Plain sailing at Universal Yachting

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Ahoy, and shiver me timbers, a nautical flavour to this blog about a cabin for Universal Yachting, Southampton. Built to their exact specification, this little beauty is thermowood clad, and will be ready for launch in May, so they’re clearing the decks for delivery.

All hands will be catered for within the capacious interior, which will be warm and comforting when the weather means there’s a need to batten down the hatches. 

We’ve a first-rate record for fitting out appropriately, and whilst it may not be their flagship accommodation, it has plenty of space to swing your hammock. 

Maritime use means comprehensive waterproofing… standard with our cabins… though we’ve not been asked to go overboard with anything else. 

It will all be squared away shortly, without anyone having to make waves about it, so I’ll stop now, before I get the wind taken out of my sails for not being “punny” any more!