Our Welsh Office completes 3 bay sale

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We now have a “Welsh Division” and Peter Crew, who runs it, has just received this delighted feedback from the head teacher on the installation of their fully refurbished building:

“The lads were finished by 2pm today.Please send my thanks to them via head office they were brilliant. No
mess, and nothing I asked of them was too much, even moving a desk from the school into the new classroom.”

Thanks for your hard work. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the finished classroom. I’ll send you pictures of the first day with the children in there on the 28th Feb.”

All the best,

Richard Jones, Headteacher

The Holyhead school had their beautifully refurbished three section building delivered and installed over the weekend. This minimised disruption to the school, and was signed off by Richard in an equally positive way:

“Many thanks for an excellent job. Your dedication to providing such high quality work is evident.

Diolch – thank you


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