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Our modern cabins can really "cut it" with their "trim" appearance and interior

Hairdresser 2

We have previously sold a sales cabin to Marshall cars in North Newbald, and a hairdresser relative of the owner has now set up their salon on the site. Let's hope they're not competing "neck and neck" (as the cars are "a snip" too) but complementing each others' sales.

Apparently, despite them "combing" the area,  there was previously no hairdresser in the village... and to our knowledge this is the first time any of our buildings has ever been used in this way. They're renting a new 16' x 9' cabin from us.

So we're now "getting ahead",  and they're making "a clean sweep" in the area. We also hope to mirror this rental in the future, of course! 

That's the "parting" shot in the hairdressing pun department, otherwise people might "nitpick" at the writing style. 

You'll be pleased to know that our buildings are considerably better than our blogs...


Hairdresser 1 Hairdresser 3