UK Songwriting Contest Winner.

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Everyone needs a good hobby. Sport, painting, fishing or in the instance of the MD of Portable Building Sales Ltd, writing light operatic classical crosover songs for the tenor voice.

After going to an Andrea Bocelli concert in Manchester back in 2003, he was so taken with the genre of music, that he decided with his previous musical background to try and write an original classical crossover song and soon decided to find a small team to help him.

By pure chance he met with Caterina Polla, an Italian lyricist who was working for a construction company as a receptionist in Derby who agreed to write lyrics in Italian and Latin. He also knew an extrememly talented Hull based musician called Steve Hemsley who also happened to have a recording studio. Together they formed Musical Creations and set about writing their first song.

The first song produced was called Rimpianto, which means regret in Italian and they employed the services of a session singer, recorded the song and entered it into the 2004 UK Songwriting Contest. To their amazement, it won the category it was entered in to.

Since that date, they have won the UK Songwriting Contest in 2009 and 2013, have a music publisher and recently had one of their Italian clasical crossover songs entitled Tu Amore recorded by the US tenor trio After Daybeak.

Unfortunately, the royalties are not great and hard to collect from different countries, which is why writing music is still just a great and enjoyable hobby.