We’re in the diary again

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We constructed and installed the new purpose designed building for Lincolnshire and Nottingham Air Ambulance back in 2015. Since becoming aware of their work, we’ve really admired their exceptional efforts in saving lives across the country.

As a consequence, we have volunteered to sponsor them via their annual diary production ever since. Once again, we’ve “made that a date”, with a “noteworthy” entry in their diary. This calendar of events doesn’t involve any disrobing on our part, fortunately!

The service produced an excellent time lapse video of our installation, which is well worth viewing.

It was pleasing to find that they also admired our work, as they said at the time:

The work completed by the Portable Buildings Sales team was amazing.

We were thrilled with the finished product and this has enabled our crew to have more appropriate working facilities, but more importantly, it has improved our response time to our patients.

The work completed was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings, and the speed with which the project was finished was astonishing.

The Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance team would highly recommend Portable Building Sales Ltd for any future projects within the UK.

Roger Linnell, Air Operations Manager