as it was to be sited at the end of one of Birmingham Airport’s runways, and we needed to be ready to drop the crane boom at any minute, as it appeared on the airport’s radar and interfered with potential emergency diversions from other UK airports!

This fascinating installation challenge unfolded further at our site survey meeting with their team. The twelve module “back to back” design was created in close collaboration with the company. We installed additional comprehensive soundproofing at manufacture to negate the severe aircraft (and adjacent railway) noise issues. The building was therefore truly bespoke in every way – including the neat solution to maximising available office space within the site constraints.

We installed this large and unique building over three nights. The crane jib could only rise at 1am, yet four complete modules a night were unloaded, installed, bolted together and weather sealed. We dipped the jib once for the late arrival of an aircraft – and all our careful contingency procedures worked smoothly.

No “fly by night” company could have undertaken this project, and we were delighted that our client acknowledged and celebrated our work in landing them such a suitable building!

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