Such An Effective Accommodation Solution, So Quickly!

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We always try to accommodate our clients’ wishes, and Armbley Transport were keen to proceed quickly with their new building installation. They have just placed their order for a new 2 bay Clearview, along with an additional small pre-owned toilet/kitchen unit. We have agreed to have these delivered and installed on 24th February … a mere 12 days after the confirmed order!

How can we provide such a speedy resolution with a new building? Well, we always keep a new manufactured Clearview building on stock, to service requests like this. We’re able to bring our experienced and capable installation team into action swiftly, so any modifications or additions are attended to with alacrity.

Not only are Clearview buildings the ideal high quality, flexible accommodation solution for both businesses and the public sector … there are even occasions when the new build can be provided, delivered and installed to this sort of tight timescale. We always aim to please!