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70  Oyy Lubavitch Boys School

This was an interesting installation of a straightforward building, like undertaking keyhole surgery at arm's length. 

The independent boys school had a small available area measuring just 13m by 5m, into which we inserted a 12m by 3.6m building containing two group teaching areas. About as tight as it comes! Trees had to be trimmed, power and BT lines had to be accommodated and rerouted, access steps had to be avoided... and at full stretch.   

To further complicate matters, this land was on a significant slope. We suggested a jackleg rather than a modular building solution to accommodate the gradient without extensive foundation and levelling costs. 

Access from the school site was impossible, so we arranged a large 100 tonne crane, with a massive 24 metre reach, to reach right over to the space from land adjacent to the school. 

This was a relatively small building, but the care and experience needed to complete the installation was significant. 

We have the capacity to do this, and our willingness to undertake such contracts really exemplifies our customer care - and our capabilities.