Santa Pod Raceway speed towards their delivery date!

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It’s not every day that we’re involved in the high octane world of motorsport, but we’ve sold one of our special thermowood clad, full length windowed jack leg cabins to the world famous Santa Pod Raceway in Podlington.

We’re so busy that, even under full acceleration, we can just sprint to a seven week delivery time on this occasion. The cabin will not compete with any Santa Pod dragsters, either, as it speeds down the motorway network to them, but it’s considerably warmer, drier and safer once on site!

Having seen examples of all sorts of comedy vehicles racing, with bodywork simulating a wide variety of structures or animals, it might have been amusing to see this building actually on the drag strip, haulage company insurances permitting. 

Sadly, we believe it is going to lead a more sedate life as office accommodation, albeit in an exciting motorsport environment!