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Bleach of Lavant

Another cabin delivered, another happy customer

Project name: Bleach of Lavant

Sector: Commercial

Location: Ford Lane, Arundel

Supplied by: Portable Building Sales

Accommodation type: Office/Welfare 

No. of modules: 11 bays (5-on-6 configuration)

Programme length: 16 weeks


The transport company, Bleach of Lavant required a new office building for their on-site team. Specialising in the delivery of horticulture plants, palletised goods and general haulage, their workforce had outgrown their previous setup of cabins. The move to a larger premises prompted the need for a purpose-built office and welfare facility that could comfortably accommodate both the office team and the constantly in-and-out truck drivers.

During the planning stage, a viewing platform was considered above the sixth module, to provide an outdoor space for their team to take in the scenery. Ultimately, the decision was made to maintain the 5-on-6 configuration as the extra space was deemed unnecessary for Bleach of Lavant’s specific needs.


Bleach of Lavant wanted us to design a space that not only met the functional requirements but also reflected the company’s brand identity seamlessly. The client’s choice of a green-featured entrance enhances the visual appeal of the building and also creates a welcoming environment for visitors. The 11-bay modular building, arranged in a 5-on-6 configuration, was strategically designed over a 16-week period to ensure a smooth transition.

The two-storey structure houses offices, kitchen areas, changing rooms, toilets, showers, a storage room, breakout areas and meeting rooms. Noteworthy features include a stable door in one of the offices to facilitate easy communication between office staff and truck drivers. Another feature is the folding partition in one of the breakout areas, allowing the space to transform seamlessly from a relaxed environment to a private meeting room.

Overall, this new modular office building has become a hub for all of Bleach of Lavant’s team, offering a relaxed working environment and extra space allowing the company to continue to grow.

Client comment

“I highly recommend Portable Building Sales. The sales team was consistently professional and responsive. During my visit to their factory, I felt very welcomed, and the initial impressions of the building aligned well with my expectations. Overall, it was a positive experience, and I would confidently recommend them to anyone.” – Gary Paget, Managing Director at Bleach of Lavant.